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Happy or knowledgeable?

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by rockhndr

I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, I'm just stating that saying the knowledgeable contribute to our problems is kind of a broad statement, that's all.

I'm not in any position to judge you for your opinion, especially considering I'm kind of sitting on the fence on the topic anyway. I was just pointing that out. No harm meant.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by haiducul69
If I understand correctly, I think I could rephrase your question:
If we were offered a choice between living in a dream the rest of our life where we are happy or stay awake and face the real world, what would we choose? Of course you wouldn't even know you were in a dream, you would be in a Matrix type situation created by you, but you would be living out your wildest fantasies,etc. It may look like a very appealing choice to some, being blissfully ignorant, but I would rather choose living in the real world, learning how everything connects,feeding my curiosity, constantly expanding my mind.
So I think would rather understand the operations of the world.

But you never know until you are making you final decision....

Yeah...worded much better for those who did not understand at first, rightfully. Only difference though is that I wouldn't actually apply the whole dream idea - because my initial question was meant to go side by side with "reality", even if you are "dreaming".

I just felt like getting this question off my head. It was making me think, and I thought it should be presented to you all as well just to induce some thinking as well.

Like someone said, this isn't really a debate. I just enjoy looking into the simplest of questions and trying to get as much knowledge out of it as possible, while connecting the dots with others.

You all answered my intended question, even if there was some confusion about it.

To whoever said science and technology help create problems...while this is true, if you compare life now back to the standard 1000 years ago, I think we are more than likely right to say we are better off now. Having to worry about disease all the time, going to war, and no internet? Pff....not my type of life

I just realized that my question is somewhat unfair and could have so many different implications depending on how you approach it as well.

But then again...a worry free life. Yes, I guess I would feel a bit guilty "now", but after the fact, I would be living the life to say. In the end though, I guess what us humans decide to do really doesn't matter, as long as we all agree on it.

Seems that it is human nature to advance through life (increasing technology). So being happy (and ignorant/naive) could possibly go against what we are built to do.

I proposed earlier that happiness isn't the ultimate driving force, but instead, it is power. Would anyone agree with this?

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 04:57 PM
I would rather be happy, going to work, taking care of my family - the Ozzie and Harriet effect. I don't see why happiness should affect anyone who is not happy, unless they desire happiness. Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. (Sir Francis Bacon) Just because a person has knowledge doesn't mean he has wisdom or can use his knowledge to effect any problems. So, why not be happy, it is almost pointless in the day and time to correct the problems that need to be corrected. We have waited too long.

Something like that

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