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Energy and art

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Yesterday i was in a concert. They played Berg and Mahler. The experience was awesome.

First of, before the artists entered the stage, there was a tingling but calm and happy excitement that i sensed on my flesh and right under it. The sensation was like a warm morning in spring.

When the music started, a mixture of icy and hot air hit my skin and made me chuckle a bit. Inside the head was a turmoil like some invisible hand reaches in your brain and puts all things in order. Needless to say, that there were no thoughts or worries, only a golden light through my body.

After some time intense listening the different instuments began to rise in my inside. The voice of the violines shaped themselves like a big butterfly slowly crawling out of a shallow cocoon. The deep and compact vibration of the trumpets were solid rocks in my belly, that warned and lulled me into some kind of compact dream.

And the sound of the flute... Now i know, why Krishna is depicted with a flute. The flute conjures some kind of joyful but deep and touchable reality. It shapes your perception in a way, that every other voice feels small and distant and a bit childish.

There was more, but i think i made clear what i wanted to say. The point is, i think that you miss half of the joy of music, especially classic music, when you listen to the sound. Instead of hearing, music is more like different vibrations that have the power to resonate in different parts of your body. And when you become aware of this, your inside becomes agitated. Experiences may rise, as well as thoughts or memory and doubts long forgotten and all these abstract things mutate into touchable reality. When you understand what i mean?? It's difficult to explain in english.

Anyway, i think a thought in itself is a physical reality. The same goes for an abstract concept, like love or free will. Everything is a specific vibration. Can this be the reason, why a qi gong master might be a able to transmit his energy through a picture? Can the vibrations be stored, even in the 0s and 1s of a computer picture?

I always had the thought, or imression, that every art is a manipulation of energy. The red and green on the canvas are not mere colours, they are vibrations, but only when it is art. Thats a damn difficult thing to talk about. Some time ago i read, that a piece of art IS the thing it depicts. For example, when you paint a tree and you paint it absolutely perfect that it completely matches the model - this piece might be less convincing than a tree that was painted... i don't know, in different way

Munch's cry is the perfect example. This IS horror, though there is no perfect naturalism!

Suggestions, thoughts, comments, other examples, don't hesitate to post

Peace n love


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