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How america is really being dismantelled

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 07:58 AM
This will attempt to prove that Masons and law enforcement and washington are in step together in a secret plan to make a one world government to precipitate lucifers arrival, or a man who thinks he is a God.

basicly since drug talk is out, go here quick and read that rant it sums up exactly what is true.

After that if your not convinced, go look up logos, watch tv shows and look for the shaped and designs of what appears to be a mushroom. it is. and its masonic. Yes they hail psychedelics whilst propagating secretly through the government their fascism and hiding from the public ritual knowledge, why though. Are they hiding something good? or bad?

And why commit such flagrant abuse of your fellow mankind when you say your good, i dont get the whole double message there.

Anyway we need rational thinking when it comes to drugs, and the government employees, i mean american dictators have not yet heard of the word yet so we have some time yet to wait for sanity to return to society in general

Stop evil, stop lies, change our mind today.
you know what i mean..


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