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[UPDATE] Biggest Game In Town !! CAFR

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 11:34 PM

The psychology behind the Shell Game!
by Walter Burien

CAFR1 - TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) Report + Economy overview:

The site was launched on Nov 2nd three months ago. It appears that a county in Florida may be the first venue to have the template TRF initiative custom drafted for their venue.

A group is forming in this county to get a team together to sponsor the initiative. When they get the funding together on location to complete the up front requirements for initiative customization in compliance with local statutes and laws, and a team ready for circulation to achieve the required signatures, "game time" begins. Groups from NY, MI, CA, and VT are expressing interest in moving forward also

The TRFA will assist to the best of its abilities to get the job done for circulation and passage of the TRF initiative in these states.

OK Here's the newest update from Walter Burien's website... That is, in case you missed this... (there are so many places that I visit getting REAL news on what's really important and I believe SHOULD be on mainstream media.)
I want to start a new thread asking for other people's favorite sources of news but that's for later.

I tend to believe Burien's claims because I have found all of these CAFR's myself and reviewed a few of them. I'm still researching and am no authority. Here's some great mainstream exposure...

» Daily News

» Craig Rubin Interview (LA Mayoral Candidate) Read Question #2 Response

This Biggest Game In Town has already been discussed here and here I just wanted to point out that he has updated status on the movement to expose these hidden gov't funds.

Huge thanks to the original posters!
This is a really huge find and gawd we sure have been asleep.

If you aren't aroused by something like this then the login is PILLOW password is DROOL ... aSTa baby


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