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The Untied States of America Corporation

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 09:29 AM
I think I figured out a way we can test to see if there is a Corporation named UNITED STATES ...
we would file a corporation with the same name in the same place...
*this corporation was founded in 1868 supposedly in London City Centre
*this corporation placed a law on the books in 1871 called the law of 1871.

*Jordan Maxwell, has sent me to his website for the answer. what answer - if its there I can't find it...
*I have personnally contacted London City Centre to look if there is a corporation by this name functioning in London City Centre. they forwarded my request to the London Archives who responded last April saying "Good One Mate" - you have a happy April Fools day now...

* something of this fundamental importance should be throughly investigated - I keep coming back to the British - Isreali discussion on over throwing the will the of the American People -- before Isreal was even founded ... contained in the Congressional Record of Aug. 19, 1940.

well what do you suppose would happen if we founded the exact same Corporation in the exact same place... do you think we can flush this rabbit out of its hole....?


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