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possible conspiricy in south park

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 05:54 AM

i dont know if this is real, or some people just playing the fool on a forum, but its dam intresting.. i never wrote any of this, i just read it on the south park forum last night and it was most intreaging and seemed like crap untill a point.

i wont quote the whole thing, as its a very long post and im not wanting to get in trouble for masasive quotes from other forums,so.. the jist of it is...

a writer (called crystal shadow) was in a contract with someone to pitch and sell his ideas, but the writers partner done a shoot, sold the ideas and never got back in touch with the writer, it involves south park as apparently a few episode ideas (mainly the awesome-o episode ) were his ideas, people at south park might have even tried to get his attention with a coded message at the start of an episode a few years ago ..

Due to this week's tragic events in Hawaii, the Lemmiwinks episode of South Park will not be shown tonight. Instead, we present the all new and slightly better episode, AWESOM-O.

this message when broadcast litrely did not have an explination, as their were no lemmiwinks episodes to be shown! .. and is apparently a coded message.

read for yourselfs, as im not good at explaining these things..

i was blown away, the crystal shadow account on southpark is used by "crystal shadow" but mainly his lawyer. (2 people posting on the account)

im about 30/70 split on this, it coudl just be a big prank, but it seems a plausable one!

edit, i have everything that the lawyer and crystal shadow said from that post saved in a txt file, if its cool i will post it all)

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