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Possible abduction, please read and judge.

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 05:44 AM

I had this event and would like to know if it's authentic (probably just a dream). I woke up few days ago and started to make my morning coffee. While i was making the coffee i was remembering the dream i had before i woke up.

The dream

In the dream there was some sort of horrible even where there was explosions everywhere and i was outside my home and my dog was horribly injured. I remember that i had this little friend that could heal (alien) and i was praying he would come and heal my dog. I don't remember where i met this alien or how i knew him and don't remember all the details very well. I just remember that the alien was friendly and could heal. This was a dream for sure, cause it felt like a normal dream where the dream jumps from spot to another.

After this dream i just pondered about the dream for awhile and continued with my day.

Now last night, i remember this very clear event that happened few days ago (just prior to this alien dream). I remember short event, and it was frightlingly real, not like dream where you remember only little and it's all fuzzy, this was very real feeling.

This is what i remember:

I saw a brightlight i'm not sure was i sleeping or awake before this, the whole room was not lit, just outside there was bright light. I stood up and removed the curtain (the light was outside) there was 3 triangle shaped crafts outside my window and each craft had several lights in them. One green / red light in center and several small white lights that were blinking. All three of these crafts were rotateing slowly around their axis. I think there was 15 to 20 spot lights in each of these crafts and three crafts, these lights were going off and on in order. The craft size was not very big, maybe little bit bigger size than a car.

As i was looking at them i was thinking "Aliens are real, no way. Have i been taken before?". I knew in an instant that they were there for me and tought. "Don't be scared, don't be scared. How am i going in there? Do i hover in side them like i have read about?" I was not that scared, more like excited and this was strange since i fear aliens alot for some reason and don't like to watch documents about them etc.. specially at night time. I had this strange euphoric feeling, kinda like after long jogging or sport event. I felt good.

Now i didn't hover or move slowly inside them, this is where my abduction story is different than others. I was kind of teleported inside, i'm not sure what happened it felt really strange, like i would have turned into electricity and this way moved inside the craft. Inside the craft it was dark and i don't remember more.

Now, i have read about abductions and i have seen some alien videos etc.. so this could only be a dream, but what do you think. This really made me think cause it felt VERY real, i can remember the moment i removed the curtains like it happened just now. That's why im asking. It was probably just a dream, but does anyone have any experience about these triangle craft and could you share your knowledge with me?

Thank you

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by sevenwords

Hey there 'sevenswords',

I can certainly relate to the teleportation type thing ... I was in my bed one second with a very tall (7ft) blue/white being beside my bed (conversing telepathically) ... the next second I'm sitting in a very dark place (presumably a 'craft' ... I couldn't be sure because I couldn't see any boundaries).

If you want to compare notes (similarities) there are links to my 2 abduction threads in my signature below this post ... they were my first on ATS too (what a coincidence hey) ?

Welcome to ATS ... Woody


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