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More on today's Dutch airline crash

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 12:27 AM
(hell if I can find the original thread here.

This has a strange similarity to the BA Boeing 777 flight that crashed short of the runway on January 17th 2008 at Heathrow.

While no details are yet available on today's Boeing 737-800 crash, the BA crash just over a year ago points to some complete electromagnetic interference of sorts that not only killed all engine power but caused all of the electronics to fail as well.

Several conspiracy sites have had a field day with this one over the last several months. Adding to it, one recently retired senior Cathay 747 captain friend of mine from the club has pointed out to me that in the case of the BA crash in January 2008, former PM Blair and his entire security staff were at the near end of the runway where the BA flight was attempting to land on - awaiting departure clearance.

Namely, there is speculation the security goodies on his plane may have interfered with the BA flight on final approach.

Let's see what unfolds.


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