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Mass Surveillance

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 07:22 AM
Vint Cerf: The person most often called 'the father of the Internet'

Bob Kahn also worked at DARPA

Vint Cerf had at one time worked for DARPA and is now with Google.

Google was initially funded by NASA, DARPA and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Peter Norvig, formerly employed by NASA’s ARC, is now Google’s
Director of Research since 2007

Earlier this year (2008) Google signed a 40-90 year lease at NASA's
Ames Research Centre (ARC)

As well as Youtube and other acquisitions, Google also acquired Neven Vision, the worlds most advanced machine
vision firm.

Google's Singularity Summit 2007

Europarl report on the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system) (2001/2098(INI)
13.1: Conclusions:
"That a global system for intercepting communications exists, operating by means of cooperation proportionate to their capabilities among the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the UKUSA Agreement, is no longer in doubt. It may be assumed, in view of the evidence and the consistent pattern of statements from a very wide range of individuals and organisations, including American sources, that the system or parts of it were, at least for some time, code-named ECHELON. What is important is that its purpose is to intercept private and commercial communications, and not military communications."

Also see sections: 5.5.1:

7.4: Conclusion: "To sum up, it can therefore be said that the current legal position is that in principle an ECHELON type intelligence system is not in breach of Union law because it does not concern the aspects of Union law that would be required for there to be incompatibility. However, this applies only where the system is actually used exclusively for the purposes of state security in the broad sense. On the other hand, were it to be used for other purposes and for industrial espionage directed against foreign firms, this would constitute an infringement of EC law. Were a Member State to be involved in such action, it would be in breach of Community law."

A guide to ECHELON

Video - Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System

In November 2007 Raytheon Systems Ltd of the UK headed a consortium which won a £650 million Home Office contract to track, profile and check against everyone entering and leaving the UK. Raytheon USA is the parent company.

The world’s largest public gathering (collaboration) of international law enforcement, intelligence network, defense analysts and telecom operators.

An appraisal of technologies of political control

UN 2008 - From E-Government to Connected Governance.

Global Surveillance

Mass Surveillance

Government databases


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