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My Two Contact Experiences Documented

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 05:31 AM
(Note: Since my other post has been tampered with, and taken from UFO's and put here in skunkworks, I have decided that every topic I ever post will on this board will be here, since since my personal judgement and choices are not trusted but the admins).

I am posting here for those FEW of you who wish to make ET or higher being contact. It took me a year or so to accept that this is possible, and after much work over about 9 months that happened, and since my Intent was all along, "Higher evolved vibrational energies that have my interest at heart", I had a very positive experience. I was interested in meeting very highly advanced beings.

If you watch all three videos, you hear about my first definitive experience, and where I took a person who I had only known for a short time, and because he had such a outgoing intrepid personality he just went with it, and that hour became a ET researcher.

I immediately recorded this experience to capture my friends excitement over this, him having no prior knowledge of subjects in any way related to this subject, he was literally the same as if I took a person from the street.

I would like to stress, this was more or less a spiritual experience based on Spiritual work I am doing, and although I would need let my friend speak to how this changed his life, lets say it was ground zero for energetic changes in his body, which has rippled through his life.

In my case I had been experiencing energetic changes for about 2 months, not quite sure they were based on contact experience in a way I could not see. Those things happened to my friend that night.

It is what it is. If you find this these three videos interesting, and decide to seek spiritual ascension or unblocking of your DNA with the help of benevolent ET's, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I realize that some people has a different experience, and I just wanted to share my experience for those few of you that might require the support in sharing yours openly.

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