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Can income tax be avoided in this way?

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:07 PM
I just thought of this, and I'm sure I'm not the first. Is it possible for an individual to set up a non-profit organization whose purpose would be for the welfare of a particular group of people. Let's say its purpose was to enhance the health, literacy, and overall standard of living for a characteristically small group of people (individual, family or small community). Then have member(s) of the selected group ask their company to donate the amount of their paycheck directly to the organization thereby undermining the collection of unconstitutional income tax, to be redispursed by that organization in the form of purchases, grants, projects, etc? Seems like an employer would prefer this arrangement so as to avoid payroll tax themselves....after most of us are working trades and that inherently suggests that an individual could negotiate their pay in terms other than money. Couldn't a church of some kind do this? Is it illegal and if so do you know exactly which law makes it so?

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:23 PM
as far as I know u dont even have to worry for the IRS

they are not allowed to charge that tax, are they?

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 09:14 PM
You would be best advised by a cpa or a lawyer who is well versed in
tax law and non-profit organizations. There are laws that have to be adhered to
in order for your non-profit to function under the law.

And yes certain types of non-profits do not pay on certain taxes.
There are also many different types of non-profits so you need to
research what type you wish to setup.

Good Luck

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 09:19 PM
Or you could just file a null, as there is no law that that forces you to file a tax return.

just a thought.


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