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Be not afraid

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 01:43 PM
I post this after yet another long day of contemplation of current events.

My friends, BE NOT AFRAID

I know it's difficult. I guess I never understood just how deep the fear ran in the common person. I think the final realization was the fact that seven warlmarts in town don't have ANY pistol rounds for several calibers. That's a pretty tall sign people are scared.

Look at this time not as a depression and strife, but as a gift to each and everyone of us. Our daily routines have been interrupted (especially to those who suffered job loss.) The stock market is going down, job loss is affecting someone we know or ourselves. People are losing their home and can't pay off their debt. States are ratifying legislation seperating operations from goverment control. Some states are attempting to nullify the electoral college process and go with the popular vote. States are trying to legalize longly battled drugs. People are sad, angered, there's talk of civin unrest and possibly militia / civil war scenario even on TV.

As the hours get dark, I say to you once again friends BE NOT AFRAID for this is OUR opportunity to take control of our lives. The disruption we have faced has given us an opportunity to question not only the integrity of our leaders and those in power, but MOST importantly of ourselves. This is a chance for us to get a break from the system that has controlled our lives. This is a chance for us to get to know WHO WE TRUELY ARE. We have been given the gift of time to meditate on ourselves, and re-evaluate what's most important in our lives. Now we have the ability to focus on each other, as for some that's all that is left in life. Posession and monetary wants are losing the value they once held. It's almost like 'getting back to the basics'. More and more start to question. While many will lay blame on others for the situation we face.. eventually with enough relfection many will understand that is not just a few "bad" guys that have caused our current strife. It is us, the typical man that have aided and abetted the catalysts to our current situations.

But thats OK. Its OK that we are partly to blame for this problem. Once the self truth ignites and we see the sparks of our own reflections can we truely fix this problem. None of us are perfect, it's ok for us to make mistakes. It is when we truely understand our nature in this World that we can truely control ourselves. Remember friends, it usually takes something to make us understand things we don't like about ourselves, such as an event or a close friend telling us, that we truely begin to understand. At that point we can let our true divinity shine as we can then forgive not ourselves but others as well. We then can continue to grow as the people we can be deep down. This situation has the possibility to be the grandest result that any of us have ever imagined. It just takes some shock to what we may have taken for granted.

I say again, BE NO AFRAID. Nothing good comes from direct fear. Not only is it a matter of control but it keeps us from being able to live our lives the way we can live. BE NOT AFRAID but BE PREPARED. While we can make this rebuild great by getting back to our basic instincts of love of self, family and our brothers and sisters world wide.. understand this is going to get worse. Use the chance we have been given to rebuild but we have to weather the storm first. We can find strength inside each and everyone of ourselves. We can find strength in our family and friends. We can find strength in people we don't know. I'm not just some crazy guy posting new-age ideas on line. Even people that have no religious belief structure can understand the words I speak to you here, as well as the process of events we are going through. Even beautiful flowers and trees have to weather the cold dark winters to shine again in the spring.

Let us be the first to bloom from the darkness. Don't let fear rule your life. Allow fear to be what its intended to be: a survival tool. Use it be prepared. Please do not take my words as words of revolution. Revolution will occur from this downtime but it will be one of love, not of blood my friends. This downtime have given us the opportunity to explore the limitness of love for all creation more than ever possible.In the end light and love will prevail as long as we can nuture it. We all have it deep down. Its instrinsic. We are born with it. It is humanity after everything we've learned and has been taught is stripped away.

I ask you to join me in the continuing saga for the truth and the wisdom to understand it. I ask that you join me in embodying the essence of ourselves, in our divine gifts of love and forgiveness. I ask that you join me in contacting the part of yourself that lay in others. I ask that you see the connection that we share with every living thing on this planet.

But most of all my friends, I ask that you be not afraid, and end my rant ina quote, as all we have to fear is fear itself friends.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 10:28 PM
I don't know for sure what the future holds but I do know this: destruction is followed by a higher rebirth. There is something awefully servile, sterile, and deadening about this western culture we have all, in one capacity or another, accepted as reality. I'm talking the way people's attentions are forced to be concentrated on work, on what the television shows us, pricetags, clocks, even each other in needy social ways - like objects. A lot has to do with the capitalist system I think, that the pursuit of money can afford you certain freedoms, yet the only really important thing money can provide is time, the opportunity to begin to know oneself and maybe have happiness. The problem then becomes one has no time becase it's spent earning money. That and all the comforts such a society offers just seems to draw us even farther away from ourselves...survival after a while takes on a new perverted meaning. Anyway, although the coming times may be tough I think good can always come from bad.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 07:03 AM
"Sometimes goodbye is a second chance?"

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