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Alternative Alien Theory

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:07 PM
I've been pondering this for a while and have been on ATS reading up on things and finally had the courage to put it out there. I came up with a theory that aliens are not from outer space but rather from here on earth. Not from this time though, from the future. Why wouldn't people from the future want to travel back in time in order to check out the past. This could account for space ships being reported at important events in our past. It also could be more probable that people from the far future could develop time travel rather than aliens traveling light years to visit our planet. The difference in the appearance of aliens may be due to the evolution of our own species over a vast amount of time, they may have needed to adapt to a time with high levels of radiation or some other global calamity that could occur at some time in our future. Please reply with your comments on what you think about my little theory.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:32 PM
The only hole that I see with it is that if they coming from the past...why they would come to this precise point in time? I dont see anything big happening that would gather the attention of our descendant except....GLOBAL WARMING!!

And even if something as global warming is real why they dont send us a message to stop it?

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:45 PM
Firstly, Welcome to ATS,

Unfortunately, your theory is an old one. Many people like Dan Burisch (see my signature below) have been harping on about this for a long time, however, he has proven himself to be a charlatan.

Another thing to remember is that if there were aliens traveling back in time, then there is the possibility of them destroying things in their own time with butterfly effects created in the past.... research time paradox.

The way people usually get past this is claim something unfalsifiable such as alternate/parallel time lines... i.e going back in time but to a slightly different reality .. like an alternate earth with an alternate you and me on it... research John Titor - another charlatan.

Then people will sight quantum physics etc to back this up scientifically but they are wrong. Multiple realities only exist (if they do at all) as potential outcomes for the choices we make. However, they will have you believe that each time we make a decision, we create millions of parallel realities that exist forthwith in their own rite...

Ahem.... Noooo! ... No science to back that up unfortunately.

I guess I'll wait for someone to tell me I'm closed minded now and that someones imaginings or the works of a science fiction writer have a higher likelihood of being correct than the combined knowledge of all sciences.


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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 10:53 PM
Time travel is not possible. Imagine the paradox and other problems.

You travel back in time and murder past yourself.

What the hell happens?

How can you go back in time to murder yourself if you are dead?

Also this one - You travel back in time and destroy the earth. How are you meant to go back to the future if the earth has been destroyed?

All of this applies to helping too. Like....why go back in time to stop global warming? Because if global warming didn't happen then you really didn't have a reason to go back in time in the first place.

Time Travel into the past is not possible.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:17 PM
I agree with what InfraRedMan said. This is an interesting theory, but a problem arises with trying to prove or disprove anything that involves time travel in that we have no idea how time travel would actually work. It would be like trying to explain a chemical reaction to people in ancient Rome in terms of electrons without telling them what the hell an atom is.

Esentially, your theory is neither wrong nor right because its grounds aren't really understandable with the knowledge we currently have.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:47 PM
With the phenomenon of USO's, it would seem they might have bases at the deepest parts of the ocean. If you were a space faring people what better place to hide and live. On the surface you are subject to all the surface conditions like tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, etc. On some planets the surface conditions could be much more dangerous. No one can really see the deepest parts of the oceans and it would seem like a good place to not be bothered if you have the technology to live down there. One thing that always caught my attention was the large eyes of the grey's seeming like their natural habitat is a very low light condition otherwise why would you need the large eyes to gather small amounts of light.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:52 PM
I believe it is possible that 'aliens' are not from other planets, but I doubt the whole time travel idea because of the paradoxes mentioned above, but maybe that is simple mindedness. However, that does not mean that other advanced life forms do not exist on this planet that have stayed out of our sight. Some have mentioned deep sea residence, center of the earth residence among other interesting theories that are not totally outside the realm of possibility.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by NoDakPatriot I came up with a theory that aliens are not from outer space but rather from here on earth. Not from this time though, from the future.

well since there have been many different "species" (over 72 repotedly) .. reported by whistleblowers at ..
then you might want to rephrase your theory as saying .. SOME "aliens" are from "OUR" future.. (or one most closely linked to the probability of sequences of events.. towards the path we're headed on.) - the Grays/Tall Whites..

whereas other aliens could very well be from our time.. just different areas of space.. ie: not earth..
some may be from the past who knows..
we don't know everything..
we're an infant species in the relative timeline of the expanse that is the history of the earth.. let alone the galaxy's age.. universe..
some ancient races may travel into the future to observe potential outcomes.. etc..

check out this thread i've been working on talking about a time travel paradox using the law of conservation of energy as a barrier for actual "matter" doing the travelling.. where the only thing that can really communicate from time to time would be information.. not matter. or energy....

i'm starting to think that everything the Greys do.. sampling DNA.. attempting to create a hybrid race between us and they..
and everything we're doing now.. establishing a new world order.. the elite preparing for a cataclysm with their underground bunkers and seed banks etc..
is all correlated.. into one goal.. the creation of the perfect human species.. a jump in evolution and a combination of the spiritual connection our current bodies are capable of.. and the intellectual capability the greys/tall whites have.. combined with the technology they've gleaned from tens of thousands of years of research and development in the future..
consider this.. they're the survivors that hid in caves during 2012.. and evolved and eliminated emotions in order to eliminate war.. but in doing so separated them from the ability to be spiritually connected to everything (through emotions) .. they're back.. and they're creating a perfect hybrid combination between us.. AND a method of metamorphosizing current humans into that "desireable template" hybrid ... though a slow physiological change.. say..through a positiveley mutagenic pathogen.. sprayed on the public.. ie: morgellons.. ... perhapse.. just speculating..

but OF COURSE.. it's not "healthy" that we understand this.. or take it seriously.. it's most likely why certain stated and accepted laws of physics are in place.. having completley provable truths.. but also acting as barriers for further research..
it's "healthy" that humans on a whole .. NOW.. don't believe in ..the grays.. or time travel..
otherwise if we ALL on a mass level took it seriously.. we'd experiment with time travel NOW and find out who the greys are.. and screw up a potentially EXTREMELY DELICATE operation going on that depends on the hopefully best outcome of the species the human/future human (grey) species...

personally.. i like to discuss it here.. and i'm glad that on a mass scale things we talk about here on ATS like this subject..
aren't taken seriously in the world arena in public..
because if you really think about what i just said.. things would get way out of control with too many people paying attention to it.. sticking their paws into something that's being developed and orchestrated just fine without millions of peoples' differing opinions on the matters.

it's good to just relax and understand that skeptics are a good thing concerning this all..
if we didn't have them constantly and even unreasonably nay saying everything.. then this information would explode into the mainstream and be taken seriously.. thus altering the timeline in a non-goal-oriented manner..

because eventually humanity will enter a reality in the future where all possibilities and technological feats are reachable... and as a result...

skepticism would be completely mirthfully laughed at as in "what??.. you BELIEVE in an impossibility?? BAAAHAHAHAHAH" .. but for NOW it's necessary until that age is reached.. to keep things in good order.
it's also necessary for us "lofty hypothesizers" (made that up
) .. accept skeptics as the temporary barrier's they're meant to be (knowingly or unknowingly)...

I just like hypothesizing about it because it's the most fascinating thing in the world to me.. and how could you resist attempting to understanding how "it all goes down" .. as absurd as it may sound to the average joe. (or Infraredman


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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:37 AM

Originally posted by prevenge

I just like hypothesizing about it because it's the most fascinating thing in the world to me.. and how could you resist attempting to understanding how "it all goes down" .. as absurd as it may sound to the average joe. (or Infraredman

LOL prevenge!

The idea of aliens being here or existing but not being here is not one that I will ever discount. I've had a pretty formidable sighting of my own ya know! But where they come from, and what their agenda's are is up for debate.

No one, at least within the public sector truly 'knows'. We're all mushrooms.... "kept in the dark & fed on [snip]". That's not to say that there aren't agencies that have a clearer idea of what's going on (if it's going on) - but in saying that, they probably only know what they're allowed, or have been led to know". They still have to get it from the horses mouth and IMHO, that horse can hardly be trusted.


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