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I wonder how many here have seen a UFO but had no pic/proof ?

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 03:44 PM
First time to fess this one up. straight up guys n gals.

Summer '93, Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, UK, approx 2200GMT by the Maze/Peace Pagoda on the north west shore of the North Lake.

I saw a silent and I emphasize SILENT, black triangle hovering above me, it was well lit and had a highly randomized angular texture to it's belly. It moved over my field of vision as i looked up, before moving slowly away to my left (west), then it zoomed off in an instant, not even a 'whoosh'. t was totally totally silent? I could still hear the trees rustling but I couldn't hear whatever it was just above the trees.

My friend with me, who was sat near the path while I was ahem, relieving myself in the trees (out of her sight) didn't see or hear a thing (UFO that is). She thought I was messing about, so I didn't push the issue too much and pretty much forgot about it. I never thought much of it until i came across the so called tr3b recently.

I don't know whether it was TR3B or a ufo or if the TR3Bs are cover for ufos or what. But I saw whatever it was for real, I just can't decide what it really was. Weird :s

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 03:46 PM
as far as i remember, my godmother always told us she really saw
a UFO when she was young over her house, she always sweared
she was telling the truth.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 03:56 PM
Several times in my life I've seen what I deemed to be an "unidentified" flying object.

Usually a strange or fast moving bright light.

And while I'm very hopeful it's a real 'UFO' in the traditional sense, I have to concede that it was just a 'bright light' that could be anything from a meteor, space debris, ball lightning, etc.

I haven't seen a proper "craft" as it were -- not the typical triangle or saucer shapes. Sadly..

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by Wethesheeple
reply to post by DREAMING MAN

LOL you just blew my mind! No I didn't report mine. But that is about the same time I was there. Mentions red lights too. Wish he/she would have commented on the size. BTW I live in GA too.. Nice place right?

That is the nice thing about NUFORC, you can look for trends, correlations, interpolations, dates, locations, shapes, etc. The possibilities in the listings are fascinating!

I was driving westbound on I-10 near the east end of Eglin AFB on Feb. 12, recently, & all at once the FM radio jumps off station. It did this 3 times, plus our GPS system goes wonky(it suddenly looses about 12 miles, simultaneously with the FM!) I just figured it to be something related to the Spooky tests the USAF are conducting on Eglin. And they do some VERY HIGH END WORK at Eglin AFB! Make no mistake.

Hey, we may be neighbors! Let's just say I'm an < hour due west of Brunswick.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:08 PM
The ufo phenomenon has been in my life, all of my life. I came up in a small city that is West of Chicago. In 1966, there was a significant flap wave occurring, in the greater Northern Illinois and Michigan < especially) regions. I possess some local newsclips about such, from that time. During that specific year, one night, in the middle of summer, when I was 6, my younger brother,5, and I, went walking away from home a few blocks, to this park with swings, that was secluded though, by trees, just off the Rock River. So we are playing there awhile, with another kid I knew from school. All of a sudden, it is the deep black of night, starry sky and all. I am just standing there, staring at my brother, who is sitting still as a statue, staring dead ahead, as if in a state of suspended animation. Then we both snap-out-of-it, and walk home. As we are nearing there, a bunch of people are milling about, outside. Someone points at us, and yells, there they are! My Mom comes running toward us crying, saying that the police are out looking for us. This was bewildering, because I had no sense of being gone very long. A strange purple geometric mark appeared on my skin. Then faded away.
In the years after that, strange ufo manifestations occurred. One night, sometime in the very late '60's-to-very early '70's, my Dad and I were sitting in the living room watching TV, with the lights off (Except for the TV) and suddenly, the entire living room flooded with white light, but the weather was --not-- inclement. Other family members ran outside, where the neighbor kids told them that a large white ball of light had descended into over the areas of the houses' backyards. During that same time period, on another night, one of my youger brothers came running into the house, to tell me that him and Mom, were watching a ufo darting about, above them. It looked more like a star, not a spaceship, but was making repeated 'impossible' controlled maneuvers and turns.
From 1978-to-1980, another major ufo flapwave was underway. I had this friend who lived across from a large sporting field, with bleecher benches, which was nice and dark at night, when games were not occurring. Everynight, where it was convenient and conducive, me and her would gather up our flashlights, binnoculars, a music boombox, and I would wear this watch that displayed glowing digital time. I brought what I called my 'little brown book', which was a brown vynil covered blank paged notebook. And some pencils. My friend and I witnessed ufos, and I drew them. Also described them in words, including weather conditions, exact time, etc. Here is some of what we saw.
Travelling from W. to E. is this formation of round objects, which seemed--more disc, than spere. If you were to hold, maybe a nickel, out, at arms length, this is abouts----how big each one was. There were about maybe 7 of them. In a straight-line formation, not single-file, but side-by-side, abreast. They were a uniform dim orange, like heated steel, that was cooling. With a fluttery effect around the peremiter of each one, sort of like heat rising off of a hot desert floor. They were flying about as high and also as fast, as a somewhat low small private plane.
In the Nov. 1979 issue of (the long out of print) 'UFO Report', it bears the exciting headlines, 'Michigan Coast Guard Bases Buzzed By UFO Wave'. I have a copy of the cover and article, which is about 8 (or more) pages long, and details the wave's activities from the Great Lakes all the way to Canada, and all places in between and around.

Guys, all the above was only the beginnings of much more to come, I have a lot more to tell, but I'll just go ahead and post this for now.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:11 PM
This happened when i was like 15 or 16. My freinds and i were lying in the grass just starring at the stars one night, and we noticed two of them moving. They were whitish blue, and moved slowly accross the sky switching places a few times, then just dispeared. Three of us were on drugs, but my one buddy was sober. First he laughed and said you guys are trippin', but after looking for awhile said no freaking way and watched the last half of the show. Sort of interesting.

Then, the next year in 2003 July the 3rd, my ma woke me up at 3:00 inthe morning and made me go outside. My entire family just sat and watched many different coloured lights dance in the sky. There were blue, green and red lights that looked sort of like like stars, just switching places and moving in patterns. The sky was perfectly clear. I was tired and went to bed, but this happened for hours from 2:00 til almost daylight. We had no camera as we were po folk, but I don't care much for other peoples approval anyway.

My dad never believed in this type of stuff, and he still won't talk about it, cause he don't like to think about things he can't explain, but my ma & brother still remember it. They still search the skies hoping to see something like it again.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:13 PM
Me! Me! Me! A couple of years ago I saw a giant "flying egg". It was huge.
I sent an e-mail to Noory on c2c. On Feb 15, 2006(2005?), he mentioned it on the show, but not me personally. His researcher thought what I had seen was Moby Air.

They actually posted a picture of this enormous blimp on the c2c website. Do a google search for "Moby Air", the monster flying blimp.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:13 PM
Hey Guys,

Great thread & I'll throw mine into the mix.

I was on a golf course in Dublin during the summer of '95. I was looking up at the stars as it was a clear night and then completely unexpectedly a FLEET of disc shaped craft flew right over me. (I sh*t you not!) I would say there were about 14 in total.

I couldn't quite comprehend what I was seeing at first and just stared open mouthed.

They were flying in a triangular formation, slowly, with two coming up the rear, these two were zig-zagging around at crazy speed, like nothing i'd seen before.

Each of the craft had ringed lights on the underbelly that flashed in sequence on their own craft, but out of sequence from the group.

3 colors, blue, green and purple.

They were absolutely silent, not a sound and as they flew into the distance I saw the tops of the craft glinting in the starlight. Metal domes (this will give you an indication of how low they were)

That night Dublin talk radio got a lot of calls from the area I seen them heading, all saying they were seeing lights in the sky.

An amazing encounter I'll never, ever forget and I would be doing EXTREMELY well to top!

No proof though, only my word.

And a lot of people still don't believe me!!!


(edit to add - I never reported it, I didn't know where to)

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:20 PM
It was 1978. I had just graduated from college, and I was heading out to the bars with a friend. It was about 8:30 but the sun had not set (this was in Erie, Pennsylvania in mid June).

Suddenly, it was light all around us. It startled both of us and instantly stopped out conversition. We looked to see where the light was coming from and there was this brilliant ball of greenish-white light. The sky was about half clouds, and it was lighting the underside of the clouds. I told my friend to pull over. He did and we got out and looked at it. Completely silent, and it was completely still. It was actually outshining the setting sun; there were two sets of shadows on the ground. It stayed there for 45 seconds or so and then just disappeared. Instantly. But several seconds later, I believe I saw it again, only now it was much higher and above the clouds. I'm pretty sure it was the same thing because it was the same brilliant greenish light, only now it was much smaller because it was much higher. At this point it looked almost like a star. It stayed there for about ten seconds then just disappeared.

I don't know for certain that it was extra-terrestrial. Maybe just some incredibly rare natural phenomenon. But I never saw anything like it before or since.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:21 PM

Standard LIS. (Light in Sky)

Normal things can't do what it managed to do and that annoyed me quite a bit since i was standing thinking it would be bloody typical if i missed a photo and didn't have any of my 5 or so cameras with me..

The 3 stage 'after burner' type flares effect was just rubbing it in as far as I'm concerned.


To a large degree I'm still convinced it was a completely deliberate show and tell.

Hoo...Hum. Never mind.
Zippo evidence so it never really happened.


posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:24 PM
I have been a "Believer" since August 11, 1978
Hamilton, Mass.
I was 16, a friend had gotten me into stargazing and we used to lay on the hoods of cars down at the old Sunoco station (great position for star gazing)
As it was prime viewing for the Perseid Meteor showers (moonless night) and it was a friday night...I got to stay out until 12...we lost track of time. It was just after midnight and i was going to miss my "curfew" (single mom was sort of strict). As we were about to leave looking due west I will never forget what we saw. Slowly moving east towards us perhaps 1/2 mile away and only a few hundred feet up was this... Incredible...ship? A true disc shape with a few "navigation" lights on it's underside...seemingly stopped to "hover" over an area called Asbury Grove.
We both looked at each other stated almost at the exact same time "WHAT THE F%*#???" This "ship" remained stationary for perhaps 3 or 4 minutes. As we stood in awe, 2 recently graduated seniors from the local high school had just gotten dropped off not 30 feet from us, obviously out partying...they saw us, said "Hey" all we could do was point up...Well these 2 looked up and nearly fell over... not another minute passed and this "ship" slowly retreated from the direction from which it came... when it was gone from view we all discussed what we had witnessed. Although we all agreed something was there...the two seniors both admitted they were to F'd up and no one would ever believe them. My friend and I had not reached the age of experimenting the way the "upper class-men" had, so on my Fathers grave I swear to being under no influence of any altering substances.
The most unfortunate fact would be the friend I had been with that night eventually chose the wrong path in life. He has been in and out of prison for various drug charges, and I have not had contact with him in 28 years.
I will never forget, I will try and edit this post with a decent drawing when I have some time.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:24 PM
Did you observe more than one ufo sighting ?

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:27 PM
Marker3221, I found it fascinating that you and I both saw "a fleet of disc shaped craft" (mine more a formation than fleet) ( ie my description above) especially that yours were in the '90's. I was otherwise convinced that the disc shapes seemed---to have been replaced by triangles in more recent times.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:28 PM
Anything I have "seen" since that night, (and I watch the night sky whenever I can) can be easily dismissed as satellites, shooting stars etc.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by Plusthon

I don't know who your asking, but I'll answer.

I've seen "lights in the sky" and other strange things over the years, but nothing that I could without a doubt call a UFO, I tend to explore all possibilities before arriving at a conclusion.

My post above is one I'm 100% sure on, for obvious reasons

I still keep looking up in hope though.



posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by marker3221

Yeah, I wasn't sure I responded as well...
marker3221 I would be very interested in exchanging drawings with you, you gave a somewhat similar description in design and lighting...

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:31 PM
this thread is just begging for hurt feelings and striking out of retaliation due to not being able to back up their story...

ATS is notorious for needing proof

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:34 PM
i saw a couple last summer after i started watching the sky more often...

they were mostly all stationary, bright lights in the sky that appeared and dissappeared after a short while, most in the afternoon/evening under a blue sky. otherwise, i saw one at night that just appeared out of nowhere beside a military jet - i thought at first that it was a flare, but then noticed that it was moving exactly parallel right beside the jet, until it started going up in the sky out of sight, fading up into space... really cool!

all of them looked like bright spotlights in the sky - as bright as Jupiter or Venus looks in our night sky. one time, 4 even made a formation in the shape of a "C" directly above my head one afternoon!
how sweet it was...

watch the skies!!

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:34 PM
I have also seen a few.

One when I was about 10, playing outside on a nice clear summer evening with a friend. We saw a 10-15 FT. classic saucer shape move from west to east about 10 ft. above my two story home. We hid beside the garage and watched it clear the house, moving about 20mph. We ran to the front yard but it was nowhere to be found.

I saw another saucer shape hover over our town about 3000 ft. up on a clear day. Then disappear in a blink.

My wife and I saw a metallic looking sphere trailing a jumbo jet airliner.

I also saw another saucer shape one appear then disappear as it was traveling over some high power lines. It was about 20 ft above the tower moving very slowly. I had to pull over to the side of the road, it was truly unbelievable.

All of the sightings I have seen have been the metallic saucer or sphere and in broad daylight only. I have not seen any night time UFOs and haven't seen any since the l990s.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 04:34 PM
4 separate occasions of seeing stuff in the sky, I couldn't explain. I've reported 3 to Nuforc. Years ago. Here are two that I still have trouble believing.

Driving home in the winter, after work. Approximately 1730 hrs. It was 5 klms to the base of the small mountain range from the road I was on. I could see the top of the mountain start to light up, then the whole valley lit up. I looked up and saw what I believed at that moment, to be a meteor.

I watched as it looked like it was going to crash into the top of the mountain, when, at the last few moments before it would have crashed, it halted, reversed direction and sped away. I was on the road towards an old cfs radar base :HERE, that had been decommissioned in 1988. This sighting with in 1993. The NUFORC explained that it was a meteor bouncing off our atmosphere, which made it look like it changed directions. Even though, I mentioned it was clearly lower than the mountain peak that could have tracked it, 5 years earlier.

Another occasion was at shuswap lake. Sitting by a camp fire, looked up and saw what looked like 3 satellites, in a triangular formation. When they moved, stars were blanked out, between the 3 points of light, even though it didn't look solid.
NUFORC said that the navy often release satellites in triangular formation, but offered no explanation for why the stars disappeared while this formation passed by.. This event had multiple witnesses.

Don't know what they were. Not jumping to any "alien" conclusions, but really don't buy the explanations.

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