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I wonder how many here have seen a UFO but had no pic/proof ?

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:11 PM
a little less then a year ago I had an incredible sighting. I had been sitting at home all day doing nothing, goofin off and reading some stuff on 2012. It was about 10:30 PM and I decided to go out and put some gas in the car, just so i could get out of the house. As i drove out of my neighborhood I saw a red light up in the sky very far away. It was moving very oddly. I thought to my self maybe its a UFO. I have always been interested in UFO stuff even as a kid, I have been to roswell and read all kinds of books and so on. I just dismissed the light and kept making my way to the gas station.
After in filled my car I decided to drive around a while just because i didn't feel like going back home right away and doing nothing. I made my way west, then went south. i was driving along and I saw a light very low in the sky just to the left of the road above a strip mall. At first I thought it was a helicopter so i rolled the window down. I was surprised to hear no noise at all. Then I got really excited, slowed the car down almost stopping. The object was like nothing I had ever seen before. There were three bright white lights in a triangle on the bottom and a string of multicolored lights around the edge running around it in a line. I flipped! not scared or anything I just couldn't believe my eyes! I watched the craft glide slowly across the road and directly above my car. It was only a little bit higher than the one story strip mall (10 feet maybe 15) as it reached the other side of the road it turned north and started going faster. I turned around and tried to follow it, only for it to pick up pace and disappear over the horizon.
It was the night of the full moon in April of 08 no clouds. I have a feeling they knew I spotted them when I left my house and decided to give me a better look. I have no way of knowing if it was man made or genuine ET but I believe they were our brothers from space and could feel my curiosity and desire to know.
I have no proof just a memory.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:35 PM
My uncle's would go to Canada (same fly-in fishing camp) every year to fish. One year they came back "scared"
of what they witnessed. They were out on the lake when something drifted over them, went passed, and then stopped and appeared to take on water. They never went back. All of them love the outdoors, the experience was enough to keep them away. I dont know what they saw but it was a significant moment in their lives.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:38 PM
I come to this site every day for about, 3-4 years now? I am not registered as I'm one of those that if I post- I would waste my whole day chit chatting and not getting work done.

But this has opened a door and I would love to share the experience my husband and I had about a month ago. I actually do have one picture... not good quality but I will post if someone tells me how. but here is the story.

We live in the heart of Alabama on the dead end of a subdivision. My husband happened to look outside, about 815 or so. We happened to be watching "Fringe" on Fox. He tells me to come look and what we see is a large round cluster of lights, with something in the center that wasn't visible. the object was hovering right above the trees, probably a mile-2 miles out. Most definately not high enough for an airplane as we see those fly over daily.My husband continued to watch and I called my friend/neighbor who lives a few houses down. She/her husband went outside and saw the object too, but weren't about to watch it for long like we did. At about 830 this object began to move closer. My husband called me to the door again and it was coming closer. It then stopped and hovered again until close to 9 pm, and then 2 more lighted objects came into view. They seemed to chase the main object we were watching, and then the main object begins to move again, so we move to the backdoor. As we are making it out there we look up and see a triangular object flying over RIGHT above the tree tops, making a low, vibrational, 'whooshing sound' sort of like the air moving past the object. No motor or propellers were heard (such as if it were a helicopter)

The other two objects followed but were much higher altitude, couldn't get a good enough look at those as we were focusing on the main object. Then they were gone.

I do remember that it was extremely windy that night. A cold front has come through that day, and wind gusts were extremely strong possible 30 mph.

My husband and I are 23... don't believe in "aliens" at all. We believe it's some sort of high tech unknown craft belonging to the gov.

I have been extremely vocal on the internet (myspace, facebook pages) about the NWO and government coverups, as well as the sewer debt crisis our county is facing here in Alabama. My BEST guess to why this was hovering over my house for some time would be spying by our gov.

Oh well.... hope everyone enjoys my "close encounter" =)

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:41 PM
I have seen, and it is just 2 months ago last time.
I tend to see them in the morning as I start work at 06:00, so about 05:30 I see them high up, I think in orbit height since they are just glowing orange dots..
Yes, you are about to say satallite, but these suddenly change direction yet maintaining speed, at least it looks like they do..
Like my last sighting, there was two of them just after eachother, yet the one on the 'outer' side of the two, just shot out the the right, from my viewpoint ofcourse...

Belive or not, it is up to you guys !!!

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:41 PM
Sure have. I saw mine April of last year. Very small craft. I was at the beach with a couple friends and family so lots of people close to me saw it. I guess it was around 12:00 at night or so but very cool indeed... silent with a bit of a yellow/translucent glow to it. BTW if anyone is interested it was in Panama City, FL. I hope to go back soon.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:49 PM
On the top of my head, I can remember 3 sightings that I've seen. All of them were when I was by myself.

The most striking sighting was probably one time at sunset, I was walking home from my friends house. There was this very large orange ball (no it wasn't the sun
) in the sky that remained stationary. My house was really close, so I ran in to tell my grandpa. Of course, it wasn't there anymore when he came out. I felt that it was there just for me.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:51 PM
Hats off to this thread, & many thanks for the opportunity to have so many participate! All who contribute are helping in so many ways, that perhaps someday the fruits of which shall be born for all to know.

Bravo. Star & flag!

* Thus far, I have one sighting of a fleet of five in formation, c.1964. They were stationary, & positioned themselves as the points of a 5 pointed star. I finally found a way of reporting them decades later to Text Red NUFORC. For all of those of you who have not made an OFFICIAL REPORT, I strongly recommend that you take the first step to setting your experience into public record. It Is Important to do so! Together as advocates, we can build a data base that can substantiate each others case. I steadfastly believe in NUFORC.

* My case:
Occurred : 7/15/1964 12:00 (Entered as : 07/??/64 12:00)
Reported: 5/20/2008 10:13:33 AM 10:13
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Brunswick, GA
Shape: Formation
Duration:2-4 min
5 bright silver objects assuming the points of a 5 pointed star. 10-15% from directly overhead. All 5 were clearly discernible, at arms length they covered the area of thumbnail. Objects completely stationary & hovering. I was about 7 years old, outside, playing in backyard. As I looked up, I spied the shiny objects & observed them for a few minutes. The sky was clear blue, hot weather. They didn't move. I became thirsty & went inside to get my mom to see them, but they were gone when I sent back outside. 44 years is a long time to vividly recall that event as though it were yesterday. I seek the truth.

Glynnco Naval Air Station was located a few miles away, but has since been decommissioned, & converted into a shopping mall.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))

* I know of two other people who witnessed/experienced Close Encounters of 2nd Kind. One of which Iv'e known for 27 years.

* My Mother experienced on two occasions, the same disturbing experience of an aerial object hovering very near her residence at night. She said, " made a strange sound."

* I was on patrol in a remote area of Iraq during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and had an episode of missing time during the day. Some years later, the only thing that I was able to recall was a humming/frequency sound. I have experienced several cases of missing time over the years since.

* There is more to this life we live than we can ever imagine.

Never allow anyone to ever cause you self, doubt nor denigrate your self values. Life is too valuable & short of time for those who scoff.

Cheers to all.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:52 PM
The UFO I saw was an orange light that moved around the sky in a wobbly fashion, and it was going way too fast to be a fire balloon. It went down behind some trees way off on the horizon, came back up, wobbled around a little more, and then went back over the horizon.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:59 PM
I've seen one. Never said anything because I knew people would call me nuts.

There are more stars in the sky then grains of sand on Earth.

Your nuts if you think we are alone.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by Wethesheeple

Was this case yours, or was it on or about this date?

NUFORC Home Page
Web Report Indexes : by Event Date | by Location | by Shape | by Posting Date

Occurred : 4/19/2008 08:00 (Entered as : 4-19-08 8:00)
Reported: 4/19/2008 3:07:57 PM 15:07
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 minute
Red light, from 0 to ? in seconds. Over Panama City Beach, Florida

My wife and I were going to Carabba's to eat dinner, traveling West we saw a red oval shaped object just kind of sitting there in the sky. I thought it might be a planet or something the way it just sat there. It was the coolest thing I can remember ever seeing, because like a bolt of lightening it took off sideways then straight up. I've seen jets kick their afterburners in before but this was nothing like that, the speed that this moved from sitting still gives me chills today. Even the new planes that they have at Tyndall AFB would not be able to touch this, it would be like trying to catch a Porche on a Tricycle.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:10 PM
I had my one and only sighting on July 4th, 2005. I know, must have been fireworks. No. It was about 10:30pm at Carolina Beach NC. The fireworks shows had just fininshed and my buddy and I went out to the end of the pier to drink another beer and relax. We were both looking up but he saw it first. He said look, a shooting star. When I looked there were two of them. they were traveling West at the speed of a shooting star. One of them started to zig zag but didn't slow down. Like it was showing off. they went out of sight quickly. I was excited, but all I could think of was fighters always travel in pairs and this could very well be some new plane we have. But if there was a person in control at those speeds when it zig zagged, there would just be a pile of goo left. the G forces would have had to be off the charts. We both aggree to this day about what we saw so I don't think it was a product of one beer too many. My wife saw a triangle and didn't wake me up for it. I am still not sure I forgive her.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by Rek2008

Yes I have, here are all:

1988 (spring/Amsterdam): red and green light attached to something I couldn't see, hoverig next to another flat. No sounds. I felt compelled to look out of the window, and there it was. About I think 500 meters from me. It was evening.

1989 (January/Amsterdam): standing on the balcony for some fresh air, I saw two yellowish dots flying very fast through the sky. No sounds. And the switched pathways! Angle about 55 degrees.

1994 (summer/Southern Netherlands near Venlo): lights above/behind clouds illuminating them. No sounds to be heard or crafts to be seen.

1997 (winter/Amsterdam): I had seen these strange tiny flickering lights that would hop places, now here than there. Reported it to a Observatory, the man I spoke to had no idea what I had seen. I now wonder whether it were planes whose lights were "malformed" because of atmospheric conditions.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:20 PM
I have not seen anything myself, but someone close to me has. I've always been curious about the U.F.O phenomenon and the differing ideas of the reality behind it for as long as I can remember. With the growing popularity of YouTube, I'd occasionally stumble across some interesting footage, whether home video, NASA STS missions, or the Disclosure Project and I decided one day to dive head on and do some 'heavier' research. There is so much out there, that much is for sure. To the point where I began to feel disenchanted by the numerous opinions on the matter.

What kept me grounded was the testimony by someone close to me, someone I trust, about an incident that took place over 42 years ago. Today my father is a deeply religious, practicing lawyer. The summer before he went to college he drove trucks across the state, always the graveyard shift. Anyway, I had him write out as much of the account as he could remember. It's a bit terse, yet quite interesting. He didn't prepare and sit down to write this account, rather, I asked him via email from my office one morning, and early that afternoon came this unedited reply:

That night was a very clear and warm night. I had the radio on but don’t recall the station. It was probably at least around 3:00 a.m. or later. Nothing remarkable but at some time the radio was acting strange. Would seem to have lots of static; then nothing; then clear as a bell. That probably happened for about 5 minutes or so and as I was looking around I noticed something out the right side window.

As I said, it was not something you could clearly see, but it was like a saucer with lights on the outside. I don’t want to dramatize this but I think the fact that the object didn’t streak across the sky brought its attention to me. It sort of hovered along side of me but some distance away. When you see a plane at night you see the port and starboard lights (one on the tail, one on bottom and one on top-normally red, and strobes on the wing tips). Back then I don’t know that there was any where near that kind of marking on aircraft so white lights would not have been a concern. All I knew was that it did not look like a traditional plane nor did it act like a traditional aircraft. It was like a cigar (saucer) shaped based on the lights. Nothing on top or bottom to define height. Seemed to spin but not fast but that may just have been the motion because the movement of the lights was not fast. Hard to explain. Don’t recall any noise. Just seemed to hover while along side and then disappeared (and that may be dramatic). Obviously I had to concentrate on the road so I don’t know what way it went but it was quick-like the lights just went off and it was gone, but then again, since I didn’t stare at it I can’t tell you how long between glances. At the time I figured we had some experimental stuff that we weren’t supposed to know about (and that may still be the truth) but it was strange. Not at all scary, but not something one expects to see. Up north with no major cities, the skies are always beautiful. I’d almost always see shooting stars and at time would just pull off the road and admire God’s creation.


I'd be interested in hearing from other folks who share my quizzical disposition on the subject; people who aren't anywhere near to coming to conclusions, but are weighing many sources of interesting, even bizarre, information. I am going to include a personal email in this post with the plea that ATS does not remove it, as I've tried to create an ATS account but I get the message that account creation is disabled. The email address I am providing has been created (inspired by recent post I read on ATS) solely for responses to this post.



posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:21 PM
I know what you mean! When I found out about this website I got excited and instantly registered, and started a thread about my experiences. If I hadn't done that I would have never posted, just knowing how people react to stories with no proof. I've tried real hard to find somthing like I did in '99 and have come up empty. I just wish I could find someone else that has had the same experience as I did, since the only other witness is my Ex and we don't speak to each other anymore.

Anyways here's my story and off to read all the posts, I imagine they'll be some good stories.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:21 PM
My Sighting:

which happened about a month ago.

i work about 2 blocks from the beach in fort lauderdale, i run a valet for a high end restaurant, so i am always outside at night. this was also the night of the record breaking bright full moon. i was showing my co worker an application that i have on my Android phone, called Skymap, that plots star charts in the sky. i was showing him how to find Orion in the sky and what it looks like. as we are looking at orion, out of the left side of our vision comes this orange foot ball shaped orb, and it literally flew right into our line of sight. the thing was HAULING. at the height it was at it was moving about 3 times faster than airplanes at that height. it was higher than most planes i see flying around here all the time.(the ft lauderdale airport is right by my work as well) It had NO FFA lights whatsoever! and it was flying in a straight line parallel with the beach towards Miami. the speed this thing was moving at, i only had about 6 or 7 seconds to stare at it, and it was already out of sight. it had no trails behind it. no smoke behind it, and it was silent. after it went by, both my coworker and i were like "what the hell was that?!?!!?" and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. there was no way of capturing it on film as it was lucky as hell that i even saw it. i've been lookin all over the place online for video's similar to the orange orb i saw haulin' tail towards miami.

thanks for reading

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:22 PM
A year and half ago my son and I were outside about 10
M trying to see a meteor shower - we didn't see any because of the city lights. But we did see something we couldn't quite explain.

I first saw something crescent shaped and it seemed a bit blurry - this was off to the side of where we were directly watching. It appeared very large and seemed like it was only a few feet (100-150) away. It seemed so strange that I started to rub my eyes thinking they were watering or something. Within 5-10 seconds it was gone - I never saw it move. It made no noise at all. I found an image of what I saw in the URL below.

Since I thought I was seeing things I didn't say anything to my son. But, within a minute we both saw a triangular shaped object silently flying in a southeastern direction. It was triangular only in that the lights created a triangle. Each light looked the same. They were crescent shaped and looked somewhat orange (like a very dim flashlight bulb). There was one light which formed the 'peak' of the triangle. There was a second row of lights containing two lights....etc (I think there were five rows). We watched it fly slowly for a minute or so and then it vanished. It wasn't moving very fast so we just watched it until it suddenly disappeared - We both wish we had a camera close by.

Now we can say we're one of the crazy people who've seen a UFO.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:24 PM
I was standing on the deck of the place I was living in a few years back. It was just past sunset, where there was just the hint of light still in the western sky, but overall it was dark.

I was looking west and then suddenly noticed, in the southwest part of the sky, about 50 degrees up from the horizon, a star that was growing brighter and brighter.

"WTF?" I thought. I called my husband to come see and we both watched this light get brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, we saw the light move rapidly towards the north. It began fading brighter and then dimmer (not blinking), brighter and dimmer, as it moved northward.

Then a streak appeared behind it, and both the point of light AND the trailing streak were fading brighter and dimmer, brighter and dimmer. As this group moved north the whole affair began to get dimmer (still brightening and dimming, but getting less bright with each pulse and getting dimmer as well.

By the time it got near the northern horizon, it had disappeared.

I have tried to poke meteors and other space debris into that behavior and have failed. I have tried to explain it with satelites. Still it doesn't fit. I tried it with "airplane," and could say I have never seen a plane move THAT fast.

So I must presume it was a spacecraft, flying and unidentified. A UFO, indeed.

That is all I have (thus far).

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:26 PM
I have just got to comment on this thread. I am a very regular ATS viewer but have so far not registered, I have had an interest in the ufo 'subject' for about the last 15 years. When I was 16 years old me and a friend used to have a laugh at our poor bus drivers expense, we were always giving him grief and we were basically just immature adolecents. One day whilst we were ribbing him about all his old 'war' stories he said he used to do some flying in his own light aircraft. we responded with the usual 'oh yea' and 'really' not really believing him (we thought he was basically full of you know what. It would have been about two days later whilst taking us home at 16:15pm he pulled out a few pictures of his aircraft and asked us to come have a look at them, we were astonished that this plane was real and you could actually see him flying the thing in the cockpit.
He had got our attention and all the joking and ridicule stopped as we knew he was telling the truth. Next he said something very strange indeed, he said that he had seen a ufo and that at home he had a photograph that he would never sell even for ANY amount of money and he was not kidding, we asked him to bring it in and show us the picture of this so called ufo and the very next day he did so.
He called us up to the front of the bus whilst nearly everyone had got off at their respective stops and out came the picture, it was taken through the front window of the light aircrafts cockpit and the detail of the clouds in the distance was amazing. There was what resembled a blob in the middle of all the clear blue sky, (kind of like a spec of dirt about the size of a regular pinhead) he pulled out a magnifying glass and told us too look closer, so we did. This was a life changing moment and still 15 years on is as clear as it was then, I just wish more than anything on earth that I could trace that guy and somehow get that picture to be posted on here, I can only say what my friend and I saw.
The object was a very shiny metallic saucer shaped craft with a dome at the top and a ridge around the bottom just like all the regular ones that you see on here, youtube magazines etc but you could see the shiny nature of this 'object' I say 'object' because IT SURE AS HELL WAS NO PLANE, I counted three and a half solid black portholes around the edge, I say half because the half was on the furthest most edge, that was the clarity of this thing. nothing was visible inside the portholes (just solid black). The only thing which stood out was how shiny and metallic looking this thing was I mean we are talking polished like machined chrome. It was by far the most insane picture I have ever witnessed and wish that all of you guys and gals who take the time to contribute to this fantastic and informative debate filled site could view it al least once. It was real, although fifteen we were not fools and did not suffer fools gladly, and afterwards listened intently to all the old war stories which our bus driver told us, he was an ex falklands soldier, a good guy, a humble guy, and I wish we had not spent all that time before mocking him. Thanks for reading my story and apologies if I have bored any of you, peace, over and out.

Steve W United Kingdom

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by DREAMING MAN

LOL you just blew my mind! No I didn't report mine. But that is about the same time I was there. Mentions red lights too. Wish he/she would have commented on the size. BTW I live in GA too.. Nice place right?

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:29 PM
hi, i'm just an anonymous poster or lurker as you might call me who can relate to this as i once had my own experience with a ufo sighting, of which of course i have no proof. I was in a town called Palmyra, New York, it was sometime between 5 and 6 in the morning, when the light was just beginning to saturate the sky again but just before sunrise. I was staying in a small motel and just happened to go outside and sit down at a playground which was adjacent the the motel for a cigarette. It was still kind of dark out still but was just light enough to be able to distinguish anything that may have been out of the ordinary. I was just admiring the beautiful colours beginning to form in the sky when quite unexpectedly i noticed 3 circular objects moving over head in triangular flying formation, i would have to say they were metallic looking from their greyish colour and they gave off no light or sound and if i had'nt looked up at that moment i probably would have missed them. They were travelling quite fast on a straight trajectory, so i imagine they were on there way somewhere eastward since the sun rises that way, from where i noticed them on one side of my field of vision they were only visible for about another 10 seconds until they were too far away for me too see them any longer and i estimate that they were no more than maybe 500 to 1000 feet in the air thay didnt look that far as i could observe their shape and colour with my naked eye quite easily, so i guess from that you can form your own conclusions about how fast they were going. Unfortunately, like i said, it was still kind of dark out so i was unable to distinguish any surface features on them, but to me this was still kind of amazing and as you would imagine im pretty mad that i left my camera in my room and missed this probably once in a lifetime photo opportunity.Due to lack of evidence, I guess i can't say for sure that they were UFOs yet there isnt anything i can think of which would remotely resemble the objects that i saw that day in 2006. Since that day however i have become very interested in the topic of UFOs and ATS has become an integral part of my search for the truth. This is a great site and BIG-UPS to the site administartors who make it possible for like-minded individuals like myself to come express thir views, knowlegde, opinions and experiences in a productive and non-judgemental way. This is my first post i have written, because i did not want to come on here with no proof, but in the spirit of storytelling, this post has encouraged me to "come out of the closet" a little and i plan on joining soon so i can begin to contribute my own opinions to this wonderful community, thanks to which my eyes have been opened on a number of subjects. Always, remember, knowledge is power.

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