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Hershey closing Peppermint Patties plant in Pa.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:09 PM
And moving to Mexico

Really? I love me some York Pepperming Patties, but I call boycott on Hersheys.

After 23 years in Reading, the chocolate maker is closing the plant Friday and moving production to a new factory it has built in Monterey, Mexico. It will mean the loss of 300 jobs in the southeastern Pennsylvania city.

Just another example of how we got to this point. Move jobs where labor is cheaper. Even my children understand that this is not the time to be moving jobs to another country. It might be a smart business move, but this shouldn't sit well with consumers in my opinion.

(Standard disclaimer: my apologies if this has been posted already, couldn't find this subject in the search function)

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:14 PM
well, it's intresting since all these jobs are going to Mexico and reports are now coming out that Mexico is on verge of can that being when all the jobs in USA are going to Mexico !!!

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:30 PM
Anybody want to burn a few thousand DVD's and make a road trip to PA?

Nothing says loving like something from the oven.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:35 PM
Son of a.........
No good..........
Lousy, low down.......


Now I cannot in good conscience eat another peppermint patty.

OK. Where are junior mints manufactured?
I understand that they are very refreshing.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:43 PM
NO!!! They must not do this! Nooooooooo.....

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by badgerprints

Junior Mints are produced by Tootsie Roll Industries (TR on the ticker). The tootsie roll (and pop) people. My teenage girls were worried about the chocolate chips for their monthly cookie bake. Nestle Toll House it is.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:57 PM
More outsourced manufacturing?

On the bright side maybe they can come out with a new product... How about Jalapeno Patties?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by Ahabstar

That is the best idea I've heard all day.

I've always wanted to visit PA...

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 09:13 PM
They get their labor for pennies on the dollar, no union, lax regulatory oversight, and the NAFTA highway to boot! Collapse or no. In fact if it collapses better still, it will be like the Banana Republic days of old.

The real shame of it is the tax-break they get - the Fed's love it when you increase the unemployment numbers - makes more people dependent on them.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 09:52 PM

When I bite into a hershy's peppermint's like a cool alpine breeze.. rushing through the spaces betwixt my very bones themselves! Whirling through the scattered remnants of empty warehouses and tumbleweed strewn factory floors..


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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 10:04 PM
York Patties are an American candy! My mother loved them, I ate them, I bought them for my kids...What's next...Apple Pie from Mexico?

I'm going to phone them (I don't like to give out information just to send an email) and let them know my opinion of this move.

The company can keep their candy in Mexico, as I won't buy any of their imports here.
God, I feel like America is being auctioned off to the lowest bidder!

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