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Horn of Africa and Nukes?

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:49 PM
MODS: If this is the wrong place for this thread then could you please move it?

I first would like to begin by saying that I am a bit concern about where I am going and what is going to occur. I few months ago I read a thread here on ATS where someone either had a vision or remote viewed incidents from the near future.

It was said that this image of the future brought chaos to Navies around the world that were operating in the area of the “Piracy Act” off the coast of the Horn of Africa. This catastrophic events were the caused of nuclear forces within Russia and China while operating in this areas.

Now, I wasn’t too worried about this image until I see myself headed to the “Box”. The more I look at the whole picture on where am going and who is there, the more I worry. Whether this is simply an image of reality waiting to happen or not, it concerns me. Not because we Sailors may die in the process but what it may bring to the rest of the world. It may be the beginning of the Third World War and what everyone has been waiting for as a result of the Economy downfall.

I guess my question to everyone is do you think this type of events may occur in the Box within the next year or two? I hope it isn’t a nuclear war; I rather fight and die knowing that it was a fair war rather than a coward game of nukes.

Your thoughts?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:58 PM
What would make you think that there would be a nuke set off in the Horn?

The area is good for mining up the stuff needed for Nukes.

The only reason that anyone outside of Africa would use a nuke in this area would be to create a no-go zone in the areas causing piracy problems.

Setting off a nuke on the other side of the channel of the Maghreb and close to Spain, and THAT has some possibilities to it. Or if they are concerned that a nuclear launch point was being set up on the coast of Africa and aimed at China or Russia.

Now, someone from inside of Africa, or operating inside Africa for political-religious power THAT is possible. However, they would really have to be operating outside the interests of the Pan-Islamic State for that.

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