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Worlds Most Controlled Media?

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Who would you say had the Worlds most controlled media. Here in the West we seem to swallow the daily diatribe without a seconds thought and usally disbelive anything we hear from none Western media networks.

Is that an indication of how well controlled we are or how easy it is to inflence our thoughts with lies and disinfo. We seem very quick to denounce news from other countries of the world while readily accepting our own as the god given truth.

Are they all controlled and corrupt? is there any real truth or facts out there or is it all distorted info with an given agenda in mind. Using Iran and Israel as an example why is it that we believe what Israel says but not Iran?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:03 PM
when it comes to news.. there is no "real truth"... even the best news writers/anchors are prone to bias... even when they are trying to be objective...

True Objectivity is really difficult to attain... if its possible at all.

However, State controlled news would have to be North Korea... for obvious reasons...

Corporate Controlled news has got to be one of the stations here in the U.S. or Western Europe... Not sure which one, but we seem to have allowed corperations to infiltrate and hijack our news programs.

The best bet to find out what's actually happening is to look at it the same way you would to seek understanding of any event in history. Look at opposing views, and then look at the view of an uninterested 3rd party...

For example... for news on the War on Terror, if you watch U.S. news, and an arab news network... then balance that against some news from japan, or possibly BBC or something, you might be able to take a good stab at what is going on...

The truth lies in the difference between the way events are relayed by the powers involved.


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