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Uncle Sam Does Not Give a Dam

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:39 PM
America or should I say the people of America are facing a great crisis, its Government expouses the qualities of freedom, liberty and advancment.

yet something has gone wrong, from the heady days of prosperity at the end of ww2 just a few decades ago the nation now has all the appearance of a well dressed corpse.

But who is to blame for this, what went wrong? Its the Liberals I hear you cry, no it was the Commies, no its all the Mexicans and other such reasons/excuses. Well actually its none of those things, Americans may be many things but they are not lazy. They are like many people very hard working and industrious as witnessed by their past achievments. But given that this is so how could things have gone so tragically wrong. How can such a young nation with so much promise fall from grace so quickly.

Well I'm sure the average American will have a list of reasons as long as your arm but its not the truth. The day JFK was assasinated was the day that not only a president was laid in his coffin but a nation as well. It is not the fault of the American citizen that the country is in the state it is in now. As previously stated Americans work hard have very few holidays and have to pay for everything be it health care to education.

Well if the people are not at fault then who is, well the people like people anywhere have been fooled by the trinkets of wealth that have been dangled in front of them. Just as there forebears dangled beads and blankets under the noses of the native Americans. Those Americans gave up their land and their rights for these few trinkets. But when they realised what was happening to them they fought back but they lost.

Since the end of ww2 and the murder of JFK the same trick has been used on the populace. While Americans worked their butts off there were those who conspired to rob them of everything they owned, even their nation. The people who have worked hard all their lives for what they have achieved be it homes. education for their children, pensions etc. have all been stolen from them. And more than that many have made the ultimate sacrifice for power and greed. Whilst American families mourn the loss of loved ones the greedy perps are sat there counting their ever growing piles of money.

If the American public are guilty of anything its only falling for the magicians trick. But now the veil has dropped they can see what has happened. The perps, criminals and scumbags who have perpetrated these crimes on the American populace for so long are now aware that ther tricks have been seen through.

Now with their backs to the wall they are doing everything to save their cowardly skins. If it means removing peoples rights, freedoms and liberties then they will do it. Because in the end the one thing they fear is revolusion especially from a well armed populace. But that revolution is coming, once people have lost their homes, health, education and given up their lives for their love of their country and patriotism all they have left is anger and outrage to the crimes that have been committed against them.

So the process begins, its starting in small ways and by a few but eventually it will gather apace very quickly and in the end the people will wash away the stain of greed, avarice and murder from their nation.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:21 PM
I doubt revolution is coming any time soon. People are too afraid to do what they have to. They are too afraid to face blood, sweat, and tears. They say that they don't mind being watched because they have nothing to hide. They fail to realize that if they won't stand up against these "little" things they will just keep getting pushed over until all their freedoms are gone. They would rather give up all their freedom to the government for "protection" then stand up and handle their own stuff. It's all of us common and lower class people getting washed around by the wealthy. This system is all for their benefit. We are taught their ideals and what they think we need to know so we can grow into nice little cogs in their money machine. And anyone who finds a way to live outside of it is called a criminal. In order to make a revolution the ordinary would have to rise up to the rich's label of criminal. And no one wants to be that person. One thing they don't realize is that our failure to go and make our adjustments might lead our children and grandchildren into a full scale war against the government. Then we'll all be regretting letting the government get too watchful, as they will be able to track down and eliminate all who try to fight.

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