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To the protestors outside Yorkshire Post building, Leeds.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:57 AM
On friday night a lot of people were protesting outside the Yorkshire Post building in Leeds city centre. These people were from the union of journalists and were asking us to beep our horns to show our dissapproval over job cuts within.
Now, hang on a second. I will address these journalists personally, in the second person (or fifth person if one such thing exists for the pluralised you).

You are a journalist. You aspire to print hard hitting up to date storeis that will sell papers. You aspire to dumb our world down with biased stories on world events. You shove agendas in the face of the public steering them away from independent thought and worldly truths. You contribute more than most to the dumbing down of society. Your constant report and sensationalist views of the financial crisis has made it worse.... You are the reason you are losing your job.

You think I would move my finger to push my horn for you?

Those who will reply stating that the Yorks' Post is not biased and is not a tabloid not only need to look deeper but will not get a reply.

Rant over? Not if those **** are still out there now.

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