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Why do Americans not care anymore

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:46 AM
The "dumbing down" of this country has been an extremely well orchestrated success. I believe the word zombie has taken on a hold new meaning. Not all of course but enough to enable the NWO to gain a very signigicant foothole.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 12:20 PM
When did they ever?

Starting back in 1973, we weren't dumbed down then. At least not like today.
And the Supreme Court crammed abortion, through all nine months, down our throats. It was not the idea of the America people. It was a set up by the Satanists, the Secret Govt., with their stacked Supreme Court and their corrupt lawyers, Rothschild agents.

So it was done. Abortion for any reason during the entire nine months. No restrictions, no regulations at all. If the state wanted to regulate certain ways the procedure was conducted in the interest of the "mother's health" (forget anything about the child at all, who had no rights at all), that was up to the state. Otherwise, if the state wanted to just turn the baby killers completely loose to do whatever they wanted, however they wanted, when it came to killing babies in the womb, they were free to do so.

Did the church rise up? Did the people rise up and defend the innocent and helpless, the most innocent of her people, the unborn babies? No. Hardly a whimper from anybody, although people were quite stunned by it all.

The pastors went on preaching their irrelevant sermons, more worried about collecting their tithes than they were about serving the God they were supposed to be representing.

Who do I blame for the imminent horrible and bloody and ghastly destruction that is coming down hard on America? Pastors who didn't care, did not love their neighbor enough to speak out against the Supreme Court decree to wage an American Holocaust against the unborn babies.

Now we are reaping the whirlwind. We allowed the blood to flow from the innocent since 1973, feeding a hungry Satan who requires human sacrifice, feeding Satan and his minions the Talmudics, the Zionists, the Freemasons and the Scientologists, the Mormons, the New Age occultics, the secret societies who love and worship Satan -- feeding them all a steady diet of plentiful innocent blood.

Now they are drenched in that blood, energized, invigorated, and ready now to kill us in as heartless and vicious and torturous a way as the babies were killed, while America slept.

Pastors have the job to be watchmen, to make sure this kind of hting doesn't happen, to lead their people. The pastors led the people into sleeping, into not caring, into turning a cold heart, a deaf ear and a blind eye to the plight of the babies.

Now we have famine, pestilence, war, FEMA camps, rape, torture -- at our doorstep.

All because we refused to love our neighbor as ourself, ignored the silent cries of the babies we knew were being butchered in their mothers' womb.

That's why. It started there.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 12:49 PM
once they start redistributing the wealth, it won't be a free country anymore. Once they nationalize healthcare, we will be socialists. Once they put excessive taxes on everyday neccasaties to pay for the stimulus package, it will be hurting the pockets of everyday hardworking americans, while the ones who caused the problem reap the benefits. I mean cmon...they have to pay for this stimulus bill somehow....i think they are going to tax the hell out of gasoline and deisel fuel. They say they want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by driving electric cars....but what these stupid progressives dont realize, is that it takes fuel to power the powerplants which will be working harder when we are all driving peice of # electric cars. Personally, i cant wait until the weather gets warmer so i can start riding my bike to work

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by MarsAttacks

You'll be lucky if you live to pay a carbon tax.

Our own military is preparing to attack us. They have declared war, said they intend to drop bombs, biologicals, sonar, and to do it on the public lands and even private lands. Iowa has been chosen for the first gun confiscation by the military.

Who cares about carbon tax or socialism, whatever? It's a military coups, not against the criminals in the government, but the criminals in the government using the military in a coups against the American people.

It's happening NOW.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:24 PM
Because most Americans are still sucking on the TV nipple and it controls them completely.
The ones who stand up and speak truth are quietly sequestered away as nuts and crazies.
Most of the ones who are aware of what is happening don't want to spend the most important days in a rubber room, so they bide their time.
You can save the country and risk everything but if nobody knows you did it they will be back here in a decade or two doing the same thing.
They really need to see what 'bad' is before things get fixed. Otherwise it will happen over and over.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

are you talking about the live training excercise they wanted to do in iowa, which meant the military searching peoples houses who chose to participate and set up roadblocks in the town?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 02:09 PM
Why dont us American(t)s care anymore?
We're addicted to cool stuff and we're too fat to move, even if we did care.
If you are offended by this, definately don't watch this "latest study"! haha

Excellent speculations people, if we can keep from hatin'!
Dissapointment is bad enough!

Conservative Jack, amazing as this is, I see your point exactly.
If you are "well off", off course you want the current society to continue.
It caters to the rich while exploiting the middle class and poor.
I understand this, it's just that not everyone feels as you do.
I think it would go a long way if the "well to do" would show some compassion for the less fortunate.
BTW, how much do you donate every year?
Seems like it should be in the thousands, as appropriate for your income.
Sure alot of people I bet could use some of those houses....

Edit to Clarify: Humor is better than hate!

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 03:42 PM

Originally posted by MarsAttacks
reply to post by Salt of the Earth

are you talking about the live training excercise they wanted to do in iowa, which meant the military searching peoples houses who chose to participate and set up roadblocks in the town?

This is what they call it, a drill, not real.

It's the same as knock and talk, the police come and bang on your door and say, we're just in the neighborhood and checking for illegal firearms. Do you mind if we step in and take a quick look to see if there are any in your house?

The homeowner is stunned, and lets them in.

And everybody's guns are now illegal, per the new legislation rammed through Congress, just signed into law, another one of those 1,000 page things that nobody got to read, like the Patriot Law.

The law makes it illegal, bsically, for anybody to own a firearm.

If Iowa doesn't put their foot down and tell the military to scram, that no they can NOT come in and practice their gun confiscation "drills" on the people in Iowa, there's going to be real problems of:

1. Probably violent confrontations
2. People losing their firearms and put on a "no gun" list, like they already have a million hapless Americans on their phony terrorist no fly list.

WHEN do people draw the line? Ever? When we are sitting in the boxcar, shackeled to the floor, it will be too late to draw any line. When they go to send your kids to one camp and you to another, will that be when we draw the line? Too late.

The time to draw the line is NOW. No, the mlitary can NOT come in and do a drill on confiscating anybody's firearms. No, no, no, no.

Call it a drill, call it a day at the beach, call it anything you want -- it is an act of war, and the time has come to DRAW THE LINE.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 04:19 PM
They called off that training excercise in Iowa right? Didn't Alex Jones go there and protest it?

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Salt of the Earth
reply to post by MarsAttacks

You'll be lucky if you live to pay a carbon tax.

Our own military is preparing to attack us. They have declared war, said they intend to drop bombs, biologicals, sonar, and to do it on the public lands and even private lands. Iowa has been chosen for the first gun confiscation by the military.

Who cares about carbon tax or socialism, whatever? It's a military coups, not against the criminals in the government, but the criminals in the government using the military in a coups against the American people.

It's happening NOW.


posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by MarsAttacks
They called off that training excercise in Iowa right? Didn't Alex Jones go there and protest it?

He said he was going to do that. Alex can't do everything. He's just one person. We all have to push back. If we do, the criminals will back off. We have to watch them like a hawk, and holler bloody murder when we see what they are up to. Expose, expose, expose. Eventually, we might be able to stop them altogether.

More people have to wake up. People aren't waking up fast enough. Too many people who refuse to wake up, refuse to even admit what their two eyes are telling them, that American military soldiers armed to the teeth in full military gear went house to house in New Orleans and banged on the doors, and walked off with people's firearms, oftentimes handcuffed them as they ransacked their houses.

Far as I know, none of those people ever got their guns back.

The military is supposed to be here to protect us from foreign enemies, not to attack its own citizens.

Call it a drill or whatever you want, it's against our Constitution, it's an act of war far as I'm concerned. Somebody has obviously bought off the military, and some high up military generals are now answering to the Zionists, and America and its people are just pawns in the game to erect a New World Order.

The more people wake up and holler about this, the more likely we are that these people will back off.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Who said that? Anybody who trusts these thieves and liars we have running the country, top to bottom, isn't paying attention.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 05:56 PM

Talk to them again after they have spent a couple of years under complete government rule, curfew and around the clock government broadcasts. By then they will be singing a different tune but you have to wait a year or two to talk to them; it will take about that long for them to come out of their shock induced coma.

I think perhaps you've seen a few too many movies like V for Vendetta.

Been hearing this song and dance for years now. Martial law imminent! Curfews! Prison camps! Omg.. it's coming!

But.. it never does. There is no martial law. I stayed up to 4 a.m. yesterday, and watched stuff on T.V. that had nothing to do with the government, and watched any movie I pleased. I have all my freedoms.

As an American, I can go where I like, do as I like, say what I want, and enjoy some of the worlds most broad spectrum of freedoms. What do you want.. a completely lawless society, where you have to adhere to NO restrictions whatsoever? Good luck with that.

The NWO / we are all gonna die / we are going going to be slaves to our government threads get old after awhile.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 06:50 PM

Originally posted by MarsAttacks
They called off that training excercise in Iowa right? Didn't Alex Jones go there and protest it?

Yes, they did call it off. I didn't know they had. I heard Alex when he had the Guardsman Colonel on his program, confronted him on it. That and people calling into the guard and hollering made them change their mind.

I should hope so. The very idea of that kind of a "drill" is outrageous. Even if it were just "pretend" it's putting the idea in the soldiers' minds and the minds of the populace that this is coming in the future, desensitize people, get them to think along those lines.

The military already pulled that stuff in New Orleans, and for them to even contemplate doing it as a "drill" in Iowa or anyplace else is just beyond the pale.

And right now the military is preparing to use four states and the Pacific ocean shoreline to try out hteir new weapons, chemical and biological, bombs, all the latest new and improved weapons, over a huge area, public lands and private lands and the water, have admitted that marine life will be killed.

The states must continue to work for sovereignty, put the feds on notice that they are not welcome to bring their military to the states for "drills, " to try out their new weapons, to practice gun confiscation, or any other such things.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 10:28 PM
Like up here, politicians seem to forget their interest is supposed to be 'representing their constituents'. As a matter of fact these days they seldom bother to mention their working on behalf of their constituents !!

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 10:59 PM
the problem with this country is that there is a two party system. The system doesn't allow for politicians to share their true beleifs. They want to be reelected so they stick to the fundamentals of the system. Then the only reason people join these parties is because they are either too stupid or ignorant to form their own thoughts. The only way there can be significant progression is through a revolution.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 11:47 PM
There is definitally change in the wind here in the United States. If you dont accept that then you will be blown away. WAKE UP AMERICA

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 12:00 AM
"Those folks could learn alot about being involved by those who took action back in the 60's."
Having horrible personal hygene, dressing in the most idiotic unpresentable ways, and showing that you contribute nothing to society and are a liability (parasite), and then rallying for the legalization of drugs is not taking action. It was extremely counter productive and provided the anti freedom crowd with the best anti drug arguement they could hope for. Congratulations. Think of how much more receptive the public would have been if that "movement" showed up for rallies in a presentable manner and showed America they are contributing members of society (assets), but no idiotic hippy would ever ponder such an outlandish concept.

Strategry of warfare: Destroy a countries will to fight. ie: destroy mens will to fight.
Feminsm, which has destroyed the family unit, has caused a ever growing number of men to dismiss marrige and rightly view women as sex objects because the vast majority of todays modern women have nothing else to offer. Feminism accomplished it's goals of equality and is now nothing more than a hate movement that blames it's short comings on another group (kinda like the nazis) and cannot contemplate the truth that equal opportuninty does not necesarily dictate equal outcome. This attitude that all men are rapists (google false rape and you'll find over 50% of rape cases are admitted false by the accuser, who face virually no reprecussions) and deserve to get, say everything they've worked for stolen from them in the criminal, women good, men bad, institute called court (victums of this crime are 4 times more likely to commit scuicide than rape victums) is... Heres an experiment that will tell you if a woman is capable of feeling empathy, mention a divorce settlement where a man got royally #ed over as is the custom today, and see if the # giggles or just kinda lights up with glee. If you destroy a mans love for women and country he will no longer jump infront of enemy bullets and easily loses ambition and just stops giving a damn. Women will of course be useless in defending this nation when the time comes. Women are also much more suggestable and susecptable to conforming to peer pressure, and also don't have any interests but themselves or curiosity in general (pick up a womans mag, not one note worthy female composer, ect.) so unless it's the "in thing" to do, the vast majority will not care about what goes on.

What a growing number of men are waking up to.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 12:02 AM
A post to a legal site while Darren Mack was on the run authorities said may have been him. Court rulings like this are rampant, and with Obama talking about deadbeat dads (theres a male birth control pill out but feminists don't want it produced, a funny video on the reasons why ) and these rulings continuing I believe we'll see a lot more Darren Macks, as well as men like myself who take comfort in knowing women will be slaughered much easier when the time comes.
Here is the real numbers as was given to me in documents by Darren himself. Don´t let the fancy BS done by the attorneys fool you in the court motions. Remember most if not all has been falsely documented. I saw the real financial and bank records myself.
The order said¨.

44,000 income
15,000 income taxes that no-one remembered that had to be taken out. Remember income taxes?
29,000 left after taxes
10,000 spousal support as per Weller´s order
19,000 left after spousal support
14,000 all those items that were listed on the order by Weller but not put into dollars. Just the 2 morgages were 9,000 a month. I have seen the bank records.
5000 left after paying all the bills ordered to be paid by Weller.
849 child support for one child
1000 child support to the previous wife for another child.
3151 left after child support
6000 in interest paymts and other expences that Weller did not address in his order but had to be paid. Can´t tell the bank Weller said I don´t have to pay.
-2849 left after bills that must be paid that Weller did not address.
15000 a month for attys fees to fund a war that he tried to settle many times rather than go BK.
-17,849 left after attys fees. Remember Darren has yet to spend $1 on rent, food, gas, car, support one child full time that lived with him and one child that lived with him half time.
6000 a month for all the above. Darren had a minus cashflow of

$-23,849 per month

based on Judge Weller´s order. Live with that for 2 years!! and see if you need to file BK. Get a grip people.

So here it is in simple form. Weller a man making $44,000 a month to pay $61,849 before he got $1 to live on himself and to take care of his children when they lived with him. You make your own conclusion of fairness.

Remember criminals like Charla´s atty Shawn Meador and bought and paid for Judges can make anything look reasonable in court docs. The real test is how does it play out when you have to write the check and balance the checkbook. Don´t be fooled by the surface level BS. I have seen the bank records.

Posted by: mark at June 21, 2006 07:53 PM

That is just one order. The first financial order that was posted is just one of 20 or more things that were Nazi like against Darren. By the way anyone who understands the law would know that he couldn't appeal until the entire case was finished including custody and the divorce decree issues. That is why those two things were stratigically put off by Shawn Meador into the future so as to keep Darren from any protection from another court. It is my understanding that he was in the middle of an emergency writ but those are very rarely issued.
They make up rules and they are the umpires so when they are crooked like in this case one has absolutely no chance at coming out without being robbed broke, put into BK, jailed, extorting the people around you, and then kidnapping your children. There is one place where one has no constitutional rights and that is in the 4 walls of the divorce court. It is just legalized organized crime.

It was not just with Darren but read and you will see hundreds of stories of the crimes that divorce industry are inflicting on mostly men thoughtout this country. They are plain out crimes. Read them and weep for crimes being waged against mostly men in this country.

Posted by: Mark at June 22, 2006 11:11 AM

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 01:45 AM
I am someone who has been an active citizen for most of my life - and I will continue to be for as long as I'm alive. So, why am I not active right now in the growing crises we have around the world?

I'm just tired, I guess. Battling cancer and fighting for justice in the world have taken their toll on me temporarily, but I have no desire to quit. I'm just resting and letting some of the younger everyday heroes take up the slack.

Go, Angels of the World! Win freedom, justice and honor for all the people of this most beloved planet! The battle is still on and you are not alone. Some of us are just waiting for our second wind.

Believe me, even the most rabid of enemies can not suppress the human spirit forever.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 02:17 AM
I've been listening to Alex's broadcast this past weekend, the replay on KLBJ radio, and Alex is not crowing about the so-called "retreat" by the plans to stage gun confiscation "drills" in Iowa.

He says it's a lie, that they will do it anyway.

He says it's typical military propaganda. When you are at war, you lie to the enemy (that's us, the American people, the "enemy,") and before you charge and gun people down you first tell them, it's okay, we're here for peace, and nobody will get hurt, just come on out and everything will be fine." Then when you come out, as the Branch Dividians did, you then gun them down.

As they say, All's fair in love and war.

In war you lie. Alex says the Pentagon spends, I think he said $60 billion a year on propaganda to give a good image to the military. I might not have that figure exactly right, but close.

I heard Alex interview the colonel in charge of the Iowa drill. I was happy to believe they had pulled back, but if Alex says not to believe them, I figure he knows, since he was the one who got the Guard to back down on this horrendous plan to "practice" taking the firearms, busting gun shop dealers to get their lists and then proceeding house to house -- which is what the "drill" was supposed to teach. I see no reason to think it was a pretend thing, that any town would agree to such a thing, "You can practice on us but don't take our guns, just practice so you can figure out how to go take somebody else's" -- it just doesn't make sense.

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