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Aliens-A Really Sick Theory

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 01:18 PM

Originally posted by Wally Conley
I think that the only way that we would find out if aliens would indeed be felled by such things as the common cold or influenza would be if they actually invaded and attacked earth with the idea of taking us over. Another way would be if they set up an embassy here on earth and lived here on earth for a number of days/weeks/months/years. A third possibility exists of how they could be defeated. This is an idea from the movie, 'Independence Day', in which we communicated by old morse code with other military units around the world and screwed up the aliens defensive force fields by uploading computer viruses into their systems, which caused it to crash.


Computer virus? That was an extremely FAIL idea that they used in that movie.

First off - how exactly did they manage to interface with the alien "computer" system so easily and quickly, and then write complicated software that would be able to destroy them?

It almost felt like they were assuming that people were assuming that computers are all the same, we just need a magical "virus". While something of the sort may be possible - learning how to interact with their system(s) would not be, unless they helped us. And you could give me some explanation on 0s and 1s, which I understand, you can recognize patterns etc.

but wait

who says they are using on/off logic gates to process information? Uh oh what if they use a tertiary system, or something even more complicated? Back to the drawing board. There are quantum computing models that can account for those kinds of logic, but even those are still being theorized and designed

every single movie containing aliens has had bad ideas, very bad ideas.

the latest movie with keanu reeves "The day the earth stood still" was still kind of silly (why did he land in the US, why not china or india? if he doesn't know who the leaders are why not go where the most humans are?) - but it had a good delivery, and the ideas were good, I liked it much better than the ridiculous original movie.

I like the idea of having to pass some sort of "test" to be allowed into the "organization" of civilizations, or whatever they are.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by VampireZio
reply to post by Fallen From The Tree

Bioweaponry I can see it being used as a alternative to wipe out a mass population without the after effects of radiation, if the population is dead then the government or people who used the bio weapon might have an immunity to it or cure and then swoop in burn the bodies of the dead and take over the area.

During the 1960s-70s+, the US Army was operating R&D Bio-labs in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, with a very specific intent. They developed a particular fly & larvae that would "clean up" all of the dead corpses, in the event of a nuclear incident. These bugs were developed so to be deployed into Europe. All of the tech stuff was carried out during the Cold War era, as a contingency plan. The corpses would have posed a serious disease problem for the rest of the world. (Not to mention the radiation levels as well).

I learned this from someone who was actually serving in the Army at Ft. Campbell, during those years.


Interesting thread this one...

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