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Musical Artist Joni Mitchell being treated for Morgellons Syndrome - Does Joaquin Phoenix have it?

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posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by defcon5

Originally posted by prevenge
God forbid, if you ever do come down with this, you might have to expand your range of possibilities.

I would certainly never extend them into the realm of aviation, as I know too much about that field, and I know they are not related. The whole idea that the two are related came from a website that was around years ago where someone found spider web streamers in their yard, looked up and saw a wind effected contrail, and figured they must have come from the sky. The logic is flawed in many ways, including the fact that if it was something that came from aerial spraying everyone in the spray are would have it. Those of us who worked on aircraft would have had to be trained to work around it, and so on.

You do realize that aviation folks have to take EXTENSIVE HAZMAT training, especially since things that we place in cargo can leak and interact. The Spirit Airlines MD-80 that crashed in the everglades was from just such a HAZMAT mistake causing a fire in the cargo hold.

Here is some information I found that I posted on another thread

[url=post by sezsue

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by sezsue
reply to post by Phage
His family was involved with a religious cult that was around in the area back in the 60's early 70's called the Children of God. Weird cult that a few musicians joined, one specifically I remember was someone from Fleetwood Mac (but can't remember name).

I don't think it's nice to bring up that type of stuff in someone's life.
It's like dipping someone else's hand into YOUR own life..
YOURS.. and pulling something big out and saying HAY WORLD!! LOOK AT THIS!!
I think it's impromptu.
not acceptable.

Originally posted by sezsue
A good place to go to get Morgellons info is Scroll down a little, and on the left side there is a whole list of articles and sites to go to.

Rense tends to demonize or proselytize anything they get their hands on. While they're a good place to get info you wont find other places, there is an intense practice of making conclusions from inconclusive evidence displayed there.. and that's just not the proper way to go about things.
You need HARD evidence and not demonized, speculation. Especially when it comes to something as serious as Morgellons.

Rense claims it's all "nano-technology from the sky" .. etc..

well whatever IS changing these people's physiological makeup in order for them to experience these wild phenomenological symptoms MUST have SOME sort of "technology" behind the actual phenomenon...

"something" is doing it..

this is a given.

just as "something" allows you to breathe ..

technology is merely the manner in which we use matter to orchestrate phenomena..

and if that "technology" is performing something ... "spiritual".. then so be it...

there MIGHT be a "good" aspect to this all...

after all... ( at least I hope ... for the sufferer's sake... )



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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:51 PM
maybe it is from the dollar store products.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by prevenge

The only reason I brought it up the cult is because it may be connected. Joni Mitchell has a connection with that cult also, because of the area it originated in. It is in the public domain, anyway.

During during my research on Morgellons, I found a scientific paper on some technology concerning nanotechnology, with some descriptions and pictures of some self replicating nanotubes that was similar to pictures of "stuff" coming out of Morgellons victims sores.

And, I don't know about you, but anything I find on ANY web site, I research and look at the pros and cons of it before making a decision as to whether it has merit. Even Jeff Rense's site. Just because he can be a sensationalist at times, doesn't mean he is wrong.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 04:14 PM
I personally think Joaquin Pheonix is a heroin addict. He has all the same "discomforts" and defensive-type attributes of a heroin junky. I would brother and my uncle were heroin junkies.

Itching of the scalp, face and arms are also predominant in heroin and speed users. His appearance (letting himself go-as it were) is also pretty evident of a "junky"-user...either is very sad.

Heroin isn't just for alley-way bums anymore! If I am correct, I believe it is very affordable to everyone! We can all thank the Mexican drug cartel for this wonderful drug of choice!

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 01:58 PM
New interview - on Morgellons!

Please read and pass on to others -


Morgellons: Expert Says Awareness and Early Treatment are Paramount by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor See all articles by this author Email this author (NaturalNews) Morgellons is a terrifying disease reaching pandemic status. Yet because the symptoms of the disease are so bizarre, people who have it tend to withdraw and become isolated from society. With mysterious fibers and parasites coming through lesions in their skin, Morgellons sufferers often live in fear. As a result there is no pressure on the medical establishment to become educated about the disease, and most practitioners continue to view it as isolated instances of delusional parasitosis. Because Morgellons affects cognitive functioning and the ability to communicate, its victims are often unable to advocate for themselves, and few are knowledgeable or willing to advocate for them. Trisha Springstead, a former surgical charge nurse and clinical educator who now works as an advocate for patient's rights, has stepped in to fill some of this gap. Both knowledgeable and experienced with Morgellons, Trisha agreed to be interviewed to provide the kind of insight into the disease that can only come from direct experience.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by spinkyboo

The link is not working for me, I wanted to read what she had to say!

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:45 AM
Source -

Joaquin Phoenix’s rep has slammed a Chicago-based psychiatrist for claiming that the actor-turned-rapper is mentally ill.

Apparently, Paul Dobransky - a relationships expert - had told the Los Angeles Times that the 34-year-old artist may be schizophrenic, pointing to his “socially inappropriate behavior,” including a new rap career, bushy beard and a bizarre Late Night with David Letterman appearance.

But Phoenix’s rep tells MTV News: “How absolutely inappropriate for a doctor who has no personal interaction or relationship with someone to diagnose them.”

“And to do so in a public forum. Hope they spelled his name right. Another 15-minute ‘expert’ is born!” the rep added.

However, Dobransky defended Phoenix in the Times interview, saying that he was “pretty offended” by Ben Stiller’s portrayal of Phoenix at the Oscars, reports Us magazine.
He said it seemed as if Stiller was “potentially beating down on the mentally ill.”

“The jury is not exactly in on what is happening,” Dobransky said of Phoenix, whom many speculate is pulling an elaborate hoax.

“Whatever it is, it’s not funny - whether it’s drug abuse, mental illness coming on or the clumsiest attempt ever at a career change,” the doctor added.

Phoenix, who won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line has said that his most recent film, Two Lovers, will be his last film.

Ben Stiller mocking him at the Oscars. closeups of all the Hollywood elite laughing along... love you one day.. laugh at you the next..
If he is indeed having the "fiery serpents" cast upon him.. these "morgellons fibers"...
this "Joaquin" (Hebrew for "God Will Establish") is being mocked as any anointed would, in this day and age of vice, condescension and pride.

judgement day doesn't have to be just one day it seems.. but a long drawn out painful process.. guess it's a matter of how you handle that "judgement process"...

a quote from ex Loveline Co-host Dr. Drew, now the host of a celebrity rehab program

yeah that's great Dr Drew....
He could also be having his brain invaded by moving angel-hair fibers...
ever think of THAT?
...wait.. no I guess one wouldn't think of THAT.

man Joaquin's being pummelled from all sides..
this world is not a forgiving place. they want their celebrities spotless and charming and they want them now!
damn them for being human!

i guess that's what you get when you put people up on pedestals like gods and they fall.. as humans do from time to time..

I hope Joaquin the best.. (iv'e never written about someone in the public light like this..) I just feel bad for the dude.
I bet he has nowhere to turn if he is going through this "morgellons" ...


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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by ChaiVat
I personally think Joaquin Pheonix is a heroin addict. He has all the same "discomforts" and defensive-type attributes of a heroin junky. I would brother and my uncle were heroin junkies.

Itching of the scalp, face and arms are also predominant in heroin and speed users. His appearance (letting himself go-as it were) is also pretty evident of a "junky"-user...either is very sad.

right i get what you're saying. i've known some junkies in my time.

but heroin addiction isn't the ONLY thing that can bring on this type of description.
it's one of many many..


posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 10:21 AM
I wouldn't completely rule out morgellons, but how about the more likely scenario first?

I mean, he obviously has a pre-disposed affinity for addiction. His brother died in his arms of the same things. Not like heroin is difficult to get addicted to.

But then, such a sudden, public change has to be a stunt. Casey Affleck is vehemently defending all of this alittle too much.

posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:16 PM

Originally posted by SantaClaus
I wouldn't completely rule out morgellons, but how about the more likely scenario first?

likely? as in Occams Razor? .. that would depend on what "likely" means.. likely is dependent upon the amount of information available to you.
Is it more likely that someone acting "seemingly erratic" to others is a drug addict?
Based on our common description of what heavy drug use can do to someone's life yea sure..
But now we have a disease that gets no support from the medical community, tears apart families and relationships and careers..
and it's affecting hundreds of thousands..

So this "what's likely" bit isn't really applicable anymore.

I mean, he obviously has a pre-disposed affinity for addiction. His brother died in his arms of the same things. Not like heroin is difficult to get addicted to.

that's not true...
I've known people who have had family members die of overdoses and they won't touch drugs or hang around people that do them. for that specific reason.. for what it does to peole's lives.

But then, such a sudden, public change has to be a stunt. Casey Affleck is vehemently defending all of this alittle too much.

it doesn't have to be a stunt.
people would most likely make that assumption based on other stunts they've seen on tv... i don't think he's that type of guy.. just a gut feeling..

I think he's having kasey doiong the documenting of him going through this. process.. and mixing in all the public's reaction to it.
if anything .. it would make a perfect case and get the spotlight out there for people to see what really happens to people that get this disease...

you get cancer.. you are told what iti is.. how long you have to live..
family identifies with you and comforts you..
you get treatment if you can afford it.. you live or you die.

you get morgellons..
doctor tells you you're crazy.. you can't think properly when you need to so you can't work.. your body stiffens up on you.. fibers come crawling out of your flesh.. you feel it all under your skin..
then your friends and family think you're crazy..t hey all leave you then you become homeless if you're not rich..
and you either die of conditions that have newely been introduced into your life from all that..
or you end it all.. like many who have this have done.

which one is "better" ?

i mean .. when he was still doing the dapper hollywood actor look thing..
and was interviewed on the red carpet or whatever.. and on camera talked about somethign crawling through his brain liek a bug eating his brain..

that's the hallmark sign of morgellons..

i thought to myself when i saw that about 2 years ago..
this is before him being disheveled and rapping
i was like.. man how is he going to handle having this .. being in the spotlight like that? that must be insane..
and sure enough.. look what's happening..

gonna be a big a$$ "told you so" from yours truly if and when he admits he's getting treatment for morgellons


posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:34 PM

Originally posted by hotbakedtater
reply to post by spinkyboo

The link is not working for me, I wanted to read what she had to say!

Oops -
I will hunt it down again and repost.. : )
It a good and important article -
Morgellons - is spreading much faster than people are aware of.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:25 PM
I'm pretty sure that as someone stated before... people who regularly use heroin can experience morgellons style symptoms... especially the bugs under the skin.

Edit add: As well thanks to Phage for reminding me how blinding Jaco Pastorius was on the bass when he played with Joni... especially through the synth fx... unique style and movement.

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:46 AM
Joni Mitchell Successfully Treated for Morgellons Disease

Joni Mitchell says she has had Morgellons disease for over 20 years. I have spoken with hundreds of Morgellons sufferers during the last three years so I have a glimmer of how much this gifted singer has suffered. Joni told me she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctors, pharmaceuticals and every other kind of health-care practitioner imaginable over the years in many different countries including some of the best doctors and hospitals in the USA as well..

All she got was worse.

Joni told me she was so angry with most of her Doctors since none of them knew anything at all about Morgellons, but all of them took her money and gave her prescription drugs, herbs, potions and lotions. She said “Most of them are out for the money and pretend they know about Morgellons so she would come back for further help.”

In February, 2009, it became public that Joni has Morgellons. I found her manager in Canada and spoke with several people in his office. They were very pleasant and helpful, especially when I told them that I was sending Joni 8 bottles of NutraSilver without charge and that Joni should expect to heal dramatically in a few weeks. I waited and waited until Joni actually called me to say that many of her worst symptoms had either subsided or mostly gone away. She said she was beginning to feel “like herself” again and that her brain fog was clearing up and she could think clearly once more. She has since bought several hundred bottles both for herself and her father.

Many of her lesions have dried up and fell off. The lesions actually consume the skin pigmentation, so where the lesions fell off there are now white areas where the lesions used to be. Joni said she could live with that as long as the lesions did not return. While not yet symptom-free, Joni continues to heal and gain her life back. Joni has since moved away from her relentless suffering towards recovery which has made life easier for her.

As an expression of gratitude, Joni was gracious enough to send me an advanced copy of her up-coming ballet The Fiddle and the Drum. Not being much of a ballet fan, I really was not interested in any form of ballet until I actually saw Joni’s DVD. Joni and her crew did an outstanding job creating this entertaining and enjoyable masterpiece. Joni’s singing and writing skills have been honed for this very endeavor.

I am happy to have met Joni and I know that if she continues to take the NutraSilver, her Morgellons symptoms will leave her alone and she can continue to create music and art for all of us to enjoy. Joni is a brave and courageous woman. I hope she decides to tell her story of how Morgellons nearly ruined her life and stands up to proclaim to the world that Morgellons Disease a real disease that steals lives and raise some significant money so real research can occur.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by Danser

Morgellons Suffers Need a “Poster Child Celebrity” To Tell This Amazing Story

Since Morgellons Disease was reported in the mainstream media in 2005, there has been no real progress made in discovering the cause, how Morgellons is contracted and transmitted, if it is contagious or if it is directly responsible for deaths other than suicides. Deaths are increasing exponentially and so is the level of infection in the global population.

The symptoms are right out of a science fiction novel: ‘brain fog’ (confusion like ADHD), severe depression, deep bone and muscle ache just like fibromyalgia, severe chronic fatigue just like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Morgellons victims sleep 10 to 16 hours a day and are still exhausted), multi-colored fibers growing from their skin that are coated in high-density polyurethane that will not burn until 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, and most bizarre, they experience animals that relentlessly move and bite the victim under their skin 24/7.

Morgellons victims loose their lives to this disease; MD’s and Dermatologist dismiss the symptoms as Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP), a subset of schizophrenia. The Medical Community treat their Morgellons patients much like HIV/AIDS patients were treated 30 years ago when that disease was new. These victims are shunned by family and employers and are left alone without support and eventually become severely depressed, hopeless and suicidal.

Over forty US Senators and Congressmen has written letters to the Centers for Disease Control requesting an investigation into this bizarre disease. The CDC began its investigation in Oakland, California at the Kaiser-Permanente Hospital in January, 2008 and is expected to release its finding in May 2009. The funding was a mere $338,000; barely enough to set up the investigation. Inside sources say that the remainder of the funding comes from the US Army.

In the past 5 years, there has been little funding to scientifically explore the cause(s) and treatments to help the Morgellons suffers begin to ‘get their lives back’. There are small pockets of individuals who are conducting their own Morgellons investigation with little or no funding. The Morgellons Research Foundation, located at Oklahoma State University, is severely underfunded and has expressed no interest in finding any relief for Morgellons victims, but rather focuses on discovering the cause of this mysterious new disease. Meanwhile, Morgellons victims search relentlessly on the Internet for some clue as to how to eliminate their suffering.

Worse, there is no spokesperson to bring to the public eye the incredible torment Morgellons victim’s experience. The scientists that are willing to discuss Morgellons at all say that there are at least 10,000 new Morgellons victims a day in the USA alone. Most will not get diagnosed correctly and will be given a DOP label to labeled in their medical record for life as mental patients. Included in this number of new Morgellons victims are celebrities, Senators and Congressmen and other public figures. Until one or more of them steps up and shares their Morgellons suffering with the world, the rest of us will remain asleep to Morgellons until each of us becomes the next Morgellons sufferer. Until a celebrity has the courage and conviction to publically announce their Morgellons disease and encourage mainstream science to fund and investigate Morgellons disease, the silent suffering will continue.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:53 PM
Interesting topic,

Has this been mentioned?

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 01:23 PM



In several pictures I noticed that crystalline like shape.


Iam adding this because it is so interesting

The Morgellons / Methamphetamine Connection (Non Obvious Surprise)


Meth users will exhibit numerous signs of use, the most obvious of which are hyperactivity, incessant talking, and wakefulness. The drug produces a false sense of confidence in the user. Users will often have a loss of appetite and become extremely irritable and moody. Prolonged meth abuse can resemble symptoms of schizophrenia characterized by hallucinations, paranoia, and repetitive behavior patterns. Abusers develop delusions of insects under the skin known as “speed bugs” or “meth bugs,” which cause the user to pick at the skin incessantly resulting in open lesions. As the effects of the drug wear off, users may experience drug cravings, depressed moods, lethargy, and prolonged periods of sleep lasting 24 hours or more.

The part in “red” above is not the surprise, it coming though, sit tight. However, surely if you have been following the Morgellons mystery you have heard Morgellons written off as merely a bunch of former or current methamphetamine users. It’s quite common for meth users to totally freak out and claim that there are bugs crawling under their skin. Sound familiar? However, I am about to make a rather shocking claim that there is in fact a connection between Morgellons and Methamphetamine use, but not the connection you might think. Maybe there is a reason Meth users and Morgellon sufferers share these common traits? Hold onto your seat, this is going to get very interesting.

Methamphetamine Ingredients

There is a very interesting ingredient that is used by those running meth labs and that ingredient is Toluene. Yes, the very same chemical that Pseudomonas Putida can both create and bioremediate (degrade). I provided links with examples of Pseudomonas Putida creating Toluene in my first blog post. If you have any doubt regarding the connection between Pseudomonas Putida and Toluene click HERE.

Meth “cooks” use most or all of the ingredients below to make methamphetamine. Most all of the ingredients below come with a warning label telling the consumer not to ingest the product.

I am now Itching all over BTW

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by Stormdancer777
Interesting topic,

Has this been mentioned?

I've never heard of anythng mentioned in that article, much less Morgellons. Thanks for the information. That article kinda freaked me out.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 05:38 PM
This disease is real alright. I have it, and so does most everyone, it seems. I've been in contact with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger about this the last few days. She's convinced, as are many PHD's, that this is real nanobots that have infected the general population. It's effecting everyone differently based on their genetic susceptibilities. I seem to have physical and neurological issues as a result. The weirdest confirmation was pulling hair-like strands from my arm. I mean pulling at them, and watching them grow several inches before coming out! That's not possible from human hair!

Here's a link to an interview Dr. Hilde at Out There TV:

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:44 AM
Having read a great deal about all of this, my views are as follows:

JP is "method acting" & he is A-OK.

Chemtrails do not exist.

Morgellon's disease is quite intriguing & it should be properly researched.

Hildegard Staninger is well worth reading & listening to.

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