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Speak soft, yet carry a big stick.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 12:14 AM
Im not too sure where to place this thread. Sorry mods if its wrong.

Lately Ive been having quite a few political discussions with peers that I never saw as caring. I awlays walk a fine line in discussing any "conspiricy" topics, being that when brought up in such a mannor ( as a conspiricy) the topic is often derailed and labled and most of the time seems to make all previous points invalid in the mind of the listener. Ive been interested in listening alot more lately to the "common" point of view because noticed an increcing trend. It seems that no matter the political affiliation, if someone has a basic understanding of the current situations at hand, when it all boils down, they are unhappy with how our nation is being led. This isnt a game between Rep. and Dems. This is a battle for survival between us and them. Everyone is scared. I know people that didnt care before that are glued to the TV. People stocking up on food and water. People buying gold. I know that ithe MSM snt a good source of info, but its info none the less. They are being given pieces of the puzzle and and none of them seem like they can get the picture.

I know that alot of ATS members know what is happening and why. We can argue about details all day buti think that at dusk we all agree. Its peaceful to me. To know that I get what is going on and that im mentally prepared. Now imagine if everyone could be as prepared. Not to think in a fight or flight mannor. Not panic.

The subtle introduction of ideas to shape ones views is a common occurance and a very powerful tool.

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