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God is nothing.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:26 PM

Originally posted by miriam0566

Originally posted by prjct
the nothingness that exists before all of us is surely where God is.....the empty space between you and your keyboard, much less between you and another person, or object is nothing and surely exists.......doesn't it?

well, yes. it does in a way.
but i was talking more of absolute nothingness

What is the absolutely nothingness! It has to be space it self. And this space has to be infinite. If not you would have something that is something else on the outside of it. And it would need a space of nothingness to exist in as well.

So the absolutely nothingness has to be a infinite dimension. And if God is infinite he has to be it.

But what dose infinite mean. Infinite can mean absolutely nothing or absolutely everything. But a important thing to know is that you cant have absolutely everything without a space to have it in. Everything has to be put inside the infinite dimension of absolutely nothingness. They have to be equal to each other. That is if you have a infinite amount of everything.Because then you would also need to have a infinite amount of space to have it in.

So if God is absolutely everything he also has to be absolutely nothing as well at the same time.

Infinite of nothingness (space) + infinite of everything (matter) = God

If you just have a infinite of nothingness on it's own you wont have a God.God has to be both.

If God lives inside this absolutely nothingness of space rather then being it. It would mean that God was created.

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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 08:18 AM

Originally posted by spy66
What is the absolutely nothingness! It has to be space it self. And this space has to be infinite. If not you would have something that is something else on the outside of it. And it would need a space of nothingness to exist in as well.

not at all. space is not nothing, it´s space.

absolute nothing, means nothingness to an absolute. meaning no god, no space, no existence, even the concept of nothing would not exist.

really hard to imagine but thats what im referring to. every other ¨nothing¨is simply a negative to a positive ¨something¨

we say there is nothing in the room. its relative of course because the room has air right? but ¨nothing¨ is usually used to define a negative state or ¨something¨ in this case, furniture or stuff.

the op is suggesting that this relative abstract label of nothing is real, therefore god is also nothing. but its not. the real ¨nothing¨ would imply that nothing exists and frankly we wouldnt even be here to discuss this

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by xsheep

That which is known as god is not "that"

God is neither the neither of simply is .."that" ...with out reflection
and now here comes the tricky part
one is 1
and one is two for a finite amount of possibilities ..(the divider)
that which is the creator of duality and lifes reflection
life's reflection of our mass imagination
A mass grand scale
that is consciously sensed as all life ..... sensed reality
and 2 is 1
One and the same and yet is neither

niether the neither of neither

in other words ...god can not be pointed at as either.. all or nothing

It simply is infinitely neither

I find it awesome that there are some minds that can grasp the concept of everything coming from nothing, and nothing being everything. Very intelligent thinking.

It goes to support infinity, and that there are no true beginnings and ends; at least not one that is easily grasped.

I like to explain it all by the word NON. Everything starts in the middle with the O, and is turned on either direction, and it all still remains non. I know, it's weird, and I've spent many confusing hours thinking about this one; well, at least I used too!

It's a very interesting topic. The 8 holds significance too in relation to the 0. Rather than everything going in circles, everything always meets in the middle. The 1 has two directions. Hehe. I spent much time thinking about numbers and letters, and it can seem like crazy talk. Peace!

Since we're on this complex topic of None to One to Some, I have a confusing poem, hehe:

Another One!

When two see one, but one means two. It's true!

We are all different, you and I, but we both have two eyes!

When one' speaks one, it means one to one', but to you it can mean two, or one!

It all depends if you know ones' one, but if you don't, ones' one just might mean two to you!

So how's one' to know ones' one if ones' one can mean two to you. One might never truly know ones' one to compare it too!

But then how is the other one' to know the other ones' ones, if all of the other ones' ones can be twos too!

I guess one' can't totally know one' because ones' ones can be twos!

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