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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:57 PM

* Of note here, as if Provocation for revolution isn't apparent in the Media enough, it is interesting here to note that the Title of Glenn Beck's Magazine is 'FUSION'.
Also, intersting that terrorist revolutionary groups are referred to as cells.

"The development and control of "front" (or facade) organizations is carried out through subjective internal control at group meetings of "inside cadres," and the calculations of the time for the fusion of these combined efforts to be applied to the masses."
"Then they will receive instruction in techniques of persuasion over control of target groups to support our [Government] revolution, through a gradual and skillful process. A cell control system isolates individuals from one another, and at the appropriate moment, their influence is used for the fusion of groups in a united national front."
"The development and control of the cover organizations in guerrilla warfare will give our movement the ability to create a "whiplash" effect within the population when the order for fusion is given. When the infiltration and internal subjective control have been developed in a manner parallel to other guerrilla activities, a comandante of ours will literally be able to shake up the [Government] structure, and replace it."
"Antigovernmental hostility should be generalized, and not necessarily in our favor. If a group develops a feeling in our favor, it can be utilized. But the main objective is to precondition the target groups for the fusion in mass organizations later in the operation, when other activities have been successfully undertaken."

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:58 PM

"These assets are represented by U.S. corporate ownership
and many billions of dollars worth of U.S. stock. The effect of the
Saudis and Kuwaitis and the Middle Eastern people's sale of even 25%
of their total holdings on the U.S. market would be absolutely chaotic
in terms of the stock market, real estate and everything else.The
catastrophic effect has been designed to throw the American stock
market, the American corporations, the American real estate, and
people in general into a state of confusion. The plan is that this
state of con-fusion will be greated with the salvation of the
benevolent bankers on three fronts:
1. They propose to eliminate cash because of the collapse.
2. Stop drug trafficking because the drug traffickers would now have
no money to use.
3. Stop tax cheating.
they intend to implement a mandatory credit card identity Social
Security government. There will be an I.D. card
which will be satellite linked through the "Star Wars program".
Only 40% of "Star Wars" has anything to do with defense. 60% is
designed for transmission of banking information instantaneously to
the central banks which will be the super banks into which all the
major banks of the world will be linked. The super bank is to be the
wholesaler and the prime banks are to be the retailers in the foreign
countries that have capitulated to the International Monetary Fund's
It inly takes 5% of the total debtor nations to equal all of the
deposits of the Saudis that are in the banks. The reason for this is
the twenty-to-one ratio of fractional reserve banking. In works in
contrary reverse. It doesn't take many nations to agree to the
International Mon-etary Fund's proposal for the total volume of money
owed to equal the total volume of money on deposit from the Saudis.
Twenty debtor nations have already agreed to the International
Monetary Fund's proposal.The resultant collapse of the second group of
holding companies will
precipitate the Saudis' and Kuwaitis' liquidation of assets.
When the second group of holding companies are unable to pay the
private group of bank holding companies the money they owe them from
the credit extended to them to buy the assets and liabilities, it will
precip-itate those bank holding companies inability to pay the loans
extended to them by the prime banks to buy the foreclosed land which
was used as collateral to secure those loans. Ultimately, the prime
banks will end up with all the properties."

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by odd1out

HOW MANY AMERICANS have been kidnapped in Texas lately?

How many children have been enticed into using drugs that are crossing the Mexican border? You cannot let the drug dealers run free.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by grey580

Those might be in place to put all the mexicans that will flee Mexico if there is a nasty civil war.

One of the earlier posts on this thread quoted an article that said that is EXACTLY what they are preparing the FEMA camps in the South West for, Mexican refugees from the violence. They estimate that 400,000 Mexicans will try to cross the border as refugees.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by mormonmike

Hope this does'nt sound too dumb, But has anyone besides me figured out that maybe the Fed Gov no longer wants the southwest. That maybe this nation is too big and spread out for the fedGov to effectivly control. Would it be in their best intrests to let this part of the nation "go to Hell" so they concentrate their evil agenda in an area that is much more controllable ?. Most of our heavy industries are still in the north. What's the logic behind keeping an area so vast as the southwest?. Is this why we get no response from the FedGov concerning a litteral war at our southern borders

I think the answer is more political.

Texas hasn't voted for a Democrat in the presidential campaign since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:08 PM
Yeah, between 76 and 80 Texas was inundated with Yankee carpetbaggers, and the nasty yuppie thing of "greed is good" happened. We should have been focussing on the invasion across the Red River back then. I sure can't remember any problems on the southern border during Carter or Clinton's administration. I feel a lot safer shopping in Matamoros, than shopping in most North Dallas shopping malls.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by ProfEmeritus

What if we choke off the Border until Mexico stabilizes?
And, what if, the Cartels gain control of the corridors from the government?
Then, pose as the government they overthrew and give the all clear.
And, what if, when we reopen the border, the Drug Cartels, guised as the ruling government body, use those corridors to flood the US, South America, and Canada with drugs to the Glee of the Washington Political/ Military/ Industrial Drug dealers which 100% of them are?
We will be decimated.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:51 PM
For those that say everything in Mexico is ok.

This is just a couple from today.

Grenades Hurled at Police Station in Mexican Resort Town Injure Police, Civilians
ACAPULCO, Mexico — Assailants in an SUV hurled two grenades at a police station in the Pacific resort town of Zihuatanejo on Saturday, wounding one officer and four civilians.

Police and soldiers stepped up patrols and set up extra checkpoints after the attack in the popular beach town north of Acapulco, according to the Guerrero state Public Safety Department.

Three taxi drivers, a woman and a policeman were hurt.

Grenade attacks have become a fixture in Mexico's brutal cartel-related violence. Last week, five civilians and an officer were wounded in a grenade assault on a police patrol in western Michoacan state.

In central Mexico, gunmen wielding AK-47s opened fire on two restaurants Saturday, killing two people. The first attack occurred in the town of Acelia and the second in at a highway eatery south of Mexico City.

Police were trying to determine the motive and whether the two attacks were related.

Gang violence is surging in Mexico despite the deployment of 45,000 soldiers across the country to root out drug cartels. Beheadings, attacks on police and shootings in clubs and restaurants are a daily occurrence in some regions.

Last year, 6,000 people died in violence related to organized crime.

Federal police, meanwhile, arrested a man suspected of directing drug dealing in Mexico City suburbs for the Beltran Leyva drug cartel. Gerardo Gonzalez Benavides was arrested Friday at a Mexico City shopping mall and was being questioned Saturday, the Attorney General's Office said.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by j2000

6000 people more or less died last year. That is a very high number. What I would like to know is how many of those were involved in the drug business?
I would also like to know how many of those were due to other reasons but just lapped into the violence to make the situation look worse.

There are many unknowns and a lot of assumptions being made.

I know here in the US, if a gang member takes out another gang member, we say great, that means one less problem.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by Brainiac
didn't tom clancey make a game about this? he's usually dead on...

Tom Clancy gets unprecedented access to all areas of Government and Armed Forces. Every single time he writes a book, it unfolds into the real world. if I didn't know any better, I'd say he's an insider cadre on the take for invisible governmet. What better way to give guidelines for the overall strategy of an operation to embedded agents whom you can't readily contact than to publish a work of fiction?

I'm not paranoid. I don't care who wins. I don't care who rules. I don't care who dies.
I hate liars.
I think Clancy is in on a larger conspiracy (a real one- not an imaginary one). I think he is the Press Release Official for the cells. And each of his books is probably a command for fusion within the various cells and operations.
Not a guess, an instinct. A strong instinct I've always had.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by icybluebeing
6000 reported deaths ,just last year in Mexico due to the drug war.That is more people killed then in Iraq since 2001 combined.The US government needs to pay more attention on whats going on in Mexico,before it's to late

6000? Congress estimates 8000? Give me a series of five numbers and tell me I can use mean, median, meridian, range, and hyper range combinations and variations to my own rebuttable formula, that is if you let me keep the formula classified like they do with child support and all other formula's and actuarial data, then allow me to throw in internal, external, near, and far outliars, inliars, modifiers,and other such averaging methods, and I can take any five numbers and make them result in any number, ratio, and Average you like.

People should watch deeds, not words.

We should probably be backing the cartels and terrorists, since, if they lose, me may also lose in the end. Then, fight them afterwards. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

Just look at all the kidnappings in Phoenix. They get across the border, make it all the way up to Phoenix, get in and back into Mexico with the victim. Odd, there are infrared sensors blanketing the Mexican side of the border making a well regulated fence. You can't step into the zone without becoming a dot, which is then viewed by satellite and cameras on the ground and guards in all kinds of monitoring systems. In order to accomplish the supposed Phoenix kidnappings, the Mexican Cartels would have to have US backing and both sides have complete control of the entire Mexican American border Territory, all the way to Juarez and Phoenix.

I have heard too many Mexicans tell me how US FBI agents have gone into Mexico and routinely kidnap their family members and others.

If people are being kidnapped, blown up, beheaded, etc. in Mexico, the Mid East, etc. I would first want to know who they are, who their family are, and why. And not the touchy feel good reports from friends, family, and neighbors, or the biased reports of the investigators alone, I want a detailed report from the Criminal Organizations as well, Good Guys aren't the only ones who gather data and investigate people, placeas, and things.
I want to know all sides of an issue, before I scream death to the enemy, because, threats are not only foreign, but, more often, historically, they are domestic.

Instead of waiting on the Armed Forces, Citizen's need to start policing Government, Armed Forces, alleged enemies, etc. Especially their Propoganda and Media arms. And weed out who's full of sh^&

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by W3RLIED2

Originally posted by Swatman
because no government will be able to help.

I think the biggest problem is that our own governmentwill not help.

Could you imagin how this would be 50 years ago? I have family in Texas. I know for a fact that 50 years ago it wouldn't have been "wheres the government to help?", it would be" boys grab your rifles, it's time to protect our own."

Where has that mentality gone? Where are the proud Americans to take it upon themselves to do what is right? Does nobody have any honor any more? Does nobody no how to stand up for their own country? Are Americans so far gone that his is a null issue with you all????

This is outrageous.

They are scattered to the four winds, dead, or in jail for doing just that.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:01 PM

And finally a puppet President who based his campaign on change and transparency, and so far has handled all business behind closed doors and he hasn't changed a damn thing.

Not true. He campaigned on the Audacity of Hope. You were all just too naive to see that what he was really saying was just that. It is his part in the PLAN to keep you all HOPING and that way you are guaranteed to not Act until it's too late, in which case, it will be too late. He won't be re- elected, he never planned on it. While you HOPE, you, as a natural resource, are being given as collateral to the Federal Reserve (the One World Bank).

Mexico will end like this, they, like the US will be bailed out by the Bank when this War drains them, they will surrender their resource rights IN PERPETUITY, and establish a Social Security based National Debit Card, just like the National ID will do in America. This will eliminate their currency, and end the Drug War it started because it will no longer have cash, it will all be controlled Credit. And, no tax evasion, because their cut of the profit will be calculated before the Card Holder sees a Credited Dime in the System.

I said earlier to join the Cartels side, what I meant to say was, we ought to be defending the Citizens of the World against the Upper Classes. We need just one War. A Class War, against the Ruling SuperWealthy. We need a larger Middle Class to buffer the rich and poor. And, we need to attack the Wealthy and Super Wealthy Classes, equally redistribute all the collected wealth to every remaining Citizen, and reset the Economic Clock from there.

Stand up or get stepped on.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:04 PM
i talked to my mom in the valley, she told me that reynosa had an explosions.

harlingen and mission been having bad killings lately and many gangs are fighting for territory.

when i used to live in harlingen it wasn't that bad a few years ago but when i visit from san antonio, its like people don't want to go to progeso any more at all. I loved progreso because its fun and liquor is cheap

but if mexico does fail then what will happen. my mom said that lot of people in harlingen are talking about making a militia, my parents live in primera and local peeps were talking about protecting stuart place road and wilson road with guns. just in case anybody want to ran sack the houses for anything.

its getting serious down there yo!

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:06 PM
Sorry...don't mean to Lo-Jak the thread, but, being as drugs are being mentioned here as a connection to the violence in Mexico...

Ron Paul to Bill Maher: America's War on Drugs must end

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

It makes perfect sense if your goal is to undermine nationalism and destabilize the US and create a class War so the Benevolent Communist Bankers, programs, and Organizations can sweep in and Communize the Country. Why do the Bush's make so much money off the Saudi's, and the Hunt's through JFK's authorizing Silver backed currency (EO11110), and the Cheney's through Johnson and the Brown and Root Co.. And why the drive for Gold? Crash the market and they'll seize it, with your gun's. C'mon how many will really fight back. If they were they'd be "up in arms" by now. No. It will be a fairly peacable takeover. Ever military specialist knows, control the head the body follows. Why touch it, if you can just move the mind instead? All make money establishing and enforcing the Communist based Feds through their Joint Trust's which the Rockerfeller's created, then bought out, then had declared illegal 3 years later so no one could profit from the Federal reserve which they own as they will?
Then, Monday you have a foreign Bank's of the Federal reserve dump trillions into US dollars on the Asian Market, collapsing the foreign currencies, except for the hard currencies they own, so, in the near future, when the Market nears 2000 points, they can sell off all the US dollars, plunging the 75% of the market which is US Dollar controlled due to their Joint Trusts, while buying up the fallen currencies and stock's, simultaneously, profiting as they rise. Then, bankrupt hholding company and secondary bank after bank which holds money from the fractional lending, which the Joint Stock interest's in Nigeria, the Middle East, Mexico, Third World Countries, the US, and all the Globe really are out and are forced to liquidate all their assets to cover the debt, which will crash the American economy and the World economy and collapse Country after Country, leaving the primary Banks and the Fed, which are owned and controlled by the same people, in possession of all the Capital from the fractional lending, as well as in possession of all the forclosures and resources they bought out in anticipation of the planned bankruptcy of the holding companies and Banks, plus the Perpetuity Agreements for eternal resource rights of every Country in the World, plus, the perpetual indebtedness of all Countries and the right to seize all the Assets, that is, ownership of every square inch of Earth and Space.

But absolutely no coverage or Protection from the Governments of the World against such treasons, by the very traitors that enable it. Leaving Several Super Wealthy families the Aristocrats of the World, with David Rockefellor as the Emporer.

Theory? I think not. It's exactly what I would do. If they are not, you better make laws now so they don't, or, I may have just given them the idea. I certainly gave it to all of you. Someone will act on it, I promise, I will if I ever get the chance. I'd love to own the World, or, have a large chunk of it for helping. Wouldn't you?

Look at the World situation in every feild and every Country for the last half Century or better. Integrate it into one Plan. One Structural, and localized set of conspiracies with each cell ignorant of the other.

Then rethink all of that with the plan I just laid out for you.

Are you still scratching your head? Don't think of the CIA, or Oil, or Drug Lords, or Banks, or Politicians, or Military, or Good Guys vs Bad Guys, or, one ideaology or ism vs another.

Look at my plan again and think, witting or unwitting, think psychological and physical, think word and deed, think of Pro and Anti anything, then think of human nature.

Now, think of the plan I have just laid out for you.

How would you pull it off????

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by David9176

Because they want chaos. Its simple they are breaking this nation down so you will be willing to work for next to nothing to survive.

Its time to smell some coffee and wake up now.

This is a long term goal and they will implement it unless they are stopped.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:58 PM

It doesn't MATTER who they are kidnapping. If they are committing a FELONY on US, they should be apprehended.
Do you think that the US laws should be enforced selectively? Give me a break. A crime is a crime. Your kind of thinking leads to complete anarchy and lawlessness.

Actually. You are InCorrect. There was a time that for the same crime aristocracy would be levied a fine and the Gentry would be jailed and fined (restitution), killed, or maimed. With the Advent of the Industrial Age, maimng and death were exchanged for workhouses and indentured service, peonage, or slavery. The tradition continues we call it Crime and White Collar Crime.

Law is and has always been and shall always be Selectively enforced. And for those of you who do what the Armed Forces, and the Executive Law Enforcement Agencies will not, guess what, you will find the Armed Forces, and the Executive Law Enforcement Agencies arresting or killing you for commiting a Crime. Revolt against this and you will be painted as our "enemies" are painted now-- as they are in truth probably just doing the same thing, with a few bad men as exceptions. Like insurgents. What do you think an insurgent is? A fed up civilian. They just change the name with each decade to keep you disinformed. Easier to control a mass than an individual. Like Nostalgia (Civil War), Battle Fatigue (WW1), Shell Shock (Vietnam), and Gulf War Syndrome (Gulf War) Stressors (today). And then they altar definitions over the centuries to hide that. Nostalgia is Shell Shock, yet, it is defined as a walk down memory lane and yearning for bygone days. Is that what those soldiers were experiencing? Is that what they experience today? Really!?

If you think you're combined guns can stave off a tyrannical government, really? The Military will buy the Propoganda and "bring the rain." The civilians will buy the propoganda and remain neutral or snitch you out, or, infiltrate your ranks, etc. If all else fails, they do have missles and nukes. You are just a blip on a screen. That screen can be made to read whatever they wish. Button gets pushed. Service man who does it comes home to learn a terrorist group blew up more American innocent civilians. I could think of lies all day.

And the end of the day, they have the real Gun.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
reply to post by Goradd

if the US offials stop getting involved with the drug lords then maybe there won't be a problem....who knows

Are you saying that we should just leave the drug lords alone, when they cross the border, kidnap someone on US soil, a FELONY on US territory, and just let them cross back?
I can't believe you're saying that.

Who do you think the Drug Lord's are??

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by jam321

It would be interesting.

As far as any spill over into the US, most would be.
But, just like the shoot out in Phoenix last week, who would want that on thier block? That was Southwest of Phoenix. I was just down there and it's a pretty nice part of town.
I guess with the drug money they can afford it.

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