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World Renowned Investor George Soros 2/20/09 - "I see no bottom for world financial collapse"

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by Nineteen implies that Soros, and his ilk, are 'selling short', if they're investing in currencies, around the THAT your point???

Or selling 'long', depending....but, essentially...manipulating all along the way???

If so....clap 'em in irons and throw away the keys, and the hacksaws!!!!

From the Market Ticker for Monday, Februaury 19, 2009

8:17 CT

I do not know what is going on here, and I don't think I want to.

Someone, apparently someone in Asia, wants dollars. A LOT of dollars. There is a forced-liquidation event underway that is massive, it is against all asset classes and it is spreading.

It originated at approximately 7:15 CT this evening and originated out of Asia somewhere. All of the primary currency crosses got hit at once - Euro, Pound, Yen - all weakened dramatically against the dollar and it is still going on. The Asian stock markets got walloped at the same time in coordinated waves of forced selling.

At the same time the US futures markets got nailed as well, down some six handles on the /ES in a near-vertical drop. While this sounds "not that big" to move these markets in a coordinated fashion like this is a trillion-dollar enterprise - this is not some small company that went bankrupt, or even a large company.

There is no news coverage at the present time identifying the source of this but it is not small and contrary to some reports it is not "automatic selling"; this is forced liquidation.

Folks, if this translates into Eastern Europe where there are severe instabilities already brewing literally everything in the financial world could come apart "all at once."

The worse news is that if this happens Bernanke will have killed us (in the US) by extending those swap lines all over the planet during the last six months. These will become utterly uncollectable and they are massive, in the many hundreds of billions of dollars.

To those who are reading this, I hope if you're in the markets you are prepared for extreme levels of violence. You must expect that the authorities will try to arrest the destruction if they are able, but you must also be prepared for the possibility that we have reached a "critical mass" point beyond which "duck and cover" is the only winning strategy.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by Logarock

China's Shin Zin (?spelling) province was heavily invested in Globally, and in particular by the US. It is where they housed the Olypics. it heralded the Success of Communist Capitalism, and is fast becoming the model of the Global Order of all Countries, the Emporer being, David Rockefeller & Co.

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:34 PM

at this point think of it as a sumo match, but with each country as a wrestler. were all on the outside edge falling. we just want to be the last ones to fall at this point.

No. We all fall down. No Exceptions. Only we are so busy wrestling we can't see the promoter egging it on, we just keep blaming the Referees for making blind calls.

The Game Being played here is not Monopoly, it is Absolute Domination, we were duped into playing Monopoly and my economy is better than your economy, so we wouldn't see that Parker Brother's was the Ultimate winner.

People talk about their failing economies as if they will turn around or reset, but, they are not going to be there. And, we aren't going to start one from scratch. They already have one in place waiting to be implemented on all. The first and last economy we will ever have. All other economy's were just trial runs to work out the kinks, so to speak, they don't really count compared with what's coming. A completely imaginary system of Credit earned where Credit isn't really due, if you ask me. But, Credit. People talk as if they will do as in the past, a little struggle here a little violence there, a lot of pain and suffering, alot of death and loss, but, we will rise out of the ashes with a new government. We will, but, what makes anyone think or believe they have anything to do with it or any say in it? It will simply be OBEY OR DIE. And Guns, knives, survivalism, please. Nukes. Eliminate the pests and control the population leaving more for them. They go to their deathbeds trying to make that last dollar in their final hour, what makes you believe you have any handle in how their mind operates? It is exactly what I would do to you all if given the chance. Fortunately, I have principles with which I operate if not any real feeling for those principles.

I have had so many occassions in my life to undermine and usurp every one I have ever met, and I do mean everyone. i spend my days thinking of how to do it in every single situation, either by force of will or force of might, or both. Deception is so good a tool, it is easier to convince someone to kill your enemy, without ever telling them to do so, or even hinting at it, and leave all, even them believing it was their idea. Fortunately, I know that it is wrong. I don't understand why that is. It seems objective and rational, but, by and large the masses feel this is wrong, so, while I think of such things which would make my life much more successful. I refrain completely from doing so. Billions of people can't be wrong.

They have no impulse control. So, I know exactly what they are thinking. I can see what they will do before they do it. They only reason I post some of the sources I do, is because they are astute assessments of what I would do if given the chance. Since, the masses believe I shouldn't, I instead try to think of ways to do things the masses would think is the right way to do them. In that regard, I could govern better than all of your elected officials combined. the entire world over. I have challenged God himself I could run the Universe better than he where Man is concerned, and, I stand by it. I realize I would never get the opportunity, but, I could have easily followed the path of the elites and took that control, even from them, because for all of their intellect and intuition, they know nothing. They use the past to springboard into the future, they step on the backs of geniuses and think themselves superior by proxy. Fools. David rockefellor, the Bush's, the Hunt's, the Lehmans, the Johnson's, the Browns, the Roots, all of them combined aren't half the intellect combined of their grandaddy's, or ssay, Ivan Pavlov was nowhere near the genius of Locke. And Socrates was a moron next to Pythagoreans, Plato was an idiot, and Aristotle was close but no cigar. The smartest of them all was a Tibetan Monk in Nepal, 4000 years before UR of the Chaldeans.

Their perfect plan has a flaw.

Global Man Made EMF would wipe out the whole system, satellites and all. Like escape from NY, only, real.

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posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 08:38 PM
It does not have to be the panic driven civil unrest that the world expects it to be, we can do this, we the people of earth can take advantage of this monetary political crisis to make real change for the planet...

posted on Feb, 22 2009 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by infinite
There is a bottom, a solution.

The UN Economic Council proposal, the brainchild of Germany, is now supported by Britain and French - China and Russia support the proposal too.

Under this Council, the IMF and World Bank would come under United Nations control. If you borrow finance from either institution, the World Bank or IMF gain influence over your economy (depending on the amount borrowed.) In other words, the United Nations gains more influence and the ability to weaken sovereignty if it provides financial assistant.

The collapse of capitalism, as stated by H.G Wells in The shape of things to come, will result in a world government lead by a benevolent dictatorship.

World government is inevitable.

Refer to

Or all my other posts on this thread and others, Google Johnathan Mays or William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse... refer to most of the Conspiracy theories abounding this site and others about Federal Reserve Global Financial takeover-- who do you think sponsors UNO or WHO, and all of them, and Germany, home of National Socializm (NaZi) the watered down Marxist Communism that created the US Income Tax and created the Debt Collection arm of the Fed Res the IRS, our taxes don't go to the Treasury, they go to the Fed Res who loan it to the Treasury, at interest.

Look at the Origins of Usary, or the Creation of the Industrial Middle Class and the aristocracies despise of them, read about King Henry the 8th and his mad genius to spend like crazy driving up inflation while creating poor laws to hide the taking over of agricultural land for grazing herds which were used to feed wool, meat, etc to the new Industrial Mills. So called experts will say there is no connection between plantations and Industries, but, as I have just shown, there is. Look at Poor Laws, which we have today in our US Domestic Policies, and don't think of benevolence, think of insuraning your labour force. Look at today and the spending increases of the last half century alone and the transference of land from domestic use to corporate use by eminant domain. Environmental protection, really? Is that why people are forbidden from building on these lands and making roads or egresses, etc. Yet, build large Ranger Stations, headquarters, which house the exec's and staff, roads and egresses to get in and out, in cases, even building helicopter pads, and disturbing the ecology by flying over the trees, despite, making it no fly zones for the rest of us. In Cnberra Australia National Forest alone, Rockerfeller built 20 multimillion dollar townhomes for visiting dignitaries of the Australian Government. Despite, the land being seized and declared a no home building zone for Environmental Protection.

These things are not random, as they would have you believe, they are not synchronicities of history, one coincidence after another having nothing to do with each other, they are conspiratorial, and not structural conspiracies, though they are used to dupe people and keep each cell ignorant of what the other is doing and how they all interrelate, but, they are controlled, deliberately. Were it not so, such things could not be used as markers for accurate predictions of future activities, it would be logically, rationally, and statistically impossible.
Do you really think men lived in caves and wore loin cloths? Think again. A second glance at history will reveal, there was no fundamental or overall technological difference between us and them. That's revisionist history lying to you.

You really believe Jesus was the Messiah and not an insider or a made up story? Consider this and refute it if you will: Jesus never once pointed out or addressed the Engineering Art of Temple Magic. Not even in the Parts they had cut out. Not once in the whole of the BIBLE is it addressed. Especially not by Jesus, and no where is it brought up in any Holy Book of any Religion at any time. Now, wouldn't God made flesh, or, an Acolyte of the Cult Mysteries, whatever he was supposed to be, wouldn't he know about the works of engineering by Herodotus and Heron and the like, they were alive and well during his age, it was at the height of the Roman Empire just before it's fall, attributed to the death of Jesus by Christians, of course. So, why refer to such things as miracles and magics of devils and demons and Pagan Gods whose magic should not be worshiped? Why not? Didn't he know? Was he in on it?

All they are doing is confirming what has already been known.
It is not coming. It is here. What exactly do people think tyranny looks like? If it was so readily visible would so many have served under it so willingly? It can't be they served out of fear. Most people know that if the bully is going to beat you up or kill you anyway, you may as well get a lick in, what are they going to do? Beat you up or kill you? They were going to do that anyway. And, you might even prevail. Otherwise, you meet with the same end. At least, you tried. No. They didn't serve out of fear. They believed in a higher ideal. Do you think that say, Americans when they think of the American Dream or the intentions of the founding fathers could ever imagine that the American Dream and the Constitution, etc were sold to them to keep them asleep for what was really in the works. People set to timetables of work, home, and vacation, work, work, retire when you are too burned out and your youth has faded, if work doesn't kill you first would ever take time to think as Greedy men do, in generations, not hours. No. It is only when the Powers that be believe that the masses are ripe for capitulation that they clamp down with the iron fist. Look at all you consider to be crimes and misdemeanors and sins, is it really so shocking that the Church and State and their Founders and Dieties are not bound to the same laws or sins? It's generational seasoning, in preparation for the ultimate bake off and feast.

Did you know that the moon is a big holow ball that has thousands of Anomolies, or that it is the only celestial bodt which does not rotate, one side always facing us at all times. That it has air, and gravity. There are many many things in this world which are easily seen and readily tied into a complete and realistic worldview to any who can set aside their delusions and core beliefs.

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by Nineteen

Agree! Soros made his money trading currencies. When he can make one currency collapse, while another rises, he gets richer, even though he had made hundreds of thousands poor. The man is evil.

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