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Theory of a Revoloution

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:19 PM
Ostensibly, if the mods feel this is in the incorrect category, please move it.

I thought, that since I couldn't find this on ATS, I'd post it!

Looking at the French Revolution and America's present situation, I can see some simiarities. This is a partial pasting of the list, and the theory page is here:

1. People from all social classes are discontented.
2. People feel restless and held down by unacceptable restrictions in society, religion, the economy or the government.
3. People are hopeful about the future, but they are being forced to accept less than they had hoped for.
4. People are beginning to think of themselves as belonging to a social class, and there is a growing bitterness between social classes.
5. The social classes closest to one another are the most hostile.
6. The scholars and thinkers give up on the way their society operates.
7. The government does not respond to the needs of its society.
8. The leaders of the government and the ruling class begin to doubt themselves. Some join with the opposition groups.
9. The government is unable to get enough support from any group to save itself.
10. The government cannot organize its finances correctly and is either going bankrupt or trying to tax heavily and unjustly.

Note numbers 2, 3, 6, 7, and 10. What this thread is for, along with discussion of all ten and the other things mentioned on the linked page, is a discussion of what you, as the reader, see in mostly America, or as a stretch, the rest of the world.

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 09:16 PM
It is interesting to see the parallels. I would hope that we can come through this together and better for the time we lived through. However, I am seeing the discontent becoming stronger and with states legislating to put the federal government on notice that it has overstepped its bounds within the constitution, and it being reported, although minimally at present, in the media, I am of the opinion that eventually the discontent will turn to rebellion through revolution, civil war (states and citizens against the federal government), or outright anarchy if the system collapses.

If the leaders don't begin to address the underlying issues of the federal government encroaching or outright taking of our civil rights with things like "free speech zones", excessive gun control, over taxation, etc then I feel that violence will be the order of the day until the people feel like they are respected and not taken extreme advantage of. The fact that our forefathers were the rebels of their day only stands to reinforce the opinion that a majority of Americans have it in their blood. The people have taken it and taken it over the years and haven't stood in opposition to the governments encroachment because they didn't feel uncomfortable enough in their homes or lives to step up to the plate to force a resolution to the madness. However, we are pushing closer and closer to the time when the everyday lives of the people are falling apart and more and more the problem in many people’s mind is not so much other citizens, but the government and the elite bankers etc. The thought that the Rothschild family being worth 500 trillion dollars is a classic example of the reason the people have animosity to those kinds of people. While the average citizen struggles to make ends meet with threats to their shelter and food supply being driven out by constant pillaging of the citizenry by the bankers and politicians and their continuing focus on laws and regulations pointed at the very citizens that put them there, is driving a dynamic toward revolution or anarchy that is spiraling out of the ability of the government to control or reverse the situation, the farther and farther we go down that road that the French citizens went into a revolution for.

As I see it, history repeats itself again and again and PTB haven't learned from history yet. Of course that is just imho.


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