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Possible Reticulan Intervention (Warning)

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 05:47 AM

Originally posted by Paul_Richard

Of course, The Original Creator ultimately holds the strategic and tactical advantage. The Reticulan war machine, even with tens of thousands of interstellar battleships and hundreds of thousand highly-armed probes, all with even the best of antimatter missiles and a plethora of energy-based weapons, cannot hold up in battle against a Space God that used The Light to manifest BILLIONS OF GALAXIES.

No contest.


And it will be a very colorful unfoldment at that.

So I don't agree that the Reptilians are Service-To-Other (STO) oriented. Their actions demonstrate that they are Service-To-Self (STS) focused.

They have no desire to destroy us with their antimatter weapons (which are far more powerful than the traditional nuclear variations - explained in this documentary) unless we attempt a War of Independence just as the Atlanteans did - who lost.

well which is it Mr Richards either there is to be a war or not. You have two very different posts on this alien invasion[warning] here

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 05:59 AM

PLEIADIANS: Alien angels, i.e., discarnates who never incarnated on this planet and who are of basic spirituality - usually in Group Entities. Despite deceptive claims to the contrary, the Pleiadians have no spacecraft and no bodies. Various people channel Group Entities of Pleiadians. Like Barbara Marciniak, Billy Meier, and Lia Shapiro.

This is your explanation of the Pleidians (Nordic) on your TSOL site.

yet here we have another of your explanations of these "alien angels"

As far as the Nordics are concerned (genetically engineered Homo sapiens), there are reports that they serve as security onboard Zetan spacecraft in order to protect the weaker, short Greys (and possibly the larger Greys as well) against their Terran prisoners/slaves.

which is it Mr richards

Maybe they are a genetically engineered alien archangel homo sapiens discarnate who never incarnates , has no body or ship but serves on a zetan ship in a body type entity thing...

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:12 AM

If you are familiar with the Solist material, it is stated that only those who have achieved stable Second Stage Mastery or better have the potential to manifest time travel after they leave the flesh and Ascend into The Light.

If this is indeed true and you or one of your followers achieves time travel
by becoming one of your Second Stage Masters or above, WHY then do you not go back in time and STOP this alien invasion? You have the power within your TSOL to stop this invasion. Will you?

The Ascended will be able to venture back to any era of history they desire. Ascended Magi could go back to ancient Greece or Egypt and become beneficent gods that are real in every sense of the word, superseding the Group Entities that portrayed themselves as gods.

ANY ERA, ANY ERA they desire so 2012 should be easy for you as masters.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:31 AM
In the interest of staying on topic I would also like to post this

Like some episodes in Star Trek as well as The Matrix movies, Star Wars was also inspired by Spirit and it does indeed reflect certain spiritual and metaphysical principles.

Which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

and this

But there is much more potential power with The Light from soul evolution than most people realize. This is illustrated in the Matrix movies by Neo's telekinetic (Force) abilities.

Spirit constantly interacts with people in the flesh on a telepathic level. The Matrix movies were in some ways inspired by those on the Other Side who wish people to remember some of that which they have forgotten when in the discarnate dimensions. The symbolism in the Matrix movies hit chords in people because on a deep level many realize that we have the potential to evolve into God Realization.

Note also that Neo actualized his telekinetic ability AFTER (not before) he was killed. Only through death or total astral projection can one actualize one's God Realized telekinetic abilities in and from The Light.

In the vernacular of Solist Mysticism, if Neo were a real person, his return from the the Other Side with moderately advanced telekinetic ability (e.g., stopping bullets in flight), comes from having Ascended (expanded in conscousness) into a Primary Godhead Sun in the Monad Realms of Light; then creating a Secondary Godhead Sun or computerized battery of God Force energy to provide various Gifts of the Spirit - upon telepathic command - when descended back into physicality. Then healing the old body or creating a new one with The Light, and then coming back into the flesh (Post Ascending).

Is this entire thread with its alien invasion just another script from star wars, star trek and The Matrix. I thought these were the inspired creations of George Lucus, Gene Roddenberry and the Wachowski Brothers respectively not spirits from TSOL.

Neo isnt a real person non of these characters are real people. Again on topic is this thread just your over active mind which has written another sci fi episode and you have some how actually convinced yourself its real

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:37 AM

You are quoting me out of context (again).

Here is an overview for clarification.

The Reticulans generally take what they want whenever they wish. That has always been their mindset. There is no room for diplomatic negotiation. We are a subjugated world in their empire. Period.

They have found that the best way to indirectly rule our planet - as is their demonstrated policy - is to do so covertly and to not openly announce their presence.

However, when they feel that they are losing control of one of their "large farms" and/or if this world is in serious environmental danger, they will intervene with direct military action

Mounting evidence suggests that there were a number of atomic detonations and nuclear battles in ancient times. (Other threads in ATS have discussed this at length.) One of these ancient nuclear battles was between Atlantis - more accurately referred to as Atala - and the Rama Empire of ancient India. Another was between Atala and the Anunnaki (Reticulans).

In the former conflict, it was stated in ancient Indian texts that Atala had weapons that could level an entire city, i.e., atomic devices.

Atala was thought of as the most formidable nation on this planet and an imperialistic one as well.

When Atala attempted their own "War of Independence" against the Reticulan Empire, the latter decided to deploy antimatter weapons.

As is explained by physicist, engineer, and former governmental insider who worked at S4 to reverse-engineer confiscated Reticulan spacecraft, Bob Lazar, in his documentary, illustrates the vast difference between conventional nuclear devices and the far more powerful antimatter variations that the Reticulans have in their arsenal.

The resulting holocaust of the Reticulans on this planet thousands of years ago not only destroyed the Atalan or Atlantean civilization but also triggered worldwide earthquakes, the tilting of the world on its axis, and The Great Flood that is documented in various ancient cultures.

A Space God did not cause The Great Flood. It was the result of a nuclear war between the imperialistic Anunnaki/Reticulans and the imperialistic Atlanteans/Atalans.

If this world goes to war with the Reticulans again, they are likely to once more use their superior antimatter weapons technology

In order for The Original Creator to emerge in this space-time continuum, according to The Plan from the very beginning, there has to be one or more adequately trained lesser gods or Magi (at least) who are Ascended into The Light. He/she/they, once Ascended, must break the time barrier into a parallel timeline to this one, in order to enable The Original Creator to have The First Coming.

The reason: one cannot time travel into a future that has yet to exist. Not even The Original Creator can break that fundamental law.

Thus, one or more highly evolved souls from the future (now), as Ascended Masters, must be the ones to do it. True God Realized souls have never emerged before since The Original Creator divided up the Godhead into trillions of yellow-energy angels, eons ago. That is why The First Coming has yet to occur. The Space God that initiated The Big Bang does not exist in this timeline at all, as all souls are what is left of The First God.

It is only a matter of time before The Original Creator emerges. Hundreds of people around the world have progressed into being at least pre-Ascended lesser gods (Magi). Once the first wave Ascends into The Light, The Original Creator will arrive within a day, if not within hours.

In which case, the Reticulan Empire will face a major crisis, as will all the other Space Race empires in existence in various galaxies

Even with the vast war machine of the Reticulans that spans many solar systems, in a battle with a Space God who used The Light to manifest BILLIONS OF GALAXIES, the result would be their sound defeat if not their utter destruction from a far more formidable power that is not physically based and which can not even be touched with antimatter weapons

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by Paul_Richard

The awareness of how HCR came into being took many years to unravel. The reason why I got into it in the early 1980s, way before anyone else, is because it was one of my purposes to provide that higher awareness, that discovery in the Higher Realms, to those down here

Judging from the reception you get from those who you have tryed to educate, do you think you have achieved this purpose? Stories of alien invasion [warning] Has it all gone wrong some where between 1980 and 2009? Maybe your not channelling what you think you are. Maybe your just as much a victim in all this as your followers seem to be.

29 years you have been educating people on the higher realms , 29 years yet only Darcon and Drakiir stand by your side. Plus a couple of others on your site. You have educated 4 people in 29 years about an alien invasion in 2012.

Do you think if it was true this alien invasion more would have become educated by you? MODS do not delete this it is relevent to the post. I am not attacking Mr richards Im asking him if he thinks hes succeeded in bringing his message to the masses as he was told to do in 1980, the message of the higher realms and the alien invasion in 2012.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by headlightone

As much information can be offered as possible but in the end it is up to the individual to chose what they believe and what they don't believe, that cannot be forced in anyway. If the person decides to be persistant and follow what they have been taught much can be achieved. On the otherhand if one bails because it is a challenge (life is meant to be a challenge) than nothing is achieved.

I want to note that TSOL information is meant for exactly what it is intended for and that is people who actually do HCR. Why you are trying to tear it apart and distort it through your own misunderstandings when you do not do HCR in the first place is beyond me

As to the comment about only teaching four people about what we believe in and feel is our truth, that has been the same case for spiritual paths for decades. A monk is supposed to be one of the most dedicated and devoted Christian you can find but how many people do you know that want to be a Monk even though it is perceived as pure?

Can you please turn this from a questionnaire about TSOL into an on topic discussion by going back to topic

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by Drakiir

The Reticulans are not coming End of!!!
Start developing a positive policy regarding this planet.
I dont want to start lecturing as you seem like a nice bloke but I think you need to start working alone and developing the psychic awareness, you obviously have a talent.
The Zetans are coming in your mind you are not your mind .
The mind is finite you are INFINITE.
The mind always projects fear into the conscious and unconscious as it knows if you become aware at a deep level the fear will be lost and you will live a better life.
Save your energy for yourself dont let your mind destroy it and you.
You have lost 2 of your ATS buddies today dont lose yourself as well.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 04:31 PM
I agree with headlightone,
I do not think that there is any reticulan intervention or invasion afoot. I have seen no evidence to suggest this.
I do not climb my inner column of light and judging by the apparent effect it has on some people, I don't think that i will ever want to try. But hey, one man's meat is another man's poison.
If and it is a BIG if, they do come throwing balls of plasma and antimatter in all directions, I doubt very much that sitting in an entranced state will do me any good.
As for "evidence suggesting" that nuclear detonations occurred thousands of years ago and were responsible for throwing the earth onto its present axis of tilt... what evidence is there? cos some bloke said so on another web site?
where is the EVIDENCE? sorry but I don't buy that and I doubt that any but a handful of free-thinkers will.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by headlightone

I hear the truth has won.
Fear has been destroyed.
The good, like Headlightone, have been themselves for no other purpose but the truth, pure and simple.
Naturally this has overcome that which is not. PR, the topic, the followers.
This is the true intervention.
The truth has intervened, the invasion of lies has been repelled.
My offer still stands.
Are you ready to embrace the truth.

The OP has played too long on your fears and experiences, and those of others too..

Headlightone, Violet, MG and others. You are the Truth. Well done.

To those that think this was about a personal attack I will say this, you are wrong, it was a defence. Those who will use fear and lies to promote themselves are the ones who are on the attack, and what could be more personal then to attack what is true, to undermine all that is right and real by inserting a fantasy based on ones self appointment as a spiritual authority. No this was no attack on PR, but taking a stand for what is right, and taking a stand for other members. That is the truth.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by Drakiir
reply to post by headlightone

As much information can be offered as possible but in the end it is up to the individual to chose what they believe and what they don't believe, that cannot be forced in anyway.

But Drakiir my friend you only see one side of the story. You owe it to yourself to see the reality of your true self.

I have posted on your profile some very meaningfull quotes from another ATS member. I only hope you will read them, read them and actually take in their true meaning. I only want to break you free from this hold you seem to be under, why you continue with it is your reason, but believe me its not true. You are following the false light and you need to see this. You live in this reality now in 2009, this is all you have, this moment now, do not lose yourself and give all your energies to lower astrals that seem to be promising you a fake world on TO. TO does not exist Drakiir, it is a fake world full of deception. Please read the quotes on your profile regarding lower astrals, please.

You are brave Drakiir, you have chose to come down and learn in this 3D plane, one of the hardest realities a soul can incarnate into. These astrals "saints" can give you nothing, but you can give them EVERYTHING. THINK Drakiir, what is a saint? Are these astrals really saints in the true sense? NO they are not. You are far more spiritual than they, it is for you to show them the light not the other way around, all they show you is deception and manipulation. They are lost Drakiir they are NOT saints from the 7th plane, they are lost discarnates who find love and connection to the physical realm through you. They are infact the souls of dead people who are in the lower astral realm. This realm is the closest to Earth. It vibrates at a rate near to that of Earth, and it is here that most souls go after death and the plane the MAJORITY of channelled information is recieved from. STRONG desire keeps these entities trapped on this level of being. These deceased astrals need to realize they are dead Drakiir, all you and TSOL are doing is keeping them trapped in your endless enery exchanges. Interactions with this realm is unadvisable as all they do is push their desires onto YOU.
Certain brave souls have reincarnated as guides for these lower astrals, they guide them to the truth, to the light. These people are often calles psychics. Maybe you are one of these, if you are you need to awaken to this role now before you are lost in the world you came down to guide.

I can not help you anymore Drakiir until you decide to help yourself. Why will you not help yourself?

You make me a foe, well I will not make you a foe because i know as well as you do this is not true at all. You were told to make me a foe and you blindly followed. YOU KNOW I am your friend, at heart how can you say I am not your friend! You are always telling me to follow my heart, well now I ask you Drakiir in your heart of absolute hearts ask yourself this...."Am I your foe?" "Is Mr Green your foe?" Drakiir ask your self this " Was Ariah your foe?" I as well as you know the true answer, so will you now listen to your heart?

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:01 AM

Something else to contemplate and meditate on...

Given the plans of these so called Reticulans span thousands of years. It seems odd to me that they waited until humans were a technological danger or high risk to them. Now they have a need to create chaos on earth to weaken it's population and make them ripe for take-over.

Why not just take us over 100 years ago when it would have been so very simple, or even 200 years ago? Surely 1-200 years would be but a drop in the ocean to such an ancient, highly advanced race of star travelers and slave traders.

It sounds very illogical and highly convoluted, to me at least. Therefore it begs to be questioned.

Because 200 years ago Science Fiction did not exist; therefore these stories could not have be created by creative and/or delusional individuals. Ironically
this whole "theory" reminds me a lot of H.G. Wells' Eloi and Morlocks from The Time Machine.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:42 AM
I used to think my interest, open mind about, and occasional experience with, ideas and entities, made me a total weirdo, occasionally paranoid, and demonstrating "thin boundaries of reality" and "an impressive ability to suspend disbelief."

Thanks to ATS and threads like this I now see I am unusually grounded, comparatively.

With all the enlightened souls proferring salvatory advice on some of these threads it's amazing we haven't just bloomed into a whole new religion.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:55 AM
reply to post by atlasastro

Well said! I absolutely agree.

I know we said some things that were perceived as personallly attacking PR, but we were challenging his claims, in the hope others might also ask themselves these same questions about PR.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:56 PM

Originally posted by violet
reply to post by atlasastro

Well said! I absolutely agree.

I know we said some things that were perceived as personallly attacking PR, but we were challenging his claims, in the hope others might also ask themselves these same questions about PR.

Exactly. While researching for a post in headlightones thread about cults and how cults provide pages and pages of new age material that is designed to confuse, I came across this

Saint Alia wishes to confirm Saint Alexa's message, the former already given through Lord Azeroth, regarding the Dominant Aura Color of red for a recently fallen Elder who has turned to the dark side, who channels Group Entity energies, and who will not regain a level of mastery (even as a Magi) again.

Apparently this message has been given to Drakiir (Lord azeroth) regarding me. I am the fallen Elder, me. It is I who has apparently turned to the dark side.
Now to fully understand this message of fear you need to understand what a dominant aura colour of red means. It basically means my soul has fallen to hell, I now reside in the lowest dimension possible, lower than hell infact. I reside in the dark side.

Now I am strong, I know this is absolute rubbish, but what if I wasnt, what if I had stumbeled on this message today and believed my soul was in hell? That I will never reach a spiritual (master stage) level ever again.

This is why we attacked PR, it was not a personal attack, it was to stop him doing this to others. I know he also told psycho81 his soul had fallen to the DAC of hell red. That time for him I remember was not nice, Im sure you can imagine.

How any one can put things like this up about others on the internet is beyond me. OK its not actually gone up with my name, but I KNOW who he is talking about and therefor it could affect me on some level, I could question my self. Of course Im not falling for this complete garbage but now you know what its like when you leave these groups. Your condemed to hell basically.

Thanks Drak, what a lovely spiritual message you have allowed to be channelled through you regarding me.
I have been working on my own messages regarding yourself. ive been mentally asking these spirits you seem to have allowed into your own personal space to LEAVE. Im using the techniques I learnt in the group for good, so by all means you keep on channelling negativity and I will continue to ask for them to leave. Im sure the negative/positive will meet some where in the middle...we can only hope.

I again draw you to read the quotes on your profile.

[edit on 8-3-2009 by Mr Green]

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

I just had an RV sight of you.
This was the scene you had a Red cape on, Mickey Mouse Ears ,
and a pencil in each of your nostrils ,you were outside kneeling on a prayer mat howling at the moon.
Yes you really did look well grounded NOT.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

In my opinion Ms Green, when you started talking to me you were already one of the kindest souls I met, and like the rest of us, more confused (as you travel events back through time naturally.. you know what I mean).

And now you've really mm "blossomed" in my eyes within the past few months or so. I guess what I'm trying to say is, through my eyes you are only evolving and gaining more love, and a broader perspective of your world you percieve and theres nothing fiendishly evil about that to me.

If this is describing you then wow.. hmm.. where is this message comming from?

What's interesting is that TSOL would boast to have such a strong importance to.. welll..from what i've read, the whole fate of our universe..and I mean we have masters in india who don't need to eat food or sleep for that matter... or people like the buddha boy and they sure don't seem to mention TSOL..
haha.. i'm not saying that should really indicate ANYTHING... i'm just saying it's interesting.

There are some TSOL "current members" and ex-members who i think are awesome people.. well hell i wish everyone was in my awesome people category. I believe everyone has it in them to change, beautifully! Its called evolution...trace our steps back through time.. if you believe in past lives.. no matter if people think i am wise or loving or some other adjective... i was once surelly... an egomaniac sociopath.

But what i'm saying is its these little thoughts that allow me to accept everyone for the state they are, and so I hold no bad energies against TSOL or anyone else. However, I believe its just being purely observational to point out some statements that I find... well manipulatively harmful or just plain.. you know... strange?

Let me give you an example from the TSOL glossary, however I cannot find the exact quotes but i'm sure you can find it.

Something along the lines of...

"Avadar is more powerful and more stable then the "ORIGINAL" "CREATOR" OF "THE" "UNIVERSE"...

And you know what... I don't expect that to be demonstrated, and I don't have proof one way or another. But I'll say the original creator of the universe must be seriously lacking in wisdom, from what I've read off the TSOL site and its xenophobic facade of unconditional love practising.

Why don't you love your negative entities, why not raise their frequency, why hate the reptilians? Just a thought... they might evolve one day to something beautiful..and hey you know our race isn't in such good shape either at the moment.

But sorry.. back to my other statement. There was another quote that basically said along the lines:

"Avadar is more HUMBLE then the original creator of the universe"... and thats where my jaw drops...

You say you are more powerful then like...some thing..that created the universe....That itself is a pretty ego-filled statement but then to state this Avadar is more HUMBLE??

I'm making no attacks.. perphaps it should just be worded differently. And as other members said, its not an attack, its a DEFENSE.

That's the thing about manipulation, it only works if its given to us as a truth.

I don't care what anyone believes.. but what are you going to do when you're all alone and have no'one to turn to for answers. SEARCH WITHIN.

To follow your heart is to do what feels right for you, and you personaly.

The very idea that many of us share the same beliefs is "I would hope"..because we all searched for it within on our own.. We all accept different things in our heart, but just because we all agree, it doesn't mean it should be dictated now. I mean if its the truth, we should all come to the same conclusions wouldn't you think? So to be thats kind of what seperates the truth from a belief structure. I know I have some beliefs but I try and bring them to truth or change them. I go with little expectations these days and just "feel" my way through life.

I will say this though... be weary of ANYONE.. who makes ABSOLUTE statements..

Nowhere on the TSOL site does it say "AVADAR feels" "this saint's opinion is..."..

Its just " this is how it is!" "this is the way"

And thats a powerfully invasive way to intrude a belief structure into someone's mind.

Maybe the truth comes from the heart, and not from TSOL glossary. That's just my opinion.

Just be careful of manipulation is what I'm saying. I would like everyone to come out of this as friends one day. Please don't make me give another observation of "hypocrisy related to unconditional love" so rampant in this thread. Yes I have been watching off and on. And I mean.. i should feely godly comming here you'd think, wouldn't you? But only negative vibes.

There. I've finaly said my part in defense FROM TSOL..and other people who push their "truths".

Keep those heart chakras spinning everybody, use HCR - god yoga, or however you do it best.

If I could give a suggestion. Learning to deal with judgemental thoughts really helps the heart opening process..

Maybe these members aren't as they appear...maybe these..saints, ghosts..and entities aren't as they appear... maybe the only one we're really fit to judge is ourselves...and how well we do even know ourselves? How accurately can we judge anyone?

This is to me is a truth as I see it : As we move through time (as we experince it), we change. Of that I percieve to be true. So I think i'm just repeating myself at this point where I say with this thought, I am able to let go of "negativity" I percieve from others, and know that they have something potentially beautiful in them.. a mutual unity in nature, and that in itself to me is love. To allow that unity, and to accept it.

C'mon feel the unity guys. Let's hold astral hands.

DONE. Long over-due. And DONE.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Thanks DD for a very truthful and personal view of TSOL.

Thanks also for your very kind words about me. I have also found you always to be a very kind soul indeed. I remember when I met you and I stormed into what was a very long running spiritual based thread, attacking Darcon, you must have thought me mad, but you remained so calm and understanding.

I think we all experience things differently and react in different ways to threats about our self.

Your right, there is not just one way. Its very dangerous for a group leader to say "My way is the only way"

Will we all be friends one day....
...of course.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:44 PM
To begin with, I truly feel I have fallen into a rabbits hole and discovered, not Shangra La or any imagined advanced world, but something else... Channeling is always a bad thing in my books.

And ets are not astral entities. I believe the cabal, with their masonic backgrounds are truly into mysticism at a level that boggles my mind, or at least they promote this and possibly the entire twist of ufology into occult realms comes from this influence.

I'm an experiencer. Somewhere back in the thread I read some erroneous ideas of greys or ets (because they're not all greys and in fact it is an inter-species effort) are not psi, do not use advanced beam technology, just drag you out and shove a needle in your arm.

Its cool to believe all that. I have only my word, but I am not lost in a ethereal world, but rather grounded, and I've experienced the opposite myself, as well as, being rooted to the spot with a psi message directly related to the thoughts I was having and then having my entire family witness the grey craft. This just days after being woken up to all the memory leaks and able to connect dots by viewing et script.

As I am psi enough myself to have suffered quite a bit from the antenna, and actually can't retract it, including knowing shortly before hand, and unable to help, two acquaintances deaths and various things, I know that what we do is but the tip of the iceberg comparatively speaking to advanced races.

Research altair and ufology, and see what it says about ets working in corporations. Since this is supposedly a group associated with something positive, unlike the annanuki (who are human looking and associated with our leaders and the bloodlines), so altair is working against the renegades.
Well I hope so, because our leading corps are evil to the core. And I am rather alarmed they're working with them, unless they're given just enough rope (tech) to hang themselves, in which case, this could be a case of seeing how much galactic law the renegades will break with this technology in harming this planet, its ecosystem and the people, to benefit just a few.
In which case, perhaps a giant sting operation.

CavemanDD is correct in the sense of non-judgment, or rather that I believe we have all evolved and all will continue to evolve and one day we too will reach the kind of civilizations that Seentoomuch's children live with, where babies do not even cry as they are talked to mentally, and no roads scar or harm the surface of their advanced, well cared for planets, by their advanced, equal and well cared for people.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

PR had also told me before, that I was a lower colour nonsense. Not having fallen for his ways, I was able to ignore him, but if you're already falling for whatever he's teaching, you can be misguided.

As for Drak he/she isn't lord of anything. PR is still here attempting to bring you down. It's not just the message that's false, but this whole silly business of assigning titles to his followers. I'd say it's quite laughable actually, but really isn't a laughing matter to those who've been hurt in the process.

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