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Lack of Magnesium and you

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 12:48 AM
First, here is a link to a French article on the subject. For those of you who don't read French, here is my translation:


Contrary to what many people believe, it is not calcium which we have more need of, but magnesium, an essential trace element which disappeared from our food because of the refining of cereals on the one hand, but more especially misdeeds of intensive agriculture.

Other reasons can be still called upon for magnesium deficiency: the refining of salt makes it lose a great quantity of magnesium, the conservation ingredients used in food industry, but also alcohol consumption. Our daily requirements of magnesium are from 350 to 480 mg/day - 400 mg/day for expectant mothers.

In the 19th century, when food was more balanced and not devitalized industrial agriculture, magnesium deficiency did not exist. It was enough to eat 500gr of wholewheat bread; this gave you the necessary daily contribution. The bread which we eat today brings us only negligible quantities.

Magnesium is not a drug, it is an absolutely necessary food since its complete absence is incompatible with life. It is necessary for all the biochemical processes of your body, for the metabolism, the synthesis of the nucleic acids and proteins, and in the majority of the functions of our bodies, like cellular reproduction, the energy production, transmission of nerve impulses. In this last case, magnesium deeply related to calcium since it ensures its fixing, is one of the main foods of nervous cells; in all the disorders of the nervous system (nervousness, depression, insomnia, anxiety) magnesium deficiency is noted. The French researcher ROBINET showed that in France, a map of magnesium deficiencies was superimposed perfectly on a chart of suicides. Magnesium is thus a powerful antidepressant that one should privilege compared to certain drugs that have frightening side effects. In certain cases, the role of magnesium is compared to calcium is interesting in many regards. Already, it is known that it is magnesium which fixes calcium and intervenes in the calcic metabolism on parathyroid glands. At the cellular level, it controls entry of calcium in the intracellular cell and liquids.


My mother started using Magnesium Chloride 13 years ago. She is the kindest person I know, but has a bad temper. Only since she's been using the stuff; before that she was absolutely unbearable! She was always frustrated about something, always sick (although she's always been in perfect health), etc.

After I started reading about the effects of lack of Magnesium, I decided to give this a try myself. I'd read that the effects of magnesium chloride were felt almost instantaneously. Sure!

I picked up my wife from work, stopped at the pharmacy to buy some and pick up some advil, as I'd been suffering all day from a pinched nerve in my shoulder.

I tried out the magnesium and withing one minute (I kid you not), the pain in my shoulder went from unbearable to quite tolerable. I went back outside and everything was brighter: I couldn't see better, but it was brighter. Myself and my wife's daughter both felt high for about a half hour (it's the only time it's ever happened though while using magnesium).

I've been using it ever since, so has my wife and her daughter, and after one month, here is what we've noticed:

I work in renovations and I cut my finger. Within a couple of days, there isn't even a scar left.

We all sleep much better at night; a more restful sleep. I have had almost every known and unknown sleep disorder you can imagine and have never slept well before.

We all feel more relaxed and our moods are brighter, but not to the extent that we don't have control over our emotions; you still don't want to cut me off on the road

My wife and her daughter aren't using their asthma pumps as much.

One day I didn't use it (I ran out) and I realized that for the first time since I'd started using it, I felt my age (almost mid-forties). You know those little pains that make you grunt while picking up something heavy? Took my dose of magnesium and they were gone.

If you want to try this out for yourself, make sure you use magnesium chloride, there is another kind, not chloride, but you should use that only when you need a mega-dose to fight sickness or disease, not for every day.

Apparently it makes your cells live longer and can add up to 10 years to your life.

Since magnesium is also what makes calcium stick to your bones, you'll never have osteoporosis.

At any rate, the way I've been feeling this past month, I'm never going to stop using it!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by ajmusicmedia

Really don't mean to pick apart your post cause I truly believe in what your saying. But when you say "you felt the effects within one minute" thats a practical impossibility, unless you crushed it up and snorted it.

Perhaps your mind had more influence on its abilities than the pill itself. I could see effects occuring within 30 minutes, but within a minute is next to impossible.

I just made a post about dehydration and its importance in a healthy lifestyle in another post. Ill re-post it here so you can read it as well. A multivitamin should be a part of every persons diet considering how poor our food supply is as far as vitamins and minerals go.

Great post S+F!

By me:
You would not even believe the true amount of dehydration that occurs in society. People go about their day with their morning coffee, their soft drinks at lunch, there milk and juice with dinner. Most people never drink A GLASS OF WATER in a day.

So to find that most people are dehydrated is actually quite obvious and easy to see how. It is my belief due to experience that MOST DAILY DISCOMFORT is brought on simply due to dehydration and nothing else. headaches, stomach problems, nausea, memory issues, the list of dehydration symptoms is endless and it is so commonly overlooked.

Though I do watch my diet, and avoid aspartame, fluoride and MSG like they are the plague, I do attribute most of my health to simple hydration. I haven't been sick in at least 7 years, havent had a headache in at least a decade and normally feel absolutely perfect everyday, aside from the occasional back pain from my poor posture. These facts were highlighted when I met my current girlfriend. Her tummy was always upset, she always seemed to be getting headaches and overall she just had terrible day to day health. The first thing I made her start doing was consume more pure water, ontop of a daily multivitamin and the changes in just her have been staggering.

People are so quick to run to a doctor when they dont "feel good", never bothering to just do the right thing and treat their body properly. You pour # into your gas tank everyday, and soon your car will run poorly, you give it high octane goodness and it purrs like a kitten.

Your body is no different, and it needs to be maintained if you want to enjoy the ride. Thats the bottom line.

Quick tip for finding out if your dehydrated: Check your urine, yellow means you are DEHYDRATED AND MUST DRINK A FULL GLASS OF WATER ASAP! Your urine should always be crystal clear.

For anyone in disbelief of my theory, test this yourself. Next time you don't feel good, or feel a headache coming on or whatever, take a leak, if your urine is yellow. Drink a full glass of water, and think about how your feeling 30 minutes later. I guarantee you're at least feeling somewhat better.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:03 AM
I take it in liquid form, that's how it acts so rapidly. I've had others try it and they always get some kind of reaction that fast whether I tell them anything about it or not.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 09:57 AM
Hear I go, once again. Insulin stores magnesium but if your cells become insulin resistant, you'll lose every bit of magnesium through urination. Intracellular magnesium relaxes blood vessels as well.

Take magnesium all you want, much like calcium, but unless you can improve your insulin sensitivity, it'll just go straight through you. \


posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by ajmusicmedia

Hi there ! This topic is very interesting.
But I have few question about this.
How can I have information about the level of magnesium in my body ? I mean, there are specific test for have the confirmation about the lack of magnesium ? Or is more simple and evident ?
Many thanks

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:41 AM
Hello all,

Here is a recent ATS thread on the topic of eyelid twitching which included much discussion of the element magnesium, magnesium deficiencies and related information, etc:

My posts on that thread include links to U.S. FDA guidelines on magnesium intake, magnesium deficiency, etc. I included information on contraindications to taking oral magnesium as well, in some cases. So here is all that information.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:18 AM
I totally agree. Magnesium is the most important mineral for hi-strung people. Ectomorphs are the most hi-strung types. I use 3 brands. (see links) Don't forget that nutrients don't work alone. To get the full benefits of Mag. you need to take it with B-6, Potassium and Iodine. The Bs are best taken in co-enzyme form. Some people can't utilize regular Bs. Iodine counters the laxitive effects of Mag. So a maximum dosage for me would be about 60 mcgs. of liqiud iodine (2 drops), 1 cap of each Mag. 99mgs. of potassium, and 1/2 tab of co-B-plex by Dews. or you could do a multi called Multi-com #1 by Although I think 1&2 should reverse the Iodine and Copper.
Someone mentioned Asthma. I recently cured my 83 yr. old mom of Asthma. She had it every day for over 65 yrs. I gave her Adrenotrate by and Germanium 132. It's been over a yr. now, and she hasn't had 1 instance of Asthma or a cold or flu.

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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by ajmusicmedia

I agree.

since i started taking 1/2 teaspoon of magNesium chloride FLAKES in the morning and at night i have become more optimistic and my anxiety level about future job changes has gone way down.

i am more confident now and was totally relaxed and extroverted at work yesterday whereas i am normally quite introverted and quiet.

i bought 2 tubs of 500 grams = 1 kg from ebay for $18.

you can get tablets but they work out a lot more $80 like for like and are coated with allsorts of enteric crap.

you can swallow the flakes or mix them in water.

i also put 10% by volume into a spray bottle and spray my legs/arms/undersarms/back/scalp/etc.

if you feel irritation slightly dilute to comfort level by using water.

you can also rub the soaked crystals into the skin or make a 4 inch by 6 inch wet patch of magnesium chloride just like a nicotine patch

this improves bioavailibility.

by the way don't use magnsium oxide as it has very poor bioavailability of 4% and very poor solubility.

drop a tablet in water and it takes forever to dissolve by which time it will be in the toilet.


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