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Abandon your Fiat Currency!

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 07:52 PM
We have become too dependent on the fraud which is Fiat currency, and as a people have allowed corrupt governments and greedy bankers rob us of our Gold standard.

It is time to convert your money to at least 1 of the 4 precious bullion recognized by the ISO currency codes, which are:


These metals are far more valuable then the burden of carrying them might seem, as it did when they were not so valuable back in the middle ages.

If we all convert our money to silver, as a start into precious metals (Because silver is ~ 17$ per ounce). We can start trading in a variety of silver amongst ourselves as our community currency.

Not only are you protecting your money from hyper-inflation which is going to happen since the Fed pumped lots of fake fiat currency back into the system.

It will allow you to become free of RFID controlled currency and potentially illegal taxation if all trade resumes to metals.

We can't wait for our corrupt and evil governments to switch back, we need to take it back.

I recommend starting to convert some of your capital fiat cash at least into silver, and start establishing a metal exchange with friends and business friends.

I am going to convert a percentage of my pay to silver and start creating my own currency standard that I want to live by. I encourage this in all of us.

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