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Possible Attack on NYC on the Horizon?

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:20 PM
OK...bear with me here. I don't intend for this to prediction thread, nor is this a doom and gloom thread, nor do I think the world is coming to and end.

That being said, I work for a large, well known, international media company in New York City - I won't divulge the name, but it is very well known. I work in a remote office in the city, but there is a headquarters building not too far away.

Two events recently occurred within a short period of time that raised my eyebrows.

1. Several days ago the building I work in, which is owned an operated by a separate management company, announced over the fire alarm intercom instructions if there were to be a biological, chemical or radioactive attack on the city. This was the first time I have heard the announcement be that specific, normally it is basic fire drill stuff.

2. A couple of days later, my manager handed me a sticker to attach to the back of my ID card with a "Toll Free Emergency Hotline" to call : the event of a New York area emergency for updates on how our operations may have been affected, building accessibility, directions about alternate work areas and information regarding your department.

The two things combined, one from my company - the other from the building I work in which is NOT owned by my company and all within a few days.

I am writing this to see if anyone in the NY area or in any other large city has received similar warnings.

It is probably a coincidence, but I was curious to see if this is a new city initiative or if someone knows something we don't.

Any thoughts?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:37 PM
I haven't but would definately expect something because NY is basically one of the most important and populated cities in the world. I personally hate it and can't wait to be out of this state, especially with the looming possibilities we know are innevitable.

I live in the same borough as you, so you now how screwed we would be if something actuially did happen. Once panic sets in, the streets and bridges would be railed. I can eventually see them blowing the bridges to contain us (I am Legend) depending on the scale and severity of the attack.

Truly sad what is becoming of this country and world in general.

Would appreciate if you could keep me posted with any info as a possible heads up. hate to get caught out there.

S&F for my Queens brethren.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:43 PM
Interesint..Well, its well known after teh twin towers fell, WTC building #7 also collapsed, adn was known for housing court documents of ussupected wall street MOFO's, and possibly judges who took bribes. I persoanlly feel AND sense it was an inside job..obviously, soemone, or scumbags, wanted to hide something, regarding financial gains... I wonder what they wanna blow up n hide in NY? Perticularly in manhattans financial district?


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