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The Aims of Aliens

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:38 AM
Well, I'm interested in what people think of my Alien theory, and what other people thing Aliens visit Earth. This is all speculation, and I'm not trying to force feed this as fact. Every time I have mention the Government throughout this thread, I usually mean compartmentalized sections of it, if I have said they are aware of the Alien presence, I'm am talking about these parts of the Government, unless I state otherwise.

Long ago, when Aliens first discovered Earth, they found that the most intelligent form of life was the primates. They were already so advances and intelligent by this stage that they were able to take their own DNA and through some extreme genetic engineering they were able to combine a tiny amount of it with the ape, essentially they took the ape, changed the body a little to their desires, and tweaked the brain a little. In doing so, they produced a more intelligent and self-aware ape, which was ultimately their goal, they didn't want to stand around hoping the apes become self-aware. I'm not sure if they bred the apes to help achieve the desired results, but it seems they would be so advanced in their genetic engineering techniques, that there would be no need at all for such methods. I suspect they chose the ape out of all the species because it resembled their own species closest. They changed the apes body a little, they used the model of their own brain, they know what makes them "intelligent", they have a full understanding of how their own mind works, and using this knowledge, they altered the apes brain, adding the mechanisms that give them "intelligence". I think the human fossil set implies their intervention, and now scientists are seeing that our DNA contains signs of artificial genetic manipulation.

I'm sure they expect this experiment to produce much more than "lab data", and this is why I think they have a larger plan for us. The most common problem with skeptics, is that they underestimate how advanced these beings would be and how much longer they have been in existence than us, they have space crafts that can obviously break the speed of light, they aren't even "physical" as we know it, they are highly quantized, high frequency, energy crafts, visible much of the time, only in the lower light spectrum (the higher frequencies). With some study, they will fully understand how the apes brain works and computes information, hell, they would have more "intelligent" computers, and yes, I do mean they can create Artificial Intelligence, that's what they did with us, the brain is essentially a computer, they like creating intelligence, it's like a science to them, and Earth is like their experimental "ant farm", they probably have more than just Earth under analysis. So, they upgraded the ape to version 2.0, which is a tremendous feat for them, but no where near impossible, with enough knowledge, after all, mother nature created all the extremely complex life forms on Earth, and the brains that those animals use, we just got a little bit of "unnatural" help along the way. The brain is nothing but an extremely complex computer, programmed and manufactured by Mother Nature, I see no reason why Aliens could not study, and understand just how the ape's brain worked. It is now just a case of understanding genetics, and manipulating, adding, and taking from the DNA of the ape, which essentially contains the brains programming and hardware information. It's like the setup file for an application. It remains, compressed, and in a state that makes it unuseful until it is "installed", uncompressed, and put into use. The setup application is programmed by a programmer, just as our DNA was programmed by survival of the fittest (and Aliens).

We were in fact, a genetic experiment created by these Aliens. They are very interested in the deeper things about us, such as our religious beliefs, how we react to certain situations as a newly developing civilization, our emotions, passion, compassion, love, hatred, fear etc. They have been, and still are abducting people to implant "microchips" that monitor our bodily functions and maybe even our brains and thoughts. They also perform genetic experiments on people, some are returned, some are not. They watched us create a society, they watched us advance and learn. The Government have built and established massive underground infrastructure, and all this is kept secret from the masses. Through the process of reverse engineering downed UFOs over the years, the Government has developed extremely advanced technology (not very advanced compared to what they have, low grade stuff really, but brilliant in the eyes of humans) such as free-energy and anti-gravity technology. The Government obviously doesn't release a lot of this technology through greed and power, and the Aliens let them do what they like, as they are only here to study us, but they have leaked some technology, and it accounts for our sudden technological boom.

So what is their ultimate goal? Lets start from the beginning. They found Earth full of life when they developed the technology to explore the depths of the universe. As I said, they gave the ape a slightly modified body and brain, they probably chose the ape because it was most similar to themselves, and they could see the potential, so they modified the ape, and now it was self-aware, it was a species totally different from the original ape, it was the human. So the human began to civilize, colonize, develop communities, technology and the such. Now, the Aliens had a goal in mind from the moment the created the "human". Not only would they find it interesting and informative, to study us, but they wanted us to achieve greatness in a given time, greatness in the form of understanding, truth, and real cosmic truth comes in the forms of philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual understanding, we must rid ourselves of the materialistic and conditioned views we hold, we must become aware of our higher selves, our souls, our spirituality, we must also rid our selves of war, crime, anger, violence, arrogance and greed, we must step up a level and come together as a species, we must become something they feel safe they can release into the universe, we must become a species they can respect and admire, we must become a species they can be proud of. Now, they figure if we can't do it in a certain time, which we are not, they are going to need to intervene, they will let the catastrophic events of 2012 happen, but they will only save those who they feel deserve to be saved, it will be like a cleansing process, they will rid our species of the undesirable part of the population which, will be most of it, they will let those who are saved in on a few important facts, and after the events which only start on 2012, and slowly build up from there, have passed, they will place the saved back on Earth. It will be like a kick in the behind, they will enable us to gain a huge evolutionary advancement, and so they continue studying and waiting, until will can be released into the wild, free from our zoo, and zoo keepers.

They're here for scientific, philosophical, and spiritual study. I assume that these beings are highly advanced, so much so that they were are able to engineer our species, but they did it for a reason, will goals in mind, they still have a lot of philosophical and spiritual things to understand, especially when it comes to the development of an intelligent species from scratch, the amount of invaluable knowledge that could be gained from such a study, is enormous, there isn't much left to do after a billion years but play God, and learn from it. They are not here to use or control us, only to learn from us. I'm pretty sure that if they can harness free, zero-point energy for all their energy needs, and engineer an intelligent being with enough effort, they can probably turn zero-point energy into any element they please, things like money, gold, diamond, oil etc would probably be materialist ideals to them, and of no value, they only seek knowledge, philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual understanding. I do have a strong belief that every thing in the universe is nothing but energy in one form/state or another, it's basically proven in science, hence the fact that I think they are very past the whole materialistic mindset, and onto a philosophical and spiritual one. I'm sure other species do visit us as well, if any were disagreeing, it wouldn't be the planet they would fight over, they aren't concerned over such materialistic things, and there are countless planets just like ours, it would be our existence they would fight over. One might consider us as a useless, destructive, virus like species, and another might like to give us a chance, contain us until we are worthy of coexisting with a peaceful, glorious, brilliant, enlightened, spiritual, philosophical space community in pure harmony, in which all, can live and learn.

They are not going to wipe us out, they are going to let a lot of us be wiped out...but they will still save those who they see as the best choices for cleansing our population, I can see nothing wrong with it, they are still saving those who have unknowingly helped themselves and our species by loving, caring, and pulling their weight in our society, those politicians and Governmental figures who think they can escape the devastation are very, very wrong, building massive underground structures is not going to help them at all, most of these people are corrupt and greedy, they make up a lot of the people that cause our population to be unclean in the first place.

How does being a lab rat sit with me? It sits fine with me, it doesn't really make a difference, we are caged by the Government anyway, but there is a difference with the Aliens, their intentions are perfectly reasonable, logical and right. I'm absolutely fine with being an experiment, and if the Aliens see me as a corruption to their experiment, so be it, I don't mind, as long as it is for the good of our species, and our future, and it doesn't really matter what others think, because if my theory is correct, and they are seen as an experimental failure, they have no choice in the matter, and if they are found as a corruption to our species, and our future, than their opinion really isn't worth anything to the experimenters. We rid our experiments of undesirable aspects and see it as a perfectly reasonable and logical thing to do, do we care what any of the hamsters or rats care or think about killing them if they are failed genetic experiments? They are not here to toy with us, or control us, or destroy us, they are only our keepers in a way, our creators, they learn from us while making sure things are going ok, and we aren't going to blow the planet up, they have a lot invested in this planet. We are still being watched carefully, and I don't see it as corrupting "natural" DNA, it's all just perfectly reasonable science. We change the genetics of numerous species constantly, and after all, we could have evolved any other way, nothing makes our genetics “natural”, it's all chance, and what works best.

So why do they remain hidden? I see three possibilities: they do not want to interfere with us in anyway, they were told to remain hidden by the Government in return for non-retaliation, and underground infrastructure (least likely, and I couldn't see them listening to such a primitive species or being incapable of creating their own safe havens), or, most likely, they don't care, and the way their craft work, makes them naturally invisible anyway, but they can lower their energy state into the visible light spectrum, which is why lots of people have seen them. They don't want to remain hidden, I think they just don't care if we see them, in fact I think they are hoping we soon realize their existence without them having to let us know themselves, it must be getting really ridiculous in their eyes. They were probably told to remain hidden, but they obviously won't listen to us, especially the corrupt people that want them to remain hidden, and they most certainly can create their own safe heavens, which are most likely not even on Earth, they would be on nearby planets in our solar system, and there are lots of Government, NASA, and astronomy related people who claim that there are in fact huge structures on the moon and under the surface of Mars, but yes, they have introduced themselves to people in higher places, and I do suspect that they operate in, and have helped build, our massive underground infrastructure. I suspect that we have very close relations with these beings in some parts of our secret Government operations.

Why doesn't the Government tell us about the Alien presence? The Government is aware of Alien existence because they have recovered downed UFOs. They have many things that assure them of Alien existence. This is how I see it: The Government knows that these beings are not a threat to us, but they they use this as an excuse to make it an issue of national security, although they are certain that these beings are of no threat to us. They also use, the excuse that "we can't handle the Earth shaking information, and the implications of this information", but both of these are just excuses for keeping the information suppressed, the real reason lies in the greed and lust for power this minority of corrupt people have. The technology and the information that has come from relations with Aliens and the reverse engineering of Alien space crafts would totally rid the world of all polluting sources of energy and propulsion, the world would change dramatically overnight, 3rd world countries could be given free energy, and they would no longer make billions, or trillions every year, from these Earth destroying methods of power production. The Government you know of isn't really the Government that runs the game, the reality you live in, isn't really the reality we are told to believe, the technologies that make this greedy minority, millions, if not trillions every year, are actually very obsolete, due to the reverse-engineering of UFOs and dealing with Aliens, the knowledge of the Universe will dramatically change if we do start dealing with these beings on a public basis. But, when one looks, the evidence makes things very clear, and as I often say: It's not that the Government covers every last bit of evidence, it's that we deny every last bit of evidence. They probably do fear the reaction the public might have, especially if we are products of their ingenuity, how do you tell religious people that? Not caring about this Alien subject is like knowing you are living in the matrix, but chose to live in it, "ignorance is bliss". Yes, they are far more advanced than us, they explore the outer reaches of the universe, and they do care about our stupid, arrogant, violent, and war driven species, because we are a product of their ingenuity, they have a lot invested in Earth, our species and our genes. Yep, we are nothing more than a giant ant farm to them, and I'm not saying you should have a passion in the subject, but you should have more than just ridicule and skepticism for the subject, I just feel there is no where near the number of people that there should be in relation to the evidence. We are lacking people who have a true, genuine interest in the subject, with the whole of mankind in mind, not just a selfish hope of being able to meet an Alien or fly in a UFO through the universe, or some ridiculous, arrogant, and smug motive for having an interest in the subject. This is very important on every level, and my goals are not to create Alien technology or figure it out, we must work it out our selves, and we have worked a lot out, but the public doesn't know. These hidden truths are only stumping the development of man kind. If this stuff was released, finally we can start to work together, heal the Earth, and see our selves as not just Americans, Australians, Asians, Africans etc, but as a species, as humans.

I know I make a lot of claims that a lot of people will disagree with, but I have come to these conclusions through malicious research and analysis of anything I find. I don't think the Government must be hiding these things because there is no evidence, there is plenty of evidence, but they hide what they can, and plenty of people who have worked in sensitive positions, that allows them access to this sensitive information have come forward, hundreds have come forward, there are numerous reports by the Air Force and other Governmental operations, from all around the world, that are now getting released to the public, there is just so much evidence, when one looks, it becomes quite clear. I think most of this might sound like nonsense to a species that is anything up to several billion years behind the species we are talking about, I am only theorizing and philosophizing on Aliens, do you expect the assumptions made to not sound outlandish, to you expect them to sound from this word, would you expect the correct answer, assuming Aliens do visit Earth, to sound any less outlandish...think about it.

I see this as the biggest and most important cover up in existence. I see them doing everything they can to keep this thing in the dark. I do not think it is anywhere near impossible for them to do what I have suggested, among other things such as false information injections (which keeps us confused and unable to pull any truth from all the lies), ridicule, mockery, threats, and even murder, but I don't think they have played the homicide card for a long time, those days are probably over, but I wouldn't put it past them. We are talking extremely huge amounts of money here, and the stability of the economy, for example, the single oil company Exxon:

Exxon, the world's largest publicly traded oil company, said fourth-quarter net income rose 14% to $11.66 billion, or $2.13 per share. The company earned $10.25 billion, or $1.76 per share, in the year-ago period.

The profit topped Exxon's previous quarterly record of $10.7 billion, set in the fourth quarter of 2005, which also was an all-time high for a U.S. corporation.

"Exxon can put out some amazing numbers and this is one of those cases," said Jason Gammel, senior analyst at Macquarie Securities in New York.

Exxon also set an annual profit record by earning $40.61 billion last year - or nearly $1,300 per second in 2007. That exceeded its previous record of $39.5 billion in 2006.

In the fourth quarter, the company said revenue rose 29.5% from a year ago to $116.64 billion.

And this doesn't include every other oil company, and fuel source, such as coal, gas etc.

The oil companies probably don't even know of the Alien presence, and they certainly don't know of their intentions. The Government makes extreme amounts of money off their own power production, and the units that use this power, they also enjoy the taxes that anyone pays when using any power, or propulsion units that they don't own. The economy basically depends on the current, conventional means of producing power. What would happen if all these assets were suddenly worthless overnight? They don't want this to happen, and they will go to extreme lengths to stop it, the fat cats will loose most control over the average Joe, they don't want the little guy to be equal. Now, I'm not 100% sure if the Government works with them, but they definitely know, and they cover it up for numerous reasons which I have previously stated throughout this thread, this thing is huge. The Aliens are more interested in other things, they aren't to worried if we know they exist or not, although that doesn't mean they don't care about this, they will just cut to the chase when the cleansing process begins, they will fill these people in on a few things, and let the experiment continue, in a better fashion, they can only get so much out of out of lies arrogance and stupidity, this gets old, and they are more interested in the positive growth of our species, after all, their ultimate goal is to intermingle with us, feel safe about us traveling throughout the universe and be capable of handling advanced technologies without corrupt thoughts of greed and power entering our minds.

So how can they get here? They can go anywhere they like in very little, or no time, they do not see distance as a barrier, so they do not see traveling half way across a universe as any sort of tedious task. When it comes to free energy, just look around you, at all the objects that surround you, it's all made of energy, even that space containing not even a particle is fluctuating with energy. Let me ask, is everything, all the energy that exploded out of the infinitely small point, in the event we call the big bang, not free energy? Where did it come from? Was it already here?

Our existence is nothing compared to their life span and the time their species have been in existence. They have engineered their own DNA to such an extent, that they are almost immortal. They will cleanse the population if we don't meet their standards in the required time. I believe the clock runs out on 2012, and this is why we have had a sudden and huge increase in UFO sightings recently. We are due for the next mass extinction, and we pass through the galactic belt in 2012:
Mass extinction comes every 62 million years, UC physicists discover
Earth faces sixth mass extinction
These beings have no negative, evil, or corrupt objectives or motives, so the most obvious answer as to what to do, is just to wake up to ourselves, and step up a level, in the way I have stated. They are of no threat, they are not like that, they realize that war, crime, anger, violence, arrogance and greed are just pathetic, useless, and unintelligent ways of going about things, they are past all of that, not to mention, they have been around long before us, and if they were angry or hostile in any way, we would have been gone a long time ago, it would be like stepping on an ant to them. We are most definitely of no threat to them, and they are of no threat to us. Being a part of this universal civilization, is the future of man kind, working with a diverse amount of life forms, and ridding our selves of the war, poverty and crimes that take place constantly, we need to move past this stupidity and extreme arrogance fueled by greed. With no effort, comes no rewards, and we are stuck in this reality, with the Governments and media keeping people dumbed down with mindless, stupid, things that keep us liking and wanting the most stereotypical and materialistic b*lls**t, that it makes me want to barf. When ET's look at us, they must think so low of us, I feel ashamed to be apart of this species we call "intelligent". It just comes down to be lazy, boring, arrogant, greedy, and egotistic beings that act on animalistic impulses. It disgusts me. Wake up people, get in the game, think, put in effort, work towards helping others, and not just your self, expand your mind, just fu**ing move up a level, past all this crap, we are better than this, the world is being destroyed, yet we sit around and watch, we are happy with the here and now, the answer is right in front of our eyes, we just have to want it, and put in the effort, put pressure on those who have the answer but are happy making billions from the polluting energy producing methods, that are now very obsolete. If people actually cared about something other than themselves and their current reality, which has been engineered by the greedy, then maybe we would have the truth open to the world by now. We are just like a virus, we infect the Earth, over populate, and strip the Earth of life, we destroy anything we come into contact with. We have to move past greed, hatred and violence, we must move up, and become something they feel safe they can release into the universe, work with, respect, and truly be a species they see as "intelligent". I'm just saying more people need to take it more seriously, and realize the serious aspects and implifications involveded, yes, we still have to do all those other things we do, but lets not just laugh and giggle at the idea, because I assure you, the world will know eventually, and the sooner the better for everyone.

Governments all around the world are starting to release their UFO documentation, although I suspect they are keeping hidden the more sensitive documents, the more highly classified and revealing documents. The following links are the two parts of the 2 hour DVD version of "The Disclosure Project", yes, I know that's a while, but it is REALLY good. Make sure you take note of who these people are. These intelligent, highly credible, highly stable, high ranking, highly respectable, and high status people risk their jobs, future employment, extreme ridicule, skepticism and mockery, their respect, rankings and status, and looking like absolute nuts, and all because they feel the truth must be disclosed, all because they want to help man kind, and this is what they get in return? The "whistle blowers" want nothing more than the truth to be free and as I have stated, they only risk loosing their jobs, being ridiculed and mocked beyond belief. I guarantee you, search the entire Internet, these people are who they say they are, I even found a NASA page which said it was perfectly legit, but the claims were outlandish and had nothing to do with science.

Google Video Link

Google Video Link

Since the Disclosure project DVD can't contain all the testimony, and I only gave links to the 2 hour version, anyone that found the testimonies in the videos interesting, can read most of them in the zip file I have linked, their is still a lot of great testimony and great people to hear from. I have also linked a list containing names of the people who testify.
EDIT: I just linked the entire PDF "Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project Briefing Document". It also contains pages of scanned Government documents.

Disclosure Name List.txt – 4.36KB
DisclosureTestimony.rar – 62.4KB
Executive Summary of the Disclosure Project Briefing Document – 7.46MB PDF

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 09:53 AM
well i new to tis site and tis first time im writing on it! i have to admit i like your theory and i totally agree with you on more spirituality and people been less materlistic! good work and post!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:06 PM
To the original poster, large parts of this appear to be copy/pasted from other philosophy forums. It is possible you are registered there, and this is still your own work, but as it's published online in various sources, you may want to cite this in your above post to avoid plagiarism....

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:13 PM
I believe that initially earth was a project and humans were to evolve naturally and spiritually, many different species were involved in this. The wrong group (known to the Sumerians as the Annanuki, or Enki's group) staged a war and mars, atlantis and lemuria went down, and unfortunately somehow got rights here, and we were consequently halted in our development, with our dna seriuosly messed with, and became a kind of slave race for them, that continues to this day, with our leaders agents on their behalf, or their hybrids.
We are used to fight their battles, kept dumbed down, and divided in various ways.

The visitors, which increased in large numbers especially on the advent of our nuclear power and advanced science have worked with the goverments, many did pull away. Some simply refused to and told them that they would have to abide by certain galactic laws and discontinue their nuclear programs, and refused to exchange technology. They have begun to work in earnest with grass roots people, some still possibly with the leaders, and most are unified with a galactic law, and purpose to free our planet.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
To the original poster, large parts of this appear to be copy/pasted from other philosophy forums. It is possible you are registered there, and this is still your own work, but as it's published online in various sources, you may want to cite this in your above post to avoid plagiarism....
Thanks for the replies. Yes, I originally started a similar thread on a philosophy forum. This is just the sum total of what I came up with on those forums.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 01:04 PM
I like your approach, it is very important to try and be as rational as possible. I was wondering to what you refer when saying that there is emerging evidence of 'artificial' DNA entwined in our own....I do think that earth being a giant (to us) experiment is up there in the list of possibilities.
Hopefully, we are more than just an ant farm, and it would seem so, if we are indeed imbued with the DNA of the aliens....

I understand your angst and disappointment with our species. We seem capable of so much, yet often fail miserably. Can I ask if you are in your late twenties, as many of your theories seem like a metaphor for where you might be in your own psychological development?

Anyway, like I said, good theory. I really think that if it is true, then it is time to let the chips fall where they may. I don't mean to inject politics too much, but we, are, as a species, very political. The type of heat Obama is getting seems so overblown. Look at the vitriol he received for being diplomatic and polite towards a leader of one of our major allies. I would give him decent marks so far, but when I see the type of criticism he is getting, it makes me think that others see him as very dangerous to the powers that be. Who knows though, maybe it's just evidence of how easy people are manipulated when TPTB know how to blow the dog whistle. In any event, it is likely that Obama will be President throughout 2012. I don't really see the aliens coming to say that Obama is a hidden socialist, so watch out, lol. However, like you said, greed is the ultimate sin, and that is why any mention of a more collectivist understanding of the individual within a larger community is quickly shot down and ridiculed by a certain segment of TPTB and their easily manipulated base of automatons. It's so unfortunate, if the angry paranoid masses could direct their energies towards the proper sources, I believe change would/ could happen very quickly....

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 02:18 PM
A lot of your post is interesting and make a lot of sense.

If we are being visited, there has to be more than 1 race. Assuming a small percentage of eye witness accounts are true, then we are dealing with both malevolent and benevolent beings.

We are kind of like whales. There are groups who wish to kill for profit and those who wish to "save" them.

Your DNA idea is one of the more plausible theories, if you can call these theories. Humans are already in process of genetic experiments.

Maybe our evolutionary path was doomed and primates were heading towards extinction. The benevolent beings saved us as humans would save an endangered species.


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