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Perhaps we should fight ignorance

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 07:27 AM
Hi all,
this is my very first post but I have been following ATS closely for quite a while now. I stumbled upon it by accident and since then it really opened my mind and got me thinking about the universe around me and in which we all live. I believe I can safely say you would all agree with me if I said our world would be a lot better place if everybody started thinking. No, not solving math problems or deciding what car they are going to get. I mean real thinking, about vital things that make the world around them.

I believe ATS is a very good way of 'opening your eyes' as I can tell from experience. So wouldn't it be great if more people shared this experience? I see people complaining about other people being ignorant all the time. So why not do something about it when we have the ways to do it. These ways are in fact invented by the 'big evil world-controlling multinationals' themselves.
People tend to do what other people do in every way, also thinking. So let's get people to think likewise and stop being in false denial.

And the right way to do that would be to have more people to stumble upon this forum, and cracking up the amount of advertisement would be the perfect way. Flood the net with ATS commercials! Every ad equals ten less people being ignorant. Let the first ever commercial war on ignorance begin right here on ATS!

If anyone has any suggestions on how to boost up ATS web-popularity feel free to post them. It doesn't necessarily have to be ad's, maybe someone can make a new famous youtube clip about ATS or make a famous youtube video containing subliminal messages and ATS logo's.

Just kidding, but anyway I'm eager to see what you guys can come up with.


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