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Weapons-Grade Lasers by the end of 08?

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:06 AM
Weapons-Grade Lasers by the end of '08?
How many times have weapons researchers, manufacturers, and "point men" told the industry watchers that a practical battlefield laser, "Is One or two years away from reality."
Thanks to funding by DARPA - (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the leading and discretionary branch of the Defense Department's research division) and the decision to abandon chemical lasers in favor of electrically powered energy beams, there are numerous systems now coming to fruition. Although varied in stages of development, the prospect of a incorporating lasers into our defensive weaponry may be the first use of a "ray gun" on the battlefield.
The final testing phase of the Army's new "Laser Centurion" (Below) is already underway:
White Sands Testing New Laser System
As well it's Laser Avenger system, which is meant to augment the current 8 missile defense system, Avenger which is deployed for air defense against low flying objects:
Laser 1, Drone 0
As mentioned, many systems are currently being researched and tested in line with the Army and the Air Force's anticipated needs for future battles as well as current threats.
There are many reasons to research and deploy this technology and its offshoots. Precision, which means no civilian casualties, non-toxic to environment - meaning no left-over residuals or undischarged ordnance, and yeah, okay ... they're just so cool!
I was eight when I saw "The Forbidden Planet" on our old B&W TV, and ever since have been drawn to Sci-Fi and its futuristic technologies.
But when those fanciful contraptions started to become reality, like Star Trek's "Instant meals" galley and the intro of microwave ovens circa 1970's. I have always had the impatient desire to see energy weapons as a tool in our arsenal.
But, there's more to the story:
It seems, because our Nation isn't and never have been fiscally responsible - the current billions-for-bailout a prime example - and the investments already made in billion dollar systems that are just coming online, we can't afford these additions to our offensive/defensive capabilities.
Battlefield Lasers: Tech ready - Cash poor?

Any thoughts from my learned colleagues here on ATS?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:13 AM
they have had a microwave weapon for a number of years now.

you cant see any beam but put your hand in the line of fire and you'll certainly feel it.

i posted a non lethal weapons video on ats a while ago about it and a few other things.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 06:48 AM
Yes, I've read about that and its revised versions. But, as I recall it was an enormous power hog and had limited range of optimal effect. I think the Pain Ray that is currently being touted as the non-lethal "Active Denial System" is supposed to be the "Humanitarian" replacement for it, since a millimeter wave can be controlled more effectively and it won't "cook" the target.
Thanks for the post!

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