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The Trinity

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:49 PM
I have had many people ask me to share my opinions about self awareness more. So here we go with a tidbit from my crazy mind.

I would like to address what I call “The Trinity” it is a major key to understanding your life path.

It is made up of the “Basic Self” the “Conscience self” and the “Higher Self”

1) The Basic self

This is the inner child or subconscious. It identifies with the physical body, Intuitive thinking and gut feelings. It is playful is the source of energy inspiration loyalty and determination.

2) The Conscience self

This is our computer brain. It works with logic and can if left to its own devices devaluate the gut feeling of the Basic Self. The same way an adult devalues the feelings of a child. If you listen only to this portion of the self you lose touch with feelings and deeper intuition.

3) The Higher self

This manifests selfless courage, love, compassion, wisdom, altruism and joy. It has deep empathy for the basic self and the consciences self. It is in a state of loving detachment gently guiding the conscience self without interfering with it. It lets the conscience self make its own choices and learn whatever lessons it needs.

Recall those moments when you felt inspired when your mind stopped, your body relaxed and the heart opened to feel the embrace of the higher self.

When one refers to one as being awake this is what it means. To embrace and understand the entire Trinity and let them all work together in harmony. To feel it in your gut with the basic self, learning with the conscience self and guiding with the higher self. We reach a higher vibration state when we work the Trinity in harmony.

I hope to hear your opinions and help add to this train of thought.

Thank you.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 10:19 PM
I think all discussion on spirituality is a good way to spiritual growth. Sometimes we can learn from others, and I can see that LGM is definitely thinking about this a lot.

My take on the Trinity varies a bit from yours though. I would split the trinity into three pieces also. I will call them "the animal", "the soul" and "the source".

The "nimal"is the body that we are born within with all it's ego needs. It's drives are very freudian in nature- survival, propagation, hunger, thirst, and sex and the death drive.

The "soul" - has as it's driving force the need to evolve to her "vibrations" , to clear karma, and to self actualize amongst many other roles. It's growth is achieved by service to other actions- truth, unconditional love and humility. As becomes obvious these "needs" are constantly in competition with those of the "animal".

The anology I want to use is the "animal" is the horse and the "soul" is the rider - when the rider takes control the soul has the ability to achieve it's goal of progressing along it's spiritual path. When however the horse is in control it will go wherever it wants and frequently totally away from where the rider wishes to go.

The "source" in turn is the ultimate goal of the individual soul - the home base, so to speak, it's highest level of development. The moment where the soul becomes one with it's creator.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 10:31 PM
Very well said I could feel the concept but you articulated it so much better.

If the rider controls the horse and the horse can sense with its instinct then the rider must also master the horses language too?

The entire idea of the rider clearing the Karma answers a lot of questions in my mind. A lot of negative karma we create is out of ignorance and not true malice. Like the mistakes of a child.

These mistakes are what makes the soul have growth? Once we learn all the mistakes we can make in many incarnations we then become part of the source?

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