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The President Who Told The Truth (after video edits)

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
reply to post by karl 12

karl, good find....this need to be spread far and wide, again, just in case YT takes it down first.

All of the others who complained that the Kennedy video was what?

Modern news stories are edited every day....people who take time to read, can learn.

Two wrongs make a right? That is where we get into trouble. Either truth is the goal or it is not. Manipulating and editing a speech made by someone who is long gone and can not set the record straight is a problem. Even if the whole concept is true, the method is wrong.

Don't misunderstand my intent, I'm objecting to the manipulation of Kennedy's words. Creative editing should be the death blow for any video, even if the subject is correct. The unedited speech should have been used and the listener should decide its meaning. Not someone manipulating the words of another to fit their notions. Wrong is wrong.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:35 PM

Originally posted by branty
going to have to pass on the listening to Tupac thing, no disrespect meant, but if we are looking for guidance from the lowest denominators in our society

Lowest Denominators in our society???
You my friend are so narrow minded that it's sad.
Tupac, aside from being a very accomplished MUSICIAN (before age 25) was also an ACTOR (7 movies, 2 TV shows) AUTHOR/POET (A rose that grew from concrete.)

To say he was one of the Lowest Denominators in our country is very disrepectful and ignorant to say the least.

I suggest you pick up the book of his poetry. Maybe you will understand this topic a little better, and maybe culture yourself a little while your at it.
2 Birds... One Stone....

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:35 PM
Belive what you will about this. I and three other men heard the Kennedy asasination on a automobile radio. I worked for a GM Dealer in KY in 61-1964 as their bookkeeper. Business was slow the day Kennedy was murdered so we sat in a new Cadillac in the showroom listening to the Dallas parade. The reporter was calm and giving a clear narrative as the convoy went along. Suddenly there was a series of loud explosions very close, and that reporter totally lost his cool. He screamed "there are shots coming from a grassy knoll. There are shots coming from an overpass directly ahead of the convoy. A policeman is running up the grassy knoll."
I was in the Cadillac, the owner was in the driver's seat, his brother that was part owner of the business was on the passenger side, and I and a used car salesman was in the back seat. We all heard it. We never heard that news report rebroadcast, or ever heard of that newsman again. The next morning when we came to work we turned the radio on to listen to the news of the assassination. The first thing we heard was there was a lone gunman and a single shot from a book repository bldg. in the rear. We all shouted in unison "COVERUP." If four men in the heart of Appalachia heard this, how many millions more heard it? THIS IS WHY AMERICA REFUSED TO BUY THE WARREN REPORT. It was blatant lies.
We four after this event were scared of our own Govt. and refused to talk of this, and especially me for about 20 years. I then wrote to several Senators etc. about it and never got a reply back. This was the only thing the CONSPIRATORS did not have control over that day. A lone news reporter wandred right up on the site of the shooting and was very close to it. They could not control what he saw and heard, and could not stop us from hearing it. Is there a conspiracy.....ABSOLUTELY!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by JoshNorton
reply to post by DragQueen4Peace

This should be retitled The You Tube Video Editor Who Lied.

The above video edits out entire paragraphs of Kennedy's speech, totally changing the meaning. Read along for yourself.

I say close the thread and label it "HOAX" because that's all this video is... fabricated and deliberately manipulated with intent to deceive the viewer.

If you listen to the video and read the speech it changes nothing. So, it skipped parts about not being allowed on his golf green. And he speaks of increasing public knowledge (an a luusion to Propoganda in favor of American Interests) and increased official Secrecy (to hide that Communist and watered down Communist Propoganda had already infilitrated every level of our government high and low, public and private) thanks to things like ignoring the wage concerns of a struggling journalist like Karl Marx, which lead to Socialist movements, and because of that, the need to provide for the poor and lazy and non tax paying in Society, for fear that failure to do so will give rise to the next Marx, or Lenin.

How is it a hoax to take the meat and potatoes out of the soup if it doesn't change the soup?

People need to quit being so disinforming and Communistic. We have freedom of speech in America. And if you don't like the thread, leave. Quit blabbering on about how it should be boycotted. Start your own thread and show the entire footage, quit starting trouble over something so trivial. CGI has the power render all video unworthy, to be honest. Propoganda in Advertising and all media, internet, tv, radio, newspaper, journals, magazines, flyers, etc. Are all one sided and biased. Rather than integrate every facet involved in an issue and introducing all views and interpretations of an issue, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, left, right, center, for, against, neutral, Democratic, Republic, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Conservative, Radical, scientific for, scientific against, and on and on, then what we get is half truths and measures, and we tout our beliefs as though they were as firm as a mountain embedded in Eartyh while all we think we know is more akin to driftwood on the water waiting for the currents to drag it upon one coast or another. Maybe we craft the wood into a work of art or cast it back adrift to the tides, or, we leave it lie where it decomposes into antiquity. That is how information and logic works. Quit bashing everything you know you don't really fully know. And the more you think you do, the less you really have a clue. And you I use in a general sense, if any are offended personally, consult a psychiatrist for your ails, as I am neither your doctor nor do I care. I come to these sites for alternative views, I don't wanna hear your problems, pardner. Go and start your own thread and tell it like you know it. Quit rallying the troops to shut up someone else. Fight propoganda with propoganda. It can't be beat any other way, and, whining about how it's edited won't do anything for you but make you appear incapable of rebuttal.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

OK, Blaine...

I'd iike to see the entire, unedited speech....just to judge for myself.

Off topic, a bit....but.....have seen, in recent years......the ability to 'frame' ideas, based on clever editting.

It is a neded 'Heads Up" to all....please, please do not not succomb to stuff that may be faked....

We all must keep our heads up,and our brains engaged.....

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by DragQueen4Peace

I was going to post this. I have studied politics for roughly 12 years and this is one of my favorite speeches. It is utterly convincing and truly from the heart. What i find worrying is that modern political speeches are nothing more than populist rhetoric. They are completely devoid of any important message and are simply trying to appeal to the masses.

This is why i've given up on the political system as a whole.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:15 PM

Originally posted by branty
Brings a tear to my eye. The only question I have about vid was , Tupac, the man was a thug. Why not JFK jr, i mean surely his death was clouded and he was the heir apparrant.

Sounds like either a very naive or a very racist statement. Tupac was born into the age of the Black Panthers and COINTELPRO, I should think anyone who frequents a Conspiracy site would be aware of such things. He was highly educated and excelled in all his classes. While at one point in his life he was broke and lived in a ghetto whose mother was addicted to crack, lending him more authority on the subject than so called experts, his was a community struggling from the affects of slavery. First off, while people pat themselves on the back for all their achievements in racial equality and integration, it is less spoken of about the true reality that the psychological trauma of slavery was never addressed from the time the slaves were free of their torture to the generations that followed them, or, the psychological mentallity of slave supporters or dissenters which were passed down the generations as well, even in the 1940's and 50's American text books referred to blacks as darkies Niggers which will be changed to N- word as soon as I post this to support Communistically designed censorship, and history revision, but, point proven, so, if you don't realize what it means to treat people like wild animals and sexual objects and to have your way with men, women, and childrn, or seperating entire families and communities, and unlike African Slavery, strip people of all rights completely, then kill any who show intelligence and breed only the strongest-- no small wonder blacks are the minority population majority athletes. Then, to expect that genetically intelligent individuals will rise from the intellectually unbred race, well, then you live in denial. There are smart people among the black people, because fortuanately intelligence doesn't depend entirely on genetics, but, by and large, it is not a common theme. Selective Breeding is to blame. So, you label all blacks as lowest common denominators in Society. TV shows you broke black mothers and violent black men, that is numerically impossible. At 12% of the population, assuming half, 6% are women, and half of them, 3%, are on welfare, then that's 3% of the population of the US on welfare. Same for men, if they are half of the 12% of the population, which is, 6%, and half are criminals, 3%, then, they account for 3% of the population of criminals. Your math is severely messed up. I can tell you taht the assumptions I have made are grossly exagerrated. meaning, the percentages are far smaller than that. Which means that white people on average of both the population, and by a comparison of ratio's between the races of the population, account for the majority of violent crime and welfare. Show me that on tv or radio, or anywhere else in the media. You won't because people , by and large, are dumber than hell.
Tupac, was highly educated, he accelled in all his courses, having been taken out of the projects he lived in a mild suburban setting, during his time in the projects the dealers saw such promise in him they forbid him to use or be sold drugs. Didn't know that did you. After he moved to the urb's, he didn't suffer the ails of his people, he lived in a predominately white neighbor hood and recieved white education attending private school. He began his video career as a Dancer. He degraded himself through mock sex with blowup dolls. He did it because it was the only foot in the door he might get. Then, his Poetry captured the attention of the Hip Hop (not rap-- big difference, Hip Hop is Poetry in Motion, that is Poetry set to music, rap is rhyming with sound effects). He became a sucess. Thanks to his relationship with Jada Pinkett growing up, another highly educated and successful Black, he broke into TV, with the spin off of Bill Cosby Show's (another highly educated successful black man who later broke into tv such talents as Wyclef Jean from the Fuggees, whose highly educated, sexy, and talented lead Singer starred with whoopi Goldberg another highly educated and talented and influential Black person in Sister Act 2 Back in the Habit) all of which were major successes in the white communities. If you know anything about a thug. A thug, or thug life, is one who is educated, talented, and influential, but is still considered an ignorant, violent, trouble maker by those who are to ignorant to read or listen to what they say and take the time to realize that they are not just making stuff up, but are characterizing realities they do not actually live, but, through which others do, and do it so well, you believe that they live the life they speak of. He was never a gangbanger or thug, until the Police beat the hell out of him, not knowing who he was, but judging stupidly that he was just another dumb gang banging 'n-word'. Which launched him into the underground movement and made him such a threat that the FBI under Cointelpro stayed on him like white on rice. Thereby creating another cultural Karl Marx, just as Kennedy in the speech posted here warned the press to be careful they didn't do again and that the government and they shared a role in preventing doing the same. Thefore, Tupac is a great example that Kennedy was correct and that the Government and Media failed to learn from the lessons of Karl Marx.

Moreso than Bobby Kennedy, what ignoring of the man or the truth of who he was did they ignore exactly or falsely portray? What pressure did they bring to bear on Bobby that led to a cultural revolution? Exactly what revolution was that?

If you don't think, well, maybe that's the problem. I think, I study what I don't know, therefore, I can see the connection and signifigance of Tupac as an example over Bobby Kennedy.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by ImaginaryReality1984

Please don't give up.....we have to keep this goiing!!!

I'm I may expire....but, keep it going!!!! Please!!!!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:23 PM
Alright fortunatly I have the entire speech in audio so I have went and hosted it and now present the link to you.

It is a hard listen if you believed in the propeganda that zietgeist(the edited speech is present in the beginning)and others such as the video in this thread are pushing.In the real speech J.F.K is refferring to agents amongst the american people who are part of an information war and is pushing suppression of free speech and national newspapers.

At any rate judge for yourself fellow atsers.

[edit on 19-2-2009 by toraylin]

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:28 PM
Well I have heard that speech many times and didn't know it was edited. Thanks for pointing it out. The edited speech is really good, so it's disappointing. Thanks for pointing out the entire speech though.

My opinion of Kennedy has dropped somewhat, but what he says about the news and such is still true, and applies not only to the topic he was specifically talking about, but all such topics.

So I dunno, I don't think any real truth was lost in the edit, but it should be made clear it is an edit.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 06:04 PM
Kennedy was, in my opinion, the greatest President because of his honesty and his longing for the people to know the truth about the government. It's a shame he died so young, he could've told us a lot. If he had lived longer, we would probably already known the existence of extraterrestrials and other government conspiracies. This video shows his good judgment and character.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:20 PM
Big star and a big fat flag man this video is GREAT! People need to see this. People need to wake up...take the red pill if you need to. Our country is being destroyed in a planned demolition. They have sucked us dry and are now moving on to India or China.

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 08:06 PM
This was a speech he gave to the press core that can be interpreted as being about communism but I think was really about the Illuminati as he knew it to be.

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