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The Black Sheep Royal line of the Dragon/Lion.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by Trinityman

Thanks for clearing that up....But i still cant find any record of her divorce.
Or Charles Edward ever being on the British throne.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

A simple nod of respect will do, as i would give to you, i am not a beast, and reguire nothing beyond that. One of the differences between us, and them. I am the uncrowned King after all.

The Lion called David, who is not what they claim, for one of his heirs had escaped their being subsumed by the beasts, and destruction of the people there through slaughter/breeding, back to the people were they had come from. The Dragons. Sax Coberg.

For Davids line had started with the Dragon.

The whore is the one of the old story's. Who destroy's the people for the beasts, who would never have made the gains they have without her betrayal to her own. The serpent story in the garden, is not exactly what had happened, but it's good enough for your understanding.

The beginning of understanding comes when you realize that the serpent in the garden, is the garden itself, the illusion/lie of the reality of the beasts, and the people's corruption through eve's perfidy's with the beasts, to destroy us, the people. Why the religious thralls have the story of the fall of Adam, and the rise of their own through the black eye'd murderer jesus christ, a beast/serpent hybrid. Which means he was part serpent, of which there are three strains, jew/nubian/giant. And the third which is mixed with the giants, called Merovingian/serpent/giant hybrid.

The older real knowledge, is that which has been called evil by the beasts, and their religious thralls/slaves, the christians. Like the story's of Enki, and others.

Davids royal line had started pure, and remained so with the surviver who had got away from the beasts slaughter/rape of Davids tribe, and the utter subsuming of them by the beasts, who rule the world through their lie's with that, and their christian thralls, of who they are now ready to destroy, for the white christians were there dupes, and they are almost done with them.

Why the stuarts were removed from power when the beasts had taken control of England, and some of them murdered, like Diana's brother Robert, and mother, and her adoption by her mothers brother/Spencer, And Richard, abdicated King of France murdered, his son hunted, for his wife had been an heir of Davids pure human heritage, and had born him a son, Dragon/Lion, my grandfather David. The beasts were hunting them all down, to eliminate them, so they alone had sole claim to Davids legacy. Which will never work, as i said, he who is real does not accept serpents/aliens.

Prince David lay's in an elder care facility in Conn. Dying of old age, under a different name of course. Which i won't reveal, he went through enough pain with all that happened because of that in his life, and losing his father/mother to murder.

That was one of the reasons why they had hunted Charles Edward as well, his mother Helena/Stuart, and Henrietta's divorce of David, and my mothers Divorce of Philip, and why i had been adopted into the exiled PenDragon family in America to be raised by at the age of three. Prince Philips wife had also been Lion. I am pure blood, but i have no arrogance about it. The story's were true about ability's though. For the two lines bring back the source of the people, without the serpent/giant taint/virus/infection/evil seed.

I write what i do here because i want the people who may read this to know, and i am dying, and i want it all said. Don't worry, the beasts won't ever get near me/family, i'm on the untouchable list, by name, and long before i was born. both my, and my son's birth were foretold, the time line delibrately scued, so the beasts would'nt know about them. They have hunted and slaughtered what members of my family they could find. I have the memory visions of their abuse, and murder of my grandfather prince Philips brother John, as well as what they had done to my great grandfather Richard, and his wife, whom they murdered as well. Truth

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by Cygnus_Hunter

Because she changed her name to Elizabeth the first, after Charles abdication, when she had married prince Albert, Charles cousin. There was almost civil war then that has been covered up, and they did ppurge a bunch of his loyalists, do you expect all that to be available to public knowledge.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by Trinityman

It was Queen Victoria the II of England, who had changed her name to Elizabeth the first after the abdication, when she married prince Albert.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Sorry if i seem a little confused,but i was under the assumption that Prince Albert married (Alexandrina) Victoria; ( Birth 24 May 1819 – Death 22 January 1901)

Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603)

Could you clarify this for me please?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by RaCana
reply to post by Trinityman

It was Queen Victoria the II of England, who had changed her name to Elizabeth the first after the abdication, when she married prince Albert.

This makes no sense. After what abdication? Could you put some dates in here so I can track this better. You've not answered any of my other questions either.

Get a grip. Explain yourself better. Are you talking about Elizabeth the Second who married Prince Phillip? If you want people to understand you then you need to speak the same language and use common terminology.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by Trinityman


He was a German patriot, fighting against the bolshivik jew take over of Europe. And though he had helped to organize the german scientists, he did'nt work with that one.

Explain the photo of him then, that they show on t.v. once in awhile, sitting with Victoria II, and they talk about his being forcably abdicated., and yes, Edwards VIII names was Philip, he dropped it when he became King, it says so in some material out there, and why i call him Philip Edward. And his having Children was'nt advertised after Johns murder by the jews, and no, thats not in official records, look who's in power.

I grew up with PenDragons, ignorent of my family, everything i'm writing is what i've managed to discover on my own, through Charles Edwards journals, which i have, along with his ring he wore as part of the white royal Kings council, which does'nt exist anymore., And i thought her the youngest, but she is my grandmother.

He did, they were in hiding.

No, the jew takeover of white america in the fifty's.

A lot of this stuff is'nt public knowledge, and delibrately covered up to protect the family's, we are hunted by the christians/jews, for who we are, our bloodline.

The photo i mentioned aired on t.v. once in a while for Charles, which is the only evidence left, other then what i retain from his personal records, and Mae Henrietta Johnson, in the royal ufo/extraterrestrial researce society in the fifty's, that photo is still in the old royal photo's.

I have mentioned in proir posts, that it is basicly fragments of what was covered up, and what i can do because of the bloodline. of course the people in power are going to distort of hide all that. Sheesh!

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by Cygnus_Hunter

You won't. it's been covered up, i said that before.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:15 AM
Im calling a white supremest hoax here.

Im sorry if thats a bit rough,but that last post confirmed it for me.


posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by Cygnus_Hunter

None of this is in public record, King George had'nt sit the chair in 1910 as they say either, he actually did'nt sit it until after Charles abdication at the end of the 1st world war. Victoria the first, who died, was mother to Victoria II, who changed her name to Elizabeth I when they had erased real history to cover up their involvement with the Germans in world war 1.

Why Charles Edward is villified.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by Trinityman

The only thing left to confirm that, is the photo they show on t.v. in America once in a while, with him sitting with Victoria II, his then wife, and them saying he was forcably abdicated.

It is all covered up.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Cygnus_Hunter

Because i write the truth about the times/people then, you call me a white supremist.

That is rough.

He's my greatgrandfather, what you all know about those times is false, the lie's of the victors. He was a white patriot.

And there's a big difference between natzi's, and nazi's, nazi's are like the zionists of today.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by RaCana
reply to post by Trinityman

He was a German patriot, fighting against the bolshivik jew take over of Europe.

He was a Nazi.

... and yes, Edwards VIII names was Philip, he dropped it when he became King,

He was christened Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David. He was never called Phillip.

it says so in some material out there,

Oh does it indeed? Which material would that be then? I would have thought you would have better sources of information about your own great-grandfather than the internet.

And his having Children was'nt advertised after Johns murder by the jews, and no, thats not in official records, look who's in power.

So if Edward VIII is your great grandfather, who is your great grandmother?

of course the people in power are going to distort of hide all that. Sheesh!

er... of course.

Look - the reason I am interested in all this is because I too am a descendant - I'm testing you on some key knowledge and I have given you ample opportunity to state the really obvious thing which you would most certainly know if you were part of the family.

I remain skeptical.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by RaCana

I figured you weren't a "beast" as you put it, hence the reason I knew I could jest with you without having to cut a dragon's head off tonight while I sleep.

Thank you very much for taking time to write all of that out, I found it to be quite informative in it's own right. My sincere condolences & sympathies for all that you have endured. I'm as "little" as a "little person" can get in the grand scheme of...stuff, but I can tell from here that there are some who are pretty hardcore to say the least as far as negativity/destruction goes. I mean yeah it's fun to blow crap up, shoot that thing, take that, whatever...but come on now, waste not want not(you can't pillage what doesn't exist anymore). I know this isn't your attitude of course, it just amazes me sometimes knowing that with the power & perspective some have, why they only see destruction -shrugs- oh well, it only seems to actually work once in a great while and doesn't seem to be the timeline we're experiencing so far from what I can tell (serious astral traveler here who understands the pliability of time
), so whatever measures where taken on the "inside" seem to have payed off.

So once again, thank you and all of those you have cared for who have suffered to pull the energy level away from destruction, including the intention behind this thread(hey he's trying to be "good" give him a break!)...and thanks for not letting my socially-conditioned-sarcastically-satirical humor irk you. It's nice to see someone with a pedigree not take themselves too seriously in that sense...

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:52 AM
interesting. so he is before his works by his perspective would you be aware of the truth in regard to others perception of truth if by your first comment on his perspective of illusory reality. i wanted to say more but im sure more came across.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:11 AM
I do apologize for calling you a supremest.
But is there any chance of uploading some pages from the diary,or even a picture or two of the ring?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by Trinityman

Natzi, not the same thing as Nazi, your perspective comes from all the propaganda about all that from the winners. I'm not going to get involved with any of that with you though, as i'm an American, and i'm just writing about the past.

Yes he was, but you won't know that, anymore then you would know about Leopolds consent to allow his wife Helena to bear a son of the Dragon.

My great grandfathers journals, and a talk with prince Philip, his son, my grandfather, before he died.

I never found out who she was. I only know he went back to Germany after that[abdication, divorce] after he spent some time in Sweden with his father, the Dragon, it was he who told him to help Hitler, for his was the only force of the people strong enough to stop the beasts, after the stripping of all the Sax Cobergs of their titles after the first world war. But i know she was pure Dragon, and lived in Sweden before going to Germany with him.

Try to remember the jew bolshiviks destroyed over 70 million of the people in Russia, with the help of the asiatic mongloids, so any attemted insult of my great grandfather does'nt wash with me, as far as white supremist.

I have said i was raised in isolation.

And believe me when i say that it was hard for me to take as well, and i had been skeptical myself, when i had started to find all this out.

I will say that i have been in contact with overwatch, but i'm hot after my stint on the net telling everyone thing's about themselves during my awakening, and it was an awakening of ability's, not just finding about my family, if your white royal to, then you do know what i've been saying, as they still teach the children lucky enough not to be isolated, all about the Dragon.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 02:29 AM
Coming from a family that is mentioned in the domesday book,your thread intrigued me to say the least.

So i may be forgiven if i was a little..perturbed by this new take on history.Please,carry on posting this information that has been withheld from us.


posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 03:03 AM
They are dead, and i and my family have my adopted name, so i'll tell you what their names were when they had changed them in their exile.

Charles Werner Johnson/Charles Edward.

Mae Henrietta Johnson/I've seen her name back then before, but it sounds french to me, so Henrietta it is.

Richard Gordan/prince David. Though he's still alive, he's does'nt know who he is half the time, and may have died already, as he was close when i had looked him up 2yrs ago. He took his murdered fathers name in his exile.

Philip Edward VIII, and it was his name you know, Philip, he was known as John Bragg. They were able to have the same family name in their exile, not like before, when the jews were hot for his life, and John had been murdered.

prince Philip was Homer Bragg, he had changed his name to that for the writer/poet for irony of his situation. He told me he had actually read the missing odyssy's, which are stored somewhere, as the beasts did'nt want the people to know their own history, and how much of the world we controlled, lived in before, which is in the missing one's, and far more about Atlantis. There are several copy's stored in hiding places througout the world by our people in the scattered achieves we keep from the church/beasts/same thing, destroying.

The beasts/church are nervous, why the accusations of an Atlantean conspiracy, it was in the news a couple of years ago, maybe less.

Their all dead now, and the rest of my family secure. They had found Philip you know, he and David had been close friends, and had signed up, and served together in the German army, and had been smuggled out at the end of the war by the white royal network, same for Charles Edward, when he went from England to America, as the beasts had been hunting for him. Their names were found on a list of enlistee's. They let him live, because they had been looking for me, my ftaher Philip had another son after he gave me up for adoption when my mother had divorced him, and they had named him Robert to, to confuse the records of my birth. My baby picture with Robert Bragg 4lbs 6oz is with my mums, nobody will find it in official records anywhere.

There are real truths about then you know, and there not the lie's told to the public today.

I put the journals in a safe deposit box, the ring my mother holds, though it is mine, it is all she has of him, not even any photo's, she was raised after Mae died from cancer at the age of 52, by a man named Wilber Jenning's, who was one of the guy's raising moneys for Germany, who had been pardoned, and good friends with Charles Edward. The only picture of my grand father David she has, when he had been in south America for a time after the war as well, she was brought up ignorent about her family to, after Charles Edward died, and then her mums.

Charles half brother Gustav through Charles of Sweden's wife, and her lover, his grandson George at least talks to her. Though my mother does'nt know Gustav was'nt Charles Real half brother, as he was'nt issue of Charles father the Dragon, but a bastard through his mothers perfidy, and she knows nothing of that, and i have'nt told her, she's past 63 now.

But now that's out of the way, i'm going to write about the actual world situation back then, and the players, and real intentions motives of them.

And also about what the ufo's really are, i mentioned Charles had been involved with the German scientists brought out of Germany by white America. my grandmother had been involved with that as well.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 04:16 AM
Here is some of the beast royals in America, Bloomberg, the current serpent heir of Davids legacy, Juda. And that had been in the news many decades ago.

His elder brother had abdicated his right to be heir within the family, to his younger brother, the one we know as Bloomberg today. He had changed his name as well, and had moved out west to build communist cells, and started the movement known as christian zionism today. He had also been one of the prime movers in the slaughter of the white Russians. Why he abdicated to his younger brother, to many would have known who he was, and there were many of the people here in America who would have killed them for all that. For Bloomberg himself Slaughtered many muslims, when Isreal had been formed.

He is the father of Obama's mother. Obama's father had been the nubian serpent royal family in exile in Kenya. He was murdered because the muslims found out who he was, and the jew serpent royal family's had wanted him dead, as he was in the line of the Black Beast of Babylon. They had used muslim asassins, the muslims, and their conflict with the jew's is cover for an alliance between a faction of them that serve the beasts.

Obama's mother had been a white royal, why they say he's from the stuart line, in preperation for when they destroy the last of white America's loyal elites to white America, and claim he's an heir to David[abomination]

The Dinner in new york, when McCain, and Obama had been there, the cardinal, who is Merovingian Giant/serpent hybrid, had said that new york was the capital of the world, and he had been there far longer then 4-8yrs.

New York is the new city, or new Babylon. The first beast, the Catholic Church, that cardinal, gives power, and dominion of the new city to the second beast, Bloomberg, and the second beast gives power dominion of the nations to the third beast, The Black Beast of hidden prophecy, Obama.

It's all there you know, for i certainly do, who is the uncrowned King, of my family/people, the real white nations, and why i am bedridden sometimes with memory visions, and seeing the pasts/presents/futures, to inform me of everything thats happening/will happen, and the players, whom i know of old, when i had shattered old Babylon, and turned the nubian serpents into warring tribes, decimating one another, why the white nations never should have helped them to recover from that, but the jew serpents are the one's to involve us all with that, when they started the slave trade to America.

The Merovingian giant/serpents, are the major players in the illuminati, and control the church/world. All three serpent races serve what we call Chinese/asians, the fourth, and first source of the serpents/beasts. They all eat Human flesh, why we are called cattle by them. Is it no wonder that the church's followers, even in it's symbology, eats the flesh/drinks the blood of what they thought to be their own lord. Who was a serpent/beast hybrid. That they give themselves in abject slavery to it through beliefs/faith in the lie's they are told by those who teach it to them, to snag them in, there are illusions which they control people with, which they think is real.

All those missing children on the milk cartons, most are never found. They get great amusement from it all, i can assure you, your thralldom/slavery to them. The blinders are going to come off you know, they are going to try and wipe out the last of us. Why they planned the end times through the programming of religion, that they, the aliens, control.

Obama's halfbrother is a royal hostage, where he is in China, so Obama's real masters can be assured of his following their plans/orders. Consider the avalance that the communists here in America, under the word socialist, had hit us all with, when they had manipulated the war, so there domestic phase could cut in, and they could take power in both the senate/congress, and the presidental spot. Who runs the world's economy, the jews/serpents.

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