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American Idol 2009

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 12:59 PM
Damn, spot on with that comparison.

I've watched Allison's performance of Alone several times today. Regardless of the outcome on idol, that girl is going to be releasing an album.

Any Blake Lewis fans?

I've watched a few of his clips from his season on Idol. Was a big follower of his. I even bough this album when it came out but would have to say it was disappointing. I liked it, but hardly something I come back to often.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by chissler

There were no surprises in last night's show. I would love for the producers to dump all the filler, from the inane banter of Ryan to the clips from the past shows. They already show those past clips in syndication, why do we want to continue to see them? I know, they need it to go an hour or two to milk the ratings, as they don't have much that can really hold on to those huge ratings.

I do hope next week will have better performances than this weeks. Again, only a few stand out performances, with most of them being forgettable. They may have shown personality during Hollywood Week, but when it mattered, they seemed to fall flat. Music producers want performers who can do their act under stress, not blame it all on nerves. Not a good sign if one is serious in being a performer. Again, the judges liked some of the contestants who did not place, but all the other singers left need to do is really surprise the judges and they will easily take a wild card spot. The judges also are looking who can perform under pressure.

So far, I think Alison and Alexis are the ones to beat. They both have awesome voices and are definitely learning the ropes. People like it when the performers grow, and that is an advantage for the girls. The guys this year seem to be clones of last year. Kris even looks a little like David A., and that will hurt him in the end.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 01:46 PM

Any Blake Lewis fans?

his cover of Bon Jovi's "Bad Name" was awesome....

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 06:51 PM
Watched Alison again today a couple of times,cant believe she is 16 what a mature stage craft she has which can and will only get better.

Watched Adam again great singer but found myself focusing on his tounge lol when he hits the big notes he might want to watch that!!!! or am i just being picky?

That Randy Jackson he has a language of his own,(very funny) being Australian i love it Yo Dogs and the hand symbols etc gosh he's funny.

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by MinMin

I also think Adam is a little too old to be an emo boy. He is 22, and should tone that "rebel teen" image down. In a few years, it will be just sad.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Considering the current "pop punk" scene, I believe he has 10-15 years of being able to pull the look off without coming across as too old for it. And I don't think he's "emo" at all. He's no different than what many of the classic rock lead singers looked like. Were the front men from the glamrock years emo?

Tight pants and a bit of make-up doesn't imply emo.

My .02 anyhoo.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 08:12 PM
OK i feel safe to ask here,, what exactly is EMO ? please excuse my ignorance.

I heard its something about depressed teens.

i dont have teenagers yet but feel i should be ready for this phenomenon!!!

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by MinMin

Emo kids dress in dark clothes, die their hair black (which is shoulder length or longer) and usually wear make-up. It is a version of the Goth look.

I know Adam wants to look like a rocker, but I just don't like the emo look. I guess it will pass as I listen to his voice, and forget about the way he dresses.

I guess I am old fashioned as my boys always wore their hair short and were the jeans and tee shirts type. They were very athletic, but not the jock type.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:22 PM
OK, so last night's favorites?

Lil Rounds

I don't like Country music, but that girl (Kendall) will probably make it through just because she's the only Country presence.

Honorable mention:

Last Night's Singers

The judges really liked Von (the first one to sing) but there's something about him that bothers me.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:04 PM
I thought the last two singers were the best of the night. I think Jorge, Lil, and Scott will make it to the next round. I was disappointed with Scott, because when he spoke I was expecting a great singing voice and he did not seem to have the vocal power. I guess his blindness will get him through (I know that is not politically correct, but that is my opinion), as I think Ju'not should get through the round.

Lil and Jorge knocked it out of the ballpark, and I make my guesses based on the applause the singers get.

Overall the singing was much better this night than the last two nights, and I think several of the singers from last night will be favorites to make it to the wild card spots.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:48 PM
I was right about the three choices, and I was also a little hard on Scott. I really want to hear him sing with his piano.

The eight singers picked for the wild card slots are interesting choices. I wonder how well they will perform tonight, and who will make the cut. It is almost certain that two female singers are favored to get wild card slots to even out the genders a little bit, although if the males do extremely well then all bets are off. Tatiana and Rick are curious choices, although I do think Tatiana can sing well. Rick seems more like the other male contestants, not very memorable.

It was also good to see last night's show run a bit quicker. The filler had to be cut down for the wild card picks, and that made me long for the half hour results shows.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:54 PM
Tatiana was picked for drama....drama = real surprise there... That was apparent from guessed it...she was one who had a story done on her.....

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

I think she can also sing, but she needs to pick a good song to show off her vocal range. The other girls seem to be popular with the judges, so I do agree she was picked for ratings too. Maybe she will surprise her critics.

All I know is I am glad I did not watch the auditions or Hollywood Week. I will watch the show starting with the 36 finalists for next and future seasons. I guess I am too old for all that drama queen crap.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by Gazrok

I totally agree. She thrives on drama.
She can sing, though.

I am thrilled that Megan and Jessie are going to get another chance. I love them both. I disagreed with some of the wildcard choices, but we
ll see how it goes.

Apparently the judges pick the final 3. Is that right? Or does America vote?

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:42 PM
I was surprised that Kendall didn't get a shot for the wild card.

I assumed 'Lil Rounds & Scott were going through but I didn't peg Jorge for a spot. I thought he was in the top four or five. As much as he annoyed me and as much as I was against him, I somewhat hoped that Nathaniel would get through. His rendition of the Meatloaf classic was really good.

As for those that were selected for the wild card, I disagreed with some.

I'm thinking Anoop, Jasmine and Matt Giraud. But considering on each episode 2 guys and 1 girl went through, I'm thinking they may go with a second girl instead. And in that case, I'm thinking Meghan.

Tatiana is talented, but I'm hoping like hell they pass on those antics.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 09:13 AM
Ok, so it was Megan, Jasmine, Matt and Anoop! Top 13.

After the singing, I chose Jessie, Matt and Anoop (I forgot about Jasmine) so I did pretty good. I was disappointed with Megan. Yeah, she's different and cute and quirky, which I like, but she's not going to get anywhere unless she learns to show her voice.

Looking forward to the start of the show.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:33 AM

I was disappointed with Megan. Yeah, she's different and cute and quirky, which I like, but she's not going to get anywhere unless she learns to show her voice

Yep, she hit some BAD notes last night, and the judges didn't even address it... I'm sure she got through just on looks.... I mean hey, I like a hot gal just as much as the next guy, but her singing blew it last night....

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:56 AM
I figured they would pick Megan, Matt, and Jasmine because of the responses they got. The two girls have a lot of growing to do vocally, and I can't wait to hear how the improve over the season. Matt has a great bluesy voice, and that is needed to counter balance the other men. After Matt was chosen, I turned the station so I did not know about Anoop being the 13th choice. I like his style, and hope he improves his voice because he is not a very good singer yet.

Tatiana lost all her respect with the judges by picking the same song and then lying about it. She may have made it in had she chosen another song, and toned it down a lot. I also got tired of her theatrics, and that caused the show to run over.

I hear there will be a big surprise, and the 13th slot is not it.

It will be an interesting show on Tuesday, as some top names will be competing against each other, allowing for some of the dark horse candidates to stick around for a while.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 06:59 AM
Anyone who watched the show last week, did it really seem like Simon and Paula might have worked out prior to the taping of the show or what? Something was going on with those guys.

And how about Ryan telling Tatiana she didn't have to get up for him? Nice R rated reference for American Idol. His face was priceless and you could tell he was truly embarrassed.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 09:11 AM
reply to post by chissler

I didn't notice anything with Paula and Simon, they're always kind of love/hate. But I felt sorry for Ryan! What a gaffe! Thankfully, Simon had enough class to leave it alone.

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