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They're Killing the Human Spirit

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:25 PM
The Bible is about 50/50, if you know how to read it, it is as good as 100, because you can understand what it is saying, and the good from the bad.

For example this guy says alot of these books are structured around Toaism or THE WAY, THE PATH, like the path out of The Maze, confusion.

"RE: Church Jesus Christ vs. St. Paul. Who Made Christianity?"

"Most Powerful Meditation for Manifesting - LINK"

It has hidden Lessons/meanings built in, it was designed so the simple and smart alike could read it.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:12 AM
Thank guys for your input so far, interesting, but many of you are getting caught up in the detail. Most of the messages out there whether the bible, Taoism, Gnostic, Muslim etc are only guiding forces. In all honesty the stuff that you need to know is beyond the grasp of words, they are of another language altogether a language some of us are beginning to learn, it is of movement and energy, sound and light. A long time ago out of the darkness came light, that light has carried forward ever since, it is precious is all knowing it is love it is the expression of out dreams and desires it is our ultimate goal. So again don't get caught up in the detail they are the trip switches at times yes! But the main message is within, it always has been, so experiment with thought systems, be free and if your attempt at freedom is resisted push back at whatever is in your way, do not resign, sometimes you have to fight for what is right and virtuous. If it resonates within than IT IS THE TRUTH, or at the very least your truth.

My fear is that the next generation will become so acustomed to their current lifestyles of playing virtual life instead of living and experiencing real life that they may not come to know the things we do, so you see we are caryying the torch right now, not only of our generation but of the generations before us, we are the chosen ones, the soldiers of our combined existence. We stand on the shoulders of giants whom have paved the way for us. That must not, I reapeat that must not go to waste. The result if we don't act soon to realise our inner compasion and desires to merge with the light is what I call the 'Ghost in the Machine' that is the world will run on autopilot with no-one at the wheel capable of changing things for the better and realise our goals as to what life should be about, the pursuit of happiness and acceptence of the bigger picture a picture which includes all those things which we're slowing beginning to realise as is science, that we are part of a Divine and KNOWING cosmos and that higher levels exist and not only exist but are waiting for us..

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

I apologize for side-tracking this concept: I Defend when fools call Truth False. Wouldn't You?

"Don Juan saw Dreaming to be a level of awareness through which we access the experience of the world beyond the barriers of our limited words, concensus, cognition---a way to access the world of the direct experience of energy, being, and the power of intent. Words, as he saw it, can often define, buffer, and imprison us in the shabby hovel of what we like to call the ordinary concensus agreement. They function as perceptual glosses divorced from the energy that is not included within their definitions, and from the power that energy lends to our acts. This energy is our profound right and inheritance as sentient beings. Dreaming practices are then one vehicle for making contact with that energy and for liberating ourselves into our rightful inheritance."
("Twilight Language of the Nagual," by Merilyn Tunneshende, 2004, from chapter 1, 'The Butterfly Crowned Serpent')

There are Many who have taken the steerage of the Course into Direct Discernment: Humanity is a miracle, and the Cream rises to the Top, there to Meet the Forces that attempt to Derail it's Higher Potential.

Sure, maybe the dross is often sloughed off (killed), but the Clear Spirit of Humanity will Prevail, always. We are here to stay, even if in a More Than Human way.

So, back to the energetics of Here-Now...And yes, your words are Wisdom.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:36 PM
I've not read all the replies, but I'll give my own first.

I not just believe, I know that I'm 100% responsible for my own life. I'm the architect of my life. I'm the god of my universe. I'm the captain of my soul. I'm the master of my destiny. I'm the driver of the bus. I create my reality.

I dictate what I see, hear, think, feel, smell, touch. I dictate which books or movies I'll watch. I dictate with whom I'll hang out. I eat what I want to eat. My TV has a button called Power. My Internet browser has a X button. I've legs to walk away from any situation that is not interesting to my life. I put my attention on the things that I want to direct my energy.

The outside world can even be a bit chaotic, my internal world is always ordered.

They can do, feel and believe whatever they want, I control where my energy goes.

If there's anyone to blame for our government, It's "we, the people". We don't live in Greece anymore to participate more openly on the system, that's why we have the current way of politics.

Robert Anton Wilson said once: "conspiracies exist because there are conspiracies and because people want to blame someone that is not themselves for their problems."

Seems that people read conspiracies "theories" and don't know a bit about law, self-empowerment, psychology...

Last week I was talking with a woman that studied the doctrine of Allan Kardec and according to her, we have "guardian angels" that either suck or give us energy. It, according to her, depends on our vibration.

She also gave me an example of drunk man. She said that he drinks because the spiritual beings around him need his energy and suposedly that's why drunk man survive in the most fatal situations: the beings 'save' the man, because they need him to parasitate.

We have free will, isn't that really beatiful?
That means that even if a hypnotist say to you a command that you deep inside don't agree, you'll raise your barries and you'll not comply.

Ok, we also have "subliminal programming" and #, but they still can't control us.

Waking life screenplay:

(To man up telegraph pole) Hey, old man, what you doing up there?

I'm not sure.

You need any help getting down, sir?

No, I don't think so.

(quitely)... stupid bastard.

No worse than us. He's all action and no theory. We're all theory and no action.

Humans are meaning making creatures and beings of habit. Most things (90%+) of what we do, think, feel today, we did tomorrow OR we're reacting to an external stimulus.

Let's be concious of our lifes. Mind and body are one!

Tony Schwartz, like many more people, said that the most important capacity we have mentaly is to focus our attention. The single most powerful source of energy we can get mentaly is the capacity to think in a observed way fir a sustained period of time about one thing.

Skyfloating posted good gold gems on the "law of attraction" topic.

Many good books are on public domain, and we can find then on places like,, torrent sites, etc...

We've google to help us find stuff. You town probably have a public library full of interesting stuff.

The keys to the heaven are right below our own noses!

If not you, who?
If not now, when?

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