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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 07:23 AM
Are the human race balances weak or strong ? ...what about the World and Earth balances ?

On our day-by-day life we tend to forget how weak these balances are.
Most of the time we believe we are strong and untouchable. Then it comes
disease, the sudden death of people we love or we know, etc..... Who
could ever think this would happen, we usualy say !

....making us realize how easy life balances can be broken.

Even as race, although we managed to survive in the last few thousand
years, more and more we realize how weak the balances are: It`s the
Earthquakes, the global warming, the polar shift possible phenomena, the
meteors, the super volcanoes, the aliens, terrorism, nuclear weapons,
possible pandemic virus, the financial collapse, ...........and all kind
of threats that can easily break human race, life in general and earth
balances from one instant to another.

We already know that not even time last forever, only the 1 0 switch
and the "will finger" does.

Anyway I think this could, eventually, be an interesting discussion
topic, so the questions are:

- Are the human and world balances weak or strong, in your
opinion ?
- What in your opinion is the biggest threat to earth and
mankind nowadays ? ....I mean, the most possible and devastating one ?

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