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What would a planet containing greys look like?

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Okay, so this is a hypothetical question that is simply for the sake of conversation. The other day I was watching an episode of the History Channel's Universe series. The episode was basically about Planetary Biologists and other scientists speculating what other planets containing life might look like. Essentially, they were discussing how environmental factors and other planetary factors within a particular "solar system" might affect the evolutionary adaptations of the hypothetical "life" living on that particular "planet" (i.e. a "planet" with a heavier atmosphere may be more prone to have life that flies as a havier atmosphere is more conducive to flying, etc.).

The show was well done; because it put things in simplified terms for people (like myself), who have very little background in science/biology. Anyway, I was wondering if I could enlist the help of those, who have a more extensive science/biology background, to give me some sort of idea of what the environmental/planetary/solar system characteristics of a solar system/planet containing the classic grey type of alien might look like (i.e. perhaps that particular "solar system" may contain a star much less brighter than our sun, thus allowing for very little sunlight to be shone on a planet inhabited by greys, resulting in their very large dark black eyes ).

I realize this may be a random question, but the show got me interested.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 10:07 PM
Most likely EARTH,at lest thats what i have heard if we are talking about "greys"

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 10:12 PM
those "eyes" you see could very well be lenses with nano technology to display heads up information to them.
they could very well have normal more human eyes behind those lenses.

i'd imagine a civilization of very simplistic design on the surface..
nothing unneeded .
small tattoine-type adobe huts.. possibly a dry environment which may be conducive to their immediate living circumstances...less humidity = less chance of undesirable microorganisms growing and being a nuisance to their living quarters and bodies..

they can always go somewhere humid if they want to enjoy that .

just very simple architecture that is only really geared towards complete efficiency.

anything complex.. could be underground. pipes.. complex infrastructure.. underground .. imbedded with the planet..

large underground caverns..

huge expansive underground aquariums for experimenting with marine life..

all enclosed areas being lit with pure artificial sunlight

magnetic methods of transportation.. from elevators to walkways etc..

huge underground botanical gardens..

large cavernous areas hundreds of miles wide.. lit by artificial sunlight with their own contained ecosphere.. pastures with mega-fauna herds runing and grazing wildly..

each cavernous bio-sphere created by underground nuclear blasts.. completely hermetically sealled.. to be completely contained so that the experiments within are not pollutted by external sources.. or do not pollut other experiments..

every "biosphere cavern " within the planet.. being separate form the other.. everything orderly and balanced for the most efficient methods of Creation.. and management of life.

surface being sterile and only used for entrance/exit spaceports.. etc..


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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 10:21 PM
Some feel that their planet is actually Earth and they are either from another Earth in a different dimension or they are what we as human evolve into and they are actually time travelers coming back in time to try and help us not screw up their planet!

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 10:31 PM
IMO it would prolly be dark, very wet, and hot.

Dark cause of the pigment of the skin. No suntan kinda thing. Plus the size of their eyes points towards darkness.

The black eyes we visualize is kinda like a contact lense to protect their eyes from the brightness of the sun while here.

Hot because they always seem to be real thin, and wearing next to nothing for clothing.

I think there planet is mostly water. The heat from their planet comes from the core. I think they live DEEP under water where it is dark, and hot.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 10:55 PM
I think you would get a whole bunch of different varieties of living. The natural universe is bound to this rule. Some would be ultra complex cross joining highways with very little light from the sun , heated by technology.

Others would be very natural eco-wise and ultra clean advanced civilization because they have done everything in their power to keep it clean.

(i.e. perhaps that particular "solar system" may contain a star much less brighter than our sun, thus allowing for very little sunlight to be shone on a planet inhabited by greys, resulting in their very large dark black eyes ).

We Earthlings are reasonably close to the sun hence our eyes have grown small , it makes total sense that some aliens have bigger eyes as they have evolved on a planet farther a way from the sun , perhaps underground even.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 11:04 PM
All of the posts took some of the things I was gonna say already....large eyes would imply a less bright home star, etc.

Here's something to blow your minds, maybe....

I think I've seen drawings that show a thumb and three fingers. If accurate, it calls into question....what is their numbering system?

We (humans) all think in base ten...likely because we have ten fiingers.

Some scientists understand how base eight fact, computers seem to be designed in levels of eight.

You can upgrade your 16-bit PC to a 24-bit PC....or, you might hope for a 64-bit platform....

All products of eight.

So, to understand what a home planet of the 'Greys' would look like, you would have to understand mathematics, in base eight? Maybe...

Could be co-incidence....zeroes and ones, in binary, happen to contain eight....oops.....'bits' (or are they 'bytes'?...I get confused)

Ok...a 'packet' (my term) of a binary datum will be no longer than eight characters....

ERGO!!! The Grays invented computers!!!!

Mystery solved!!

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 11:07 PM
Ive heard that the greys have their lenses put in surgically when they are young because their planet revolves around a binary star unit which is two stars in close proximity orbiting eachother. I have also heard that their skin is photosynthetic meaning they are genetically half plant half animal or being. this could have also been something they spliced into their gene pool because of their advanced technology. think about it, if we could splice a gene into our dna to make us photosynthetic, then we would only need to go out into to the sun to gain nurishment. that would surely solve world hunger issues...

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 11:13 PM
I agree that they probably wouldn't see much in the way of bright light and that they appear to lack melanin. They also possess smooth, hairless skin which suggests a semi-aquatic phase at some point in their evolution (no scales, feathers, horns, nails, or claws either). A semi-aquatic history would also be conducive to bipedal locomotion. However, the paucity of adipose tissue is puzzling unless ambient temperature is relatively stable and not subject to wild fluctuations (may indicate a thick atmosphere which blanket the planet and stabilize temperature).

Some contactees have reported "chirping" or other high-pitched, stuccato-like vocalizations. Since greys also seem to be capable of "non-verbal" communication (at least, as far as the human range of hearing is concerned), they may, in fact be capable of utilizing ultrasound and echolocation (another indication of a low-light adaptation). Small mouths and noses would suggest that smell and taste are not as crucial to survival (as vision, for example). Nutrients may be absorbed through the skin or ingested as fluids. The absence of large jaw muscles suggests that chewing is of minimal importance and may not even be possible in the sense that we are familiar with. Taste allows us to differentiate between safe and potentially toxic substances. Either there are other adaptations to detect the presence of toxins (which we are unaware of) or the skin serves this purpose (as the site of nutrient absorption it may also serve as a sensory organ in the detection of poisonous materials).

It is unlikely that greys inhabit an aquatic environment as they are clearly air-breathing and their noses would not likely keep water from entering (do not close and could not be pinched closed with the fingers; no protruding nose or downward-facing nostrils). Physically, greys appear weak and must therefore owe their survival to selection pressures that are similar to those which spurred the intellectual evolution of humans. Their slight frames would suggest a gravitational force equal to or less than what we experience on Earth and their small stature may also serve to maximize surface area relative to body volume if, in fact nutrients are absorbed transdermally.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 12:08 AM
Firstly I think their biology would be completely different from us. We breathe oxygen and drink water. I feel these aliens would be drawing energy in a diffferent way. Their bodies will be adapted to breathing whatever gas is in abundance over there. Also they may be drinking whatever is abundant there. It could be possible that they dont breathe and draw energy directly from their Sun.

They could have senses that are not known to us, for example telepathic communication, infra red vision etc.

The debate here is will they be as intelligent as the humans or would they be primitive creatures who dont venture beyond their horizon.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by X-tal_Phusion

X-tal....brilliant analysis!!!

Not to sound too wierd....oh, what the heck! THIS is ATS!!!

I've read that the 'greys' as we call them are bio-engineered. Clones, cyborgs, use a term you're comfortable with.

Think about it...IF we develop a 'robot' to an extreme ability, that we control....wouldn't we make it look a little bit like us? No, cancel that thought....we have robots on mars who look NOTHING like us...

BUT, if! We created "mini mes"....

Alright, I was joking about a serious subject.

A bio-mechanical drone, that has no will of its own, but resembles its creator.....sounds like the perfect tool to deploy....and if one or more get destroyed, by accident or 'capture'....well, many to take the place. No emotions, remember???

THIS is the concept, I think, of what the 'Greys' are. I'll coin the word....'bio-bots'. Probably been trademarked already, so calm down....

It is abhorrent to me, to creat such a 'device'....but, alas, I am Human....

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 01:25 AM
Here is the thing....

When scientists, theorists start speculating about this sort of things, I usually get my panties in a twist.

Most of the times they base their speculation & theories on similarities with us human. We are carbon based lifeforms right? So we are made up of certain component and needs based on our physics.

How can we even begin to speculate and what needs and requirements there are for being that are, for eg. Silicone based lifeforms.

We just do not know!

But, tis a good topic this, and a couple of interesting replies already.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 01:35 AM
Weedwhacker... There is nothing weird about your post. My whole reason for starting this thread was to spark exactly this type of hypothetical conversation. I find it facinating, and I really appreciate everyone's responses.

Let's face it. We are discussing a topic where there is still no solid concrete evidence; and as a result, all of our responses are going to be derived from the many theories that have already been posed by others. Like I said, there is nothing weird about your post, especially because I have heard the whole drone theory before. If I am not mistaken, the whole drone theory is based on the idea that the greys are drones/robots that have been created and sent here by the more nordic human-looking type aliens. I have also heard the theory about the greys being time travelrs from a future Earth as well.

The one theory that I really find interesting (and this is probably another factor that inspired me to start this thread) is the one that implies that the greys are from the Zeta Reticuli star system. I started this thread relating my initial question to a show I had an seen on the history channel. The same show also talked about the technology that NASA currently has to find Earth-like planets as well as the techniques that they utilize to find Earth-like planets. This is releveant to my initial post; because apparently NASA uses their currently technology and techniques (mostly mathematical equations) to analyze the size, distance from the sun, gravitational pull, atmosphere, etc. of any potential Earth-like planet in order to deem whether or not a planet truly is Earth-like.

I wonder if NASA has even ever considered utilizing there current technology and techniques to see if there is indeed any Earth-like planets in the Zeta Reticuli star system or at the very least any planets that could potentially be inhabitable by other life forms. This could potentially answer many of the questions raised by my initial post.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by MajicMan

Majic....I am completly on the same page with you...even if I lack the ability to express myself properly, seems as if we've seen all the same programs to lead us to similar conclusions.

(Maybe I should have done this in a U2U...oh well, too late.

OH....except....the concept of the 'Nordics'....

They're supposed to resemble us...which, I assume means ten my eight-base theory of math gets thrown out....well, I understand ten digits anyway (plus, the zero...very important, and not present in computer language) (I think...)

Zeta Reticuli....hard to find, as if it's been erased from many databases.....

Still, the small 'grays' are probably in the image of taller 'whites'...who ARE biological, and NOT hybrids....but in control of the smaller 'greys'...stuff I've read about, is all......

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 02:29 AM

Greys are described as short, lacking color and having large dark eyes. They are small and have almost no ear, nose, mouth canal. If hair is ever mentioned, it's to say they have no hair. Their bodies are lacking muscle tone. They are usually described as cold and emotionless. Once in a while, one of them is felt to be a leader and this one shows some compassion, empathy or simply communicates with the human.

They're assumed to have come from somewhere out of the Solar System, although some prefer Moon, Mars, Hollow Earth (:lol or other planets nearby. If they've travelled through space to get here, speculation can become interesting.

Based on Earth models of physical traits, their lack of pigmentation would result from a lack of sunlight/UV. The big eyes an evolutionary necessity for living in the dark or limited light for extremely extended periods of time. Nocturnal creatures on Earth use greater dilation to see in the dark, so maybe that's why?? The lack of muscle tone is demonstrated by any long term astronaut since Titov. It's still an obstacle to Mans exploration of Space. If the Greys are designed for, or evolved in, Space they would have less muscle mass. The smaller mass and therefore smaller need for food and water would make longer periods of travel practical. Respiration and the recycling of waste would be less. Lack of hair and body fat would also indicate a warm and stable habitat.

IV supplies of food and water would be a possible way of supplying the essential nutrients when in Space. Smell and taste would cease to be a factor in sustaining life. Smell would also become redundant in a closed habitat. Mouth and nose would be less necessary and become vestigial. If the grey is designed for travelling great distances of space, nose and mouth would be an artifact of the creators like the faces we design our robots with.

After such speculation, an advanced Race might have the science to predict where life is likely to arise. We've found hundreds of planets in the past 15 years, we've worked out the Goldilocks Zone and can hypothesize which might sustain life. Unfortunately, we're held back from doing anything at this time. Technology is not up to it. We can't afford it. Bickering with neighbors and fighting is where we spend are money. Einstein has put a curfew on the fastest we can travel. Nevertheless, we KNOW where the best chances of life are.

An Advanced Race, curtailed by their own alien Einstein's Theory decide to send manned probes to explore the Cosmos. They know that Physics precludes any journey by themselves. Generations would live and die on any ships they sent etc. They design a creature that can take to the stars to carry out exploration of any life-sustaining Planets they find. They would be given enough intelligence to carry out the task. They'd be programmed/ trained to gain as much information as possible and avoid interaction. The Race would then send them out to the Stars...and wait...

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Lots of stuff, there, Kandisky.....

Some spot on!!!

Small 'Greys'.....biological Entities.....built, used...basically machines....cyborgs.

The eyes.....designed to see in EM spectra that Humans can't.

The lack of reproductive organs, or excreting orifices.....see 'cyborgs'.

Same with the small orifices on the head....built in the image, but only that.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:11 PM
I would speculate that the Greys, whatever their original biosphere of origin was like, arrived at their current reported appearance through evolution aboard starships over thousands of years, possibly with the aid of genetic engineering to tailor them to that environment.

They are generally reported as being small, frail and physically weak. This state would not be arrived at by a being evolving in a natural biosphere. However, a being evolving aboard a starship in a zero-gravity environment would eventually become this way. The lightless environment of deep space would also explain the evolution of enormous eyes.

Their thinness indicates to me that they exist in a sterile environment, free from all microorganisms. They probably eradicated all "viruses" and "bacteria" or the equivalent from their biosphere. Therefore their bodies would contain no cells that were not genetically their own; no intestinal flora, no parasites, etc. 80% of human cells (by number, not volume) are not our own. If we lost all that cellular mass, we would appear emaciated as well.

If they do still live on any planets, their living environment is probably hermetically sealed from the outside world, so the planet's conditions are virtually irrelevant. It would likely be a small planet with lower gravity, orbiting a small, dim star.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by MillionEyedMask

Wow! MillionEyed!

Very cogent!

Still, my basic opinion stands....the small 'greys' are, for wont of a better term, 'cyborgs'. Basically, cybernetic organisms.

Many, many Humans that report 'abduction' scenarios tell of the smaller 'greys' doing all of the work, while other beings observe.

It comes down to this: How many different Species, currently alive, have managed to find us HERE, on Earth?

We humans have observed the galaxy we live in, and estimated it at about 100,000 LY in diameter, and about 30,000 LY thick in the center. We've identified it as a 'spiral galaxy', as opposed to a globular galaxy, based on our observations.....

Well, perps to all Astronomers.....but, it's a little like waking up on the kitchen floor, and thinking you live in a 500-room mansion.

OK...too harsh.....just a slight, actually....Astronomers HAVE done a great job at realizing our actual place in the Universe.....our Galaxy, about 100,000 LY in diameter?? We are WAY out in the 'suburbs'!!!

About 30,000 LY away (or more, hopefully) from the "center".

OK, if anyone is still with me.....OUR galaxy is a really, really big place.....home to about 100 BILLION, or so stars.....and our nearest cousin Galaxies are so far away, they may as well be on the island in "Lost"!!!!!

Galaxies tend to 'cluster'.....there are a few dozen in our 'local' cluster....but, you, nor I will be visiting them anytime soon, since they are MILLIONS of LYs away.

the 'Andromeda' Galaxy, currently closest, will, it seems, collide with our Galaxy......well, well well LONG after you, and I are long, don't worry!!!

Some info, back to the topic!

I have already said I think the 'greys' are tools.

Automatons, if you will.

But, just as we Humans might build a robot in our 'image', seems likely that other species with the techonoligical capability, might do the same thing.

NOT sure if this is the appropriate thread, but I'm here, so here goes!!!

We Humans are very familiar with the mathematics that we know are 'base ten'...guessing it had sometihing to do with our ten fingers, originally.

Computer experts will know, of course, about base eight.

I THINK it has something to do with the zeroes and ones, that make up binary codes.

IF, a potential other intelligent species had, instead of ten fingers, only eight.....HOW would THAT have affected their view of math????

EDIT.....for minor typos, and 'LOST' words......

EDIT again, for MillionEyed....I'd quibble with you about the 'greys'....and their ships.

Allowing for the techonolgies to travel great distances.....I think that 'artificial gravity' would be a fact, to withstand the accelerations that have been ovserved, shows a better 'understanding' of gravity than Humans curretnly hold......

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:52 PM
I have seen it and you are right, it is dark. Dim.

Interesting place to be sure.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by YourForever to elaborate???

before you go on, please explain the planet, and the star....please, based on parameters that we can understand.


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