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*Solution found for Toxic Assets Pricing*

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 08:42 PM
Ok...the Government says..."no one" can "Price" the "Toxic Assets" on Homes...Boulderdash!!!

Revalue home prices to 1997 levels...easy...there's yer valuation...on todays least...

Dow Average closes above 7,500; gains 50 percent in last 18 months

Dow Average closes above 7,500; gains 50 percent in last 18 months
Journal Record, The (Oklahoma City) , Jun 11, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Dow Jones industrial average finished above 7,500 for the first time, giving it a stunning 50 percent gain in about a year and a half, as stocks staged another record-setting advance on Tuesday.

there's yer solution...value equalization on market value scale...there's yer price...calculate 1997 from today...wala...HELLO???

What's yer opinion? Sounds right to me...sure someone will get hurt...but at least it's out there...

Timmy needs to be firm and just say "it"...Markets would love it!!!

"Americas Lost Decade" is better than "World slowly dies its Death...details to follow if we're still here..."

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:19 AM
Once again they blew it...$75B plan for Mortgages...Wall St don't like it...

They're still trying to keep the Bubble Inflated...guess we'll see...

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 03:34 PM
which still does not un-freeze the credit markets...

the banks/financial houses are only using the worst case
derivatives& MBS (mortgage backed securities) as a guideline for their projected ledger balances,

the banks, etc... either do not desire, or completely refuse to
open their books concerning these as yet un-monetized 'toxic assets'

They may be forced to (open the books) If the Geithner policy is put into effect,
where each banks balance sheets would be scrutinized in detail
and then be given a 'Healthy' or 'Stressed' rating by the Fed/Treas.

here's a What-If conspiracy for youse....
We are aware the holders of these 'Toxic Assets'
do not want a bunch of snooping into the make-up of the Derivatives, especially the parts which include the diced up underlying MBSecurities...

because regulators will find that the 'Sum-of-the-parts-Is-greater-than-the-whole',
in other words, there are perhaps 150% of parts of individual mortgages, pieced out among perhaps ~50 seperate derivatives containing MBS...

and that constitutes Fraud....
and a mammomoth ammount of false value (Trillion$$) spread over 100s of thousands/or even/Millions of these 'Toxic Asset' pieces of paper.

No wonder the credit markets are frozen...the banks don't want to value these products individually, they want to have these 'toxic assets' completely Sealed... from prying eyes,
the banks MAY agree to temporarily transfer stacks of thes derivitive/MBSs
into the Fed/Treasury Vault to 'Hold' ->> with an agreed future return of the asset to the bank, minus a small transaction fee.....

But that's about the only light-of-day the banks will allow concerning the Toxic Assets (estimated in the $200 trillion range) we are all concerned about.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by St Udio

Your probley right...these things have been sliced/diced/resold/leveraged so much...I bet ol' Timmy G will be grey and wrinkled way before his time after seeing their books

I guess it's true...take $10...leverage it 30x...lend it out...down the line..."hey I'm gonna go home now...can i get that $300?"..."uuuhhh...I would but I really only got $10...will that work?"

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