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The Cycle of Personal Evolution

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:39 PM
The Cycle of Personal Evolution
As CavemanDD perceives it that is.

Let me break down what I mean..

Each ring gains in intensity, or frequency.. my concept of our perpetual evolution that goes full circle.. reflection of ones self and gaining a higher realization of our place (love/unity/nature, wisdom),.. and that gives us a sense of purpose after coming to that realization, it's an energy you can feel stir in your body and works its way up and around. Its quite stimulating. And from the sense of purpose we aim to fulfill it.. The fulfillment gives us experience to reflect on, to gain deeper insight, and we evolve, and on it goes and goes.

I'll try to think of an example, we'll say you're starting meditation for the first time.

Self-Awareness... you start to meditate.. to quiet your thoughts, no doubt a struggle if it's your first time. But through it you are able to dig into your thoughts more clearly.

You realize.."hey, this is interesting, I have this feeling, like this is who I am, I've been following someone else's ways for so long, and now I want to discuss this someone.. I feel this.. "sense of purpose" to help people tap into theirselves like I have, because I feel I want to really do this, like it feels like the right path for me, and that this wisdom I have gained, I just have to share because of how positively it has changed my thought process etc." haha ok, so there's my scenario, off the top of my head..

Ok so now this person goes through with this thought, to act it out. He/she starts to act on this sense of purpose or duty, this sense that comes straight from the core of our being that says "I may not know the meaning of life but I sure as hell feel this is something that will give my life more MEANING!" So they act on this deep feeling.. they share this gem of wisdom or whatever it may be.

They feel this deep sense of fulfillment... they feel like they have made a difference, and they feel they are somehow finding what really DRIVES them, at the deepest core of their mind, of their heart, of their very spark of consciousness.

So through this all, they gain experience. They reflect on this experience and gain a new perspective.. it come full circle.

They go through it again and increases in intensity, in efficiency, in... frequency?

What some science has to say.

I was watching a video a while on YouTube. Great video called:
"The Biology of Perception - By Dr Bruce Lipton"

It's roughly an hour long.

I can't remember the scientific basis of this next statement, but it's probably in that video. I'm not sure how science measures the frequencies of our cells but Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about it in this video, and he goes on to talk about DNA and the awareness of our body on the cellular level. It's very interesting, I highly recommend you watch it. Its somewhat unrelated, otherwise I'd put it in this post. I'm just using it to give the basis of this statement I'm about to make:

"Love increases frequency."

(And I know those of you who are unfamiliar with much meta-physics HATE hearing that, haha, too bad!) There was a time, where I would be right there with you.

I look at love, more like what it is, an allowance, a unity when you think about it.

So basically what Dr. Bruce Lipton was saying is that this perception of unity, resonates throughout your body.. your body isn't in defense mode. It's in loving growing nature, it feels secure, and its working together efficiently... so what happens if we increase this love, this unity?

Lets look at as a simple wave ok guys? Just like the EM spectrum and all that.. this is how I started my thoughts on a conceptual binary, or endless dualistic universe.. with the thought of frequencies, and how very simple it is.. just like a computer with binary code.

You get a simple wave, something like this "/\/\/\/\/\/\"

But how do we really decode that? Isn't it just like 1010101010?

You could find unique ways to graph it but I think of a sound wave, with the frequency peaks getting higher or lower.. I feel this could just represent continual patterns of either 1 or 0...making the peak larger visually.. I kind of think of it like expanding a frequency through linear time. You all know what a sound wave looks like so I won't bother to post an image.


I'm rambling off on some tangent I know but with metaphysics I can give you the complicated answer that leads you to a simplistic realization perhaps.. or just some poetic monk stuff that goes straight to conceptual realization. And this board seems to love their complications.


So anyways.. back on topic shall we? So this love, this sense of unity that your body, possibly everything understands if we are all inter-weaved energetically. We can go on to say the spiritual energy bodies as well, its all the same to me.

This love, this unity, if it increases frequency, its another way saying it increases EFFICIENCY.

And so if you're still with me ladies and gentlemen. What I was trying to imply is that this learning, this personal evolution grows perpetually. It increases in efficiency, in intensity, the more you become this increased state of unity, which god damn, you can measure scientifically unless all these guys have been lying to me.

And THIS.. is what I feel is meant by "increasing your frequency" that you hear so often from your gurus or colourful "new" age websites.

I would note that Bruce Lipton mentions fear/stress as a factor that decreases the frequency.. it causes functions of our cells to retract and they can't grow and rebuild if they are in a defensive mode. If we live this constantly, we'll decay!

But through meditation, it is not uncommon to rid yourself of both fear and stress, thus giving you an idea of how frequency can continue to grow in intensity.

Some of you may know me around here as being some babbling new age guy.
.. But I'll tell you, I was practical first. I look at things conceptually and simplistic, and when I do, when I remove the complications, it just comes to me and feels obvious...

Fear+stress = inefficient
Love, unity, healthy mind and body = efficient!

I would note that I wrote this post straight through and I'm aware that the quality or consistency sometimes decays. hahaha.. just take it as it is ladies and gents. You can disagree with what i'm saying but acknowledge my intentions are for you to get on that spiral of your own, and find the wisdom and fulfill your sense of purpose, your reason why you want to be alive this day.

I mean that's the thing I always ask people who consider themselves.. oh you know.. "just decaying matter, there is nothing more.. matter is this special thing enclosed in a case and there are finite amount divisible pieces which make up our material universe, that this superficial level is all there is and nothing's happening on multidimensional energetic levels, because the INTELLIGENT AND "WISE", and so TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED human race hasn't deduced anything else yet.

hahaha, ok, I had fun with that one!

But what I was trying to say is.. if you honestly feel that way.. why get out of bed in the morning?. Could it be that our minds are just so complicated and that our conscious mind is but the steam off our subconscious in that we hardly know our true depth?

Decaying matter, i'm talking to you, why have kids, why fall in love, why get a job that makes you feel important vs. and easy, well paying one? Do you acknowledge that you wish some things were different and it would be nice to fix them, then ignore them using distractions of drugs, alcohol and entertainment?

I'm going to sound like one of these negative labels here, we'll pick "New Age Hippie"... and just say "You just gotta find your spiral man, your spiral of spiritual evolution, and feel the joy of self-realization".

Finished for now.

I wanted to edit to say, please check out my next post with the pictures.

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Before it was polluted the Swastica was intended to mean something similar.

At the risk of sounding like an illuminati supporter I will say... yes there are a lot of "useless eaters," but they are not born that way. THey are people who choose spiritual or physical mediocrity because it is convenient.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:39 PM
A friend thought it might be a good idea to touch on the idea of infinite spirals and such but I made the original poin I wanted to make.

If you want to try and piece together a bigger picture:

Look into the Golden Ratio/Mean,

or light fractals.

Also I don't know if you read that thread not to long ago about the "surfer guy" and his model of everthing?

Well I watched the video presentation and watched the model twist and turn and it reached a spot where I was like man! I've seen that!

I saw it in my visions during a "jungle ceremony"

Here it is:

The guy was also saying how he got this idea from seeing corrol. I can't seem to quickly find a good picture that represents the pattern of expansion well.

Anyways, its something to think about. What else do we know goes in cycles? the days, years, planets, solar systm etc.

There seems to it, that is quite interesting.

This is again, one these thoughts I mentioned that take the learning curve off a linear path and kind of bridges things together. Part of this is what has kind of led me to the thought of an infinite spiraling cycle of evolution.

And I didn't really wanna keep busting this out again but since its already resized and uploaded i'm doing it!

Apparently scientists in labs have been messing around with certain frequencies and apparently the "love frequency", or 528Hz, (see also my chakra podcast).. apparently this sound, this music accelerates DNA repair. This is what I was talking about in the above post, that Dr. Bruce Lipton was mentioning in that particular youtube video.

So it's all about seeing things conceptually here. So what else does this "love/unity vibe" do for us? I think I covered that in the above post.

It's also interesting to note that much of our plants and trees are green. Colour is also just a frequency of light, and green is linked to the heart chakra. So perhaps, I don't have any sources quickly on hand and I have to go now.. but perhaps this green is also a love frequency? You get me?

It gives you an idea of the balance of nature, the "loving unity", and the other colours perhaps give you an idea of "personality", its other qualities. It's not without variety, but green does seem dominant.

Anyways, I could use a break!

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by asmeone2

Thanks for your comments as always, you always have something constructive to add.

I touched on the bigger idea like you mentioned. There are some pretty pictures for people to gaze over.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Great post caveman *~

I have been thinking about this same concept a lot lately. I see myself going through this cycle quicker and quicker as I grow older.

I will come across something that sparks a sense of purpose. Maybe a concept on these boards or an idea that came to me in a meditation.

Then diving into this new idea and learning as much as i can will give me the feeling of self fulfillment. I feel motivated and filled with energy because whatever im into is resonating with me.

Then I will feel more self aware because everything I am striving for has to do with becoming more self aware. Aware of what my goals and purpose is in this life. Aware of whats going through my mind and how my body is feeling. I wrote a thread recently about how i discovered that a majority of my day was playing out unconsciously and I didnt even know it. Even with all my meditating and spiritual seeking, I was still running on auto pilot the majority of my day.

The good thing is this cycle is happening for me more and more rapidly. I relate it to the mayan calendar as we get closer to 2012 the cycles are happening at increasing rates. Thats my .02

I really enjoyed your chakra med podcast as well.
Keep up the good work!

posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 11:31 PM
Thanks and I checked out your thread. I meant to reply a few days ago here but writing has its slow periods for me.

I agree about the unconscious living.

I realized that when I walk around thinking, thinking about even one thing in depth, or perhaps many things, i am prone to make mistakes, walk into things, not notice things.

I mean thats why we empty our thoughts in meditation right?

Its like the thoughts are a bunch of, we'll say marbles inside this bowl that represents your mind, and we're trying to read whats at the bottom.. the closer we get to the bottom of the bowl, the more marbles you remove, the more we are able to see this message written on the bottom. This message could just be some intuitive awareness, or depends on how deep this bowl is I guess. I could use a better analogy.

But removing the thoughts allows us to pick up on a lot more. And if an interesting thought does arise, try to focus solely on it. Usually something good will come out of pretty quickly, for me anyways.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 12:12 AM
I suppose spiritual growth is exponential. Once you really have a spiritual experience it changes you forever. You are no longer the same person after it. You can think and think about anything you want, but if you dont have that spiritual experience nothing is going to become of it.

Like if you connect with your inner self through meditation or maybe even connect to multiple people and your environment through experiencing your inner self within them, its that experience that makes the realization of something to be significant and life changing even though it might have been something you had alwaysed assumed.

You might be like, "Oh Yeah" so this is what Ive heard and thought about so many times before. But it never was true to you or you might not of understood what it actually ment intill you experienced it for yourself. Enless some sort of experience takes place, the thought is meaningless.

And it is by escaping the prison of the mind that helps this kind of experience take place. Once it does, you can seek more knowledge and wisdom through your life more efficiently since you now have found this internal compass that will guide you. Instead of just wandering in the dark trying to catch a ghost.

Actually finding your heart is the first step, then you can follow it.
Good post and I agree.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

The spiral, the quickening, the vortex. A friend of mine Mynaeris calls it Rapid Polarization.

What most new age people do not acknowledge though is duality. The two poles of a magnet, black and white...the other force. It is going in the opposite direction and trying its best to "unwind" your spiral. As the vortex works deosil (clockwise) north of the equator (the equalizer) it works widdershins (counter clockwise) south of the equator.

If you do not drag this darker force out into the light and really look it in the eye; when you least expect it the damn thing will leap from the closet and scare the hell out of you. I try and keep each side in balance while casting the light of love on both.

The middle path is where we need to walk. Too many "lightworkers" are out of balance and if not careful the pendulum will swing, if this other side is not seen it will fool you. It will make you believe you are working the light while it sneaks up behind you and leaves you out of balance.

I work both "deosil" and "widdershiins".

Thats my 2 cent I will "keep the change"

P.S. What does the "DD" mean in your ATS name?

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 10:38 AM
LoneGunMan.. my duality is as such... There is the spiral..and the movement through the spiral.

Theres a description of yin and yang in my tai chi book, and they describe it as: Yin..being this encircling submissive force, and Yang being the direct force.

So not such a 2D spiral I drew it but more of a cone if that makes sense, an enery oscillation, and when you look at from the side it would look like a frequency.

I'd love to talk more to you about duality, its my favourite topic in the spiritual realm.

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD

I'd love to talk more to you about duality, its my favourite topic in the spiritual realm.

No thanks

Edit to add, sorry for being harsh. I'm having a really bad day today.

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by CavemanDD
Theres a description of yin and yang in my tai chi book, and they describe it as: Yin..being this encircling submissive force, and Yang being the direct force.

The most important lessons in spirituality cannot be learned from any book. You must look into the abyss from time to time. You must walk in the shadow of the Shaman but not follow the Shaman's path foot step for foot step.

All answers are from within; of course you have read and heard this many times.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 12:59 AM
hell yeah, books give me ideas, people give me ideas. It does me no good unless it comes from deep within.

If you've seen my new video I'm really passionate about the looking within vs looking to someone else for all the answers.

I'm kind of tired, sorry I can't add more, but i had to comment. You don't have to worry about me dude. Its unfortunate how difficult is to convey certain things without getting certain responses.

The art of articulating ones thoughts into words. The readers mistake the words for the thoughts, when the thoughts are trying to mimic the thoughts in often less detail. I try to look to the intent of what people are telling me. I find alot of the stuff "the masters" write to actually be a bit preachy.

When people give me absolute answers it really bothers me.. like "this is the way it is". Firstly I think that be damaging, and secondly misinterpreted, or rather, could have been worded much better.

I am guilty of bad wording. I don't think people realize how often times someone will write something, very descriptively, and spend another 30 minutes just re-writing parts to it chimes right with the reader's anayltical psyche.

I think sometimes if people see something they dont like how its written, early on in a post /article, they wont bother to read the rest.

I guess what i'm trying to say in this tired ramble is it would be nicer if readers put more emphasis on intent.

What am I talking about again? I'm going to bed.

EDIT to add, i realized my above post about the spiral seemed a little wierd. What i mean to say is like that idea and what i'm saying thats how I'm choosing to visualize duality in a relation of spiral to my model. I'm borrowing it. I dont honestly think yin + yang or dualities are confined to any books models. If it can be thought up conceptually, it has relevance to me. When i first got into spirituality i had an obsession with dualities. One day I had a very heart chakra opening experience at work when contemplating dualities. Its good stuff. At the time it helped make alot of sense to some wackyness. I was bothered by someones description of something and thats how I got thinking that day. My god i'm rambling

sorry about your bad day man, its understandable. You can talk to be in "straight to the point talk". I'm used to using it myself, i get it you know, it doesnt offend me. Your just getting a response to me faster with "no".

Cheers i'm going to bed.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan

The most important lessons in spirituality cannot be learned from any book. You must look into the abyss from time to time. You must walk in the shadow of the Shaman but not follow the Shaman's path foot step for foot step.

All answers are from within; of course you have read and heard this many times.

The middle path is where we need to walk. Too many "lightworkers" are out of balance and if not careful the pendulum will swing, if this other side is not seen it will fool you. It will make you believe you are working the light while it sneaks up behind you and leaves you out of balance.

Wow I find this very refreshing for someone to write. I find I have to totally agree with you. We need to experience both sides, light and dark or your right it will creep up behind you without warning. Someone who has spent too much or all of their time within the light is unbalanced.

Your right look at it, realize its there then pull away do not actually set foot on its path. What use is a "lightworker" unable to recognize and fight the dark.

Very wise words LoneGunMan. I see you are walking the middle path but are totally aware of whats on each side.

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