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Wrinkled face alien experince

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:03 PM
Sorry I dont know how to message the link yet,I will try to figure it out.If you enter it into the search bar on the top right it will take you to the thread.Sorry ,thats the only way I know to get you to the thread.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by one4all

I think I found it, but I'm not exactly sure. Is there only one thread that was created concerning this subject here on ATS?

I think if you click on the earth button just above the transcript box on the transcript page this will allow you to place the link there. First you give a title for the link with the first box that pops up, the second box that pops up allows you to place in the link.

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:42 PM
This is my OP from a while ago:

Green eyed Grey in dream

A while ago I dreamt about this Grey (that was the first and last time I ever dreamt about Greys, that I know of):

He was about 1.50 m
His skin was ashy brown
He had the large slanted eyes, yet electric green. There was a bit of white in the outer corners
His face was the typical egg shaped Grey face yet bumpy and also a bit sweaty
Tiny nose and mouth
Very large head, tiny neck and shoulders
Naked (I could not see further below his shoulders)

Mind you, I had this dream right after stating here that I don't believe anymore in Greys and that they have been concocted by the PTB to fool people into thinking that the UFO's are alien and connected to these Greys.

In my dream the Grey was a bit miffed. His attitude was: yes here I am and I am real. He was not threatening at all. Next to him there was a tall alien. Unfortunately we didn't communicate.

I have tried to find info about green eyed Greys but nothing so far. Does anybody know anything about these particular Greys (well Browns might be better)?

Your Brown is the closely linked to the one I have dreamt about. The picture in the website looks alot like him. I was standing a meetr or so from him, so possible wrinkles I could not see.

Maybe they are real

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by QueenofWeird

This is alien related but has more to do with ufo ships.

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was in outer space and some kind of major activity was going on. It felt like I was an observer, but that nothing could touch me. I watched ships going everywhere very fast and all of a sudden a ship came towards me real fast. I thought it was going to hit me b/c it was coming straight at me! I turned to move and then saw a massive ship behind me, it was racing towards it, not me! That was the only part of the dream that I remember, it must've been quite vivid, b/c I still remember what it felt like.

I know this is not an experience with seeing an alien, but it sure is a way of showing how vivid our dreams can be.... I've had no recent thoughts of alien ships battling it out in outer space either, so it was completely random to have this dream, quite interesting! I wonder why I dreamt it?

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by dawnslight

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I had these dreams. I would look out of the window at night seeing only the normal things. Then I would look away and back to see that the sky was filled with alien crafts, some locking into one another. A true invasion, covert because of the night yet I needed to see it somehow. I would never see the aliens, but just know that it were aliens and not humans doing those arial aerobics.

I don't know why you had your dream or I mine

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:52 PM
One4all, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you as soon as I should have. The similarities are only in the description we discussed at the beginning of the wrinkled faced alien. I don't have any experiences that I know of about men in blue jumpsuits. It sounds very interesting!

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by organism315

I've been off the board after I started the wrinkly alien thread. So you felt that this wrinkled face alien was benevolent? did he show emotions? I have a picture that I draw of the being I saw, its on the other thread "Contactees/abductees". Do you find it similar?

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by one4all

Also one4all, I would like to ask...did you think those wrinkled aliens you saw were emotionless as greys are described to be ?

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 12:20 AM
I have a guestion for you all that have seen aliens with wrinkly face...did they have very noticiable line that went from the inner eye corners to the cheeks, and did you saw the eyelids that I remember seeing. (see the link to the picture on my other thread (contactees/abductees)

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by starlightbright

As I stated in my previous reply to this, yeah the wrinkles/lines are what really stood out the most for me. I was surprised by the detail.

Assuming this is all real, for the sake of discussion, I don't think we could judge their 'emotion' by their facial expressions because... Well, they're not human (as far as we can tell).

Anyway, if we could tell, the emotion on the face in my experience reminded me of a strict school teacher. Heavy brows... But I didn't really get the 'feeling' of anger from it. I was pretty scared though, mostly just from the shock of "oh ####, this is actually happening...".

I really wish to experience it again.

In addition:

On my previous visit home (the place where it happened, I moved out about 2 years after the incident) I woke up with a fresh 'scar' in the roof of my mouth. Quite long (as far as I can tell with my tongue), running parallel to the line that runs down the middle of your palate. It could just be a naturally occurring thing but it appeared rather suddenly. It's still there.

One night I also woke up to something trying to pry my lips open, I kept clenching them to keep my mouth closed. Eventually I got annoyed and swiped at whatever was there (I didn't feel anything), which is weird, I would think that I would wake up and check it out. I just rolled straight over and went back to sleep. I also accept that it may have just been a random bug...

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 04:41 PM
Starlightbright,I felt that I initially scared it somehow when I had a huge emotional outburst[in my thoughts,not physically]The feeling I remember the most is that it didnt like me,that it was somehow disgusted or repelled by me ,I believe that they are forced to handle and deal with us but they would rather not and when they do I think you better hope the humans in the robes are there because I dont think that we are considered their equals.

I believe that we are treated only as well as they are forced to treat us,I actually have the impression that YES THEY DO HAVE EMOTIONS because the thing was repulsed by me.Positive or negative,an emotion is an emotion.

I believe that the little things are a race of humans,I also believe that the other people present were from two more seperate human races.

I NEVER TALKED TO OR COMMUNICATED WITH THE LITTLE THINGS and there was always a human present during my experience on the ship,the only times I saw the little things was in my house and when I was on the table .The only time I saw no humans with them was in my house when they came to take me from my bed.


I never saw a little thing in a position of command or power for some reason.The fact that there were three groups involved in my abduction tells me that there are competeing agendas[not parallel agendas because co-operation is not a result of a mutually agreeable single agenda --it is a blending of several similar agendas that may or may not be competing] so there are naturally going to be other people who may have been picked up by ONE OF THE THREE WITHOUT THE OTHERS PRESENT and as a result they will present VERY DIFFERENT versions of their abductions.

I know that my fate was undecided for a time in the hands of the human commander and the blonde woman had to act as my advocate and negotiate on my behalf for SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO MY WELL BEING.

AS a result of my experience I believe enequivocally that people are picked up by only the little things sometimes,they are picked up by the different human groups I saw ,they are picked up by the co-operating groups,and they are picked up by our own governments.

I believe that there have been constant changes in the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES.So there should be differences in method and DIFFERENCES IN LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY being observed by abductees.

If our governments were involved to a great degree they would simply use their tremendous resources to buy you,kidnap you,kill you,deposit you in an institute ,set you up for a crime that puts you in jail for life THERE ARE A MULTITUDE OF WAYS OUR GOVERNMENT WOULD TAKE ANYTHING THEY WANTED WHEN THEY WANTED WITH COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

If our government is co-operating it is only because they are forced to out of fear that other countries will co-operate if they dont,as a matter of fact I believe that a lot of governments have been hoodwinked by these people,the way I see it is like this,

These guys posess what would be considered by us today to be OLD TECHNOLOGY.We have had knowledge of them and posessed some of their technology since Adolph Hitler began searching for historical artifacts like the madman he was.The Americans obviously have the Roswell artifacts and god knows how many more.

Humans dont just breed like rabbits WE LEARN LIKE GENIUS RABBITS.I believe that we have surpassed these people in various fields and they retain an advantage in some areas BUT ONLY TEMPORARILY BECAUSE WE LEARN SO FAST MUCH FASTER THAN THEM FOR SOME REASON.

If anyone is panicing it isnt our government they sit on enough nukes to destroy earth and bide their time as we keep learning.WE are harmless until we figure out how to travel in space.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:43 PM
An 8 by 11 glossy photo slid into and out of my awareness/minds eye last night. It was sideways, as if being passed acrossed the/a desk matter of factly. A type of line up.

I saw the question on the board earlier in the day, so when this dreamstate took me by surprise--I assumed my friends had an interest as well--ie: that I was being queried by either those who have been easing the pain of my total recall-or someone querying them.

It was of a wrinkled faced PEACHY YELLOWISH humanoid with soft eyes. I didn't recal a specific meeting or sighting, which doesn't mean much with the next to nothing that I have surfaced.

But I had a feeling and a vibe. And whoever he was-I would tend to stand beside him as opposed to against him: and those are the type of feelings I live by. For starters.

Nothing jumped out. It was a calm question, done in such a way as to not freak me out and with genuine interest.

The skin I remember most vividly as being pigmented in such health and vibrancy. The consistancy of the flesh was one: thick. But two the color is amazing-undescribably; like we should be probably if we had anything healthy in our food. Maybe he had a high mineral diet.

I got to thinking about Mars-probably because of another thread. But, all I really ever remember from there was the space port guy-and he was not that species. The other guy on mar roaming the fields we did not get a close up on-but, he was definately small: 4ft.

This wrinkled on was more of the same dimension of common man, with the skin thickness, color infusion, and some bumply things on his brow and perhaps his nose..

Almost gave me the feeling of that octupus faced man on that one show-the pink guy, remember, gosh what was that cartoons name; not 'drawn together'. Anyways the 'feel' was of the pink octopus faced cartoon character-though this guy was the color of flesh inbetween yellow and peach.

I don't know who he is-probably someone set up to take a fall- I liked the man in the glossy sideways turned dream photo, alright.

Well--there is my contribution.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by starlightbright

Here's a picture I drew of the being, I have this same picture on the other thread that I started just to increase the chances to reach everyone who might have had seen this type of alien.

Note...The eyes look a little too small on the picture, I would say they were probably a twice the size of human eyes, or almost like that. But it looked like they were mostly on proportion of its whole head as I had the impression the face was long. I wouldn't say that the eyes were very oblique, just a slight maybe. And the eyelids were definitely visible, maybe it was because the eyes were squinted (like you do on a bright sunlight). I would like to know if this species does have always squinted eyes with visible eyelids, or was it a due the situation or his/her feelings. Maybe it didn't scare me because of these eyes were so normal looking (or as normal you can say of the eyes of extraterrestrial). They were whole dark and little grey-alien-like...but I wouldn't say they were scary or captivating, maybe it was because they weren't blank emotionless looking, wide open like you see these eyes of grey aliens.

And those lines on the cheeks really popped out of the face...that, I would say is one of the biggest proof for me that this thing was real (why would I've seen such a detail which is not usually drawn of the images of the aliens?) , aside the fact that the other wrinkles around the eyes were heavy and almost like waves on the sea, and looked like they were lit by a dim candle like light that made shadows to the wrinkles so I could see it was a three dimensional.
I don't know if these distinguishable lines of cheeks were just an individual feature, or are they seen on every being of this race??

I've been thinking (when I think it was a real being) why this alien did that pop up/projected image on my minds eye? Why it was just so short without any other happenings like noise or odd sensations? Why didn't they abduct me? Did they plan it but they realized I was not right person?
I haven't had any happenings since did they get bored of me or thought I was stupid? or was it just a "kind" intention wanting to show themselves to me on a sensitively way like saying "here is how I look as you wanted to see the real alien". Maybe it was just short flash because they knew I'm very sensitive and they didn't want to scare me.

Or was it because I had been trying to take photos of the unseen things of the if they had noticed me "There is again that one poor human wanting so badly to see our crafts, that it is taking photos of the bare sky...What if we make a visit to its mind when night comes?"(hehe, kinda ridiculous thought, that they would have been observing me when trying to catch some unseen ufos of the sky). But if they have a technology that makes them possible to be invisible for us...and that they are observing...maybe it's not that weird to think of that.
Or they tried telepathic communication but it didn't work?
Please...I just would like to know what it might have been, does this type of experience seem to be a starting of abductions? I've personally been thinking by reading people abduction experiences that abdctions have rarely started by similar happening, but I don't know...have you any suggestions? was it an attempt of abduction?
I think many abductions sound a very frightening and not sensitive at all...representing something cold and mean...but maybe abductions are just an experiments that has to be done for our own good. Maybe these abductors are just a few beings from their own planet that has sent to do it. Maybe these are scientists that are not the ones who finally will make a contact with humans, maybe they don't show us what they really are like, on their free time with their families.

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posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 11:02 PM
My guy had noticeable lids--but not black eyes. I felt they were almondy-kind of the feel of a color. Other than that the head was similar to the picture. I don't know if they are the same-same. For instance, you recall more in the way of dramatic facial lines. Whereas I recall more striking kinda bumps/texture (not too pronounced) somewhat cresting the centerline of the head ever so slightly. The eyelids though-spot on for us both it seems. I have some theories to some of those questions.

Why show themselves for a moment?

A: As a courtesy.

Why not abduct/are they abducting?

A: I believe they are abducting/working around us. Don't come to us-we'll come to you. Dimensionally. Away without leaving.
The closest guesstimation I have is shown in some movies, though I am forgetful and not really a huge movie watcer.

The room falls away enlightening upon another scene.

I know I have done a whole lot of releasing work since my 20 year memory sheet was raised (it was a criminal application), and for what I was separated from somebody wants to speed me through. It will never be enough soon enough but it is what it is.

I am usually given a hint as too the subject matter or players or issue at hand (maybe not always)--yet I wake fully rested.
I was given another fix on my back-and healed of an illness.

My needs are met. My comforts are met. If only the aliens and some of thier human counterparts can help me with it than so be it. 'It' meaning topics covered relating to happenings of earlier travels-many of them mundane.

I even had the luck to move somewhere more federally adherent-which is in my comfort zone. Someone is really trying to help me with what I have been through-or at least accepting that I am helping myself. Whatever that is. I'm sure it is all legal and appropriate: the night work. If there is a 'warrant on one's experiences' one has been taken out on me.

Sometimes there is pain-most notably popped joints where I feel like maybe I have been interrorgated (to make sure I am not lying?)-yet no emotional pain lingers. *very rarely*. I process this as 'someone needs to know this/check this *now!*. But I'm not being 'abducted'. I sleep, I am aware of the subject matters progress and changes of attention-I even become aware of other people's needs and wants related to the material we are discussing. It might be a head trip-or a tumor-or end of life;

Sometimes I've forgotten a thing related to something else and I open my mouth without realizing a possible associated danger-or not.

Regarding the occassional joint sessions:
Even that seems left as a calling card of courtesy so that both me and 'whoever' is on the same page --"I am here I need this" nicest torture I've ever had, really, I welcome it-too a point: it beats swinging from beams.

Too many joint sessions and I have to question the operator-at which point someone else steps in for awhile from another association and heals me of that or explains. I find it perplexing and strange to find out why exactly or what exactly-but with the joint thing I am never made aware of who. Not really.

I was brought up very 'life is fleeting'. And this is where my ability to deal with that comes in.

I've had some really scary nights as we, my more philanthopic helpers, work or get closer to some of the darker things I've encountered over the years-or some of the others' involved. Rather, as I get closer to thinking of them (dark things, dimensional beings, paranormal occurrances, criminal aliens, devils demons monsters what ever you want to call them ect) and remembering-it sorta brings them closer to my awareness. Some things are best taken while I'm out. quivers. To light there is dark. To pain there is relief. To shadow there is sunlight.

Just because the world hasn't recieved it's big disclosure package doesn't mean there haven't been contact and issues for thousands of years. In other words. There are people who deal with issues in this arena as a fact of neccessity of keeping the Universe together.

I dunno.

The guy had real thick eyelids. Eyes one and a half or one and a quarter times our size. Skin that of living where there is much sun.

I did trip a memory. It was brief. The place and information surrounding it.
I wonder if the man is not MIA or in a cosmic crime file as the vic.

I don't get abducted for 2 reasons.
1) my health.
2) I am a security risk: any implants I may or may not have; or transmitting capabilities I may or may not have; are likely ours in the hopes to spy on them

Oh this is just silly!
I think they rift time having come and gone without a moments passing. OR/and a combination of that and a dream tie.

I prefer face to face really. C'mon you know my heart beats strongest when on alert.

I like your nick starlightbright. I remember my first lightbright. Keep your updates coming!

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:51 AM
I also have seen the Wrinkly Face Alien
I was in a heavy dream,but in this dream I could feel stuff like pain.
So I forced myself to wake up(Like I always do), but when I did I could only see a wrinkeld "grey" touching me, I then moved my hand to touch it's face.
I could feel it was Soft.

After that everything went white and I felled some heavy vibrations.
Then I woke up in my bed, Scared the sh#t out of me.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:27 AM
I drew a new picture of this being, the eyes might have been bigger and its whole face likely might have been full of wrinkles, but I just remember the eyes area...but I tried to catch the feeling of what I remember.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:55 AM
This is the type of little thing that came into my home and abducted me as a child,I thought it was a vampire until I stayed awake and caught it peering down at me,I also saw one scuttle across the floor of my livingroom when I was a kid.

This isnt the type that operated on me though.That type was more "all eyes"and didnt like me at all.

You might be right about the mineralization buildup in their bodies because they must be actually physically touching you or be very close to you when you are transported aboard their craft in their beam.On the way up the little guys natural genetic or physical makeup allows the beam to transport them,but we dont have the proper physical properties for the beam to work on only us.

I was forced to drink a liquid before I was returned from my abductions and this liquid enabled the Beam to transport me home alone without any little things having to be with me.

It was fun going home when I realised I was safe and wouldnt fall to my death,I actually looked forward to the trip down and on my last trip home one of the soldiers I talked to joked about how much I liked the trip down.My little boy sense of fun and my honesty almost caused trouble during my abduction when that same soldier brought to the attention of his leader the fact that I wasnt afraid to step into the beam, in fact I was ready and willing,this was absolutely out of the ordinary for the situation.

I have always thought of the little things that were in my room and the grey that operated on me to be the same entity.But thanks to ATS and the thousands of contributions from experiencers I have been able to shake some of my memories into their rightfull places.

I always had a memory of a dark or dirty monk style robe on the little guys that came to my home,but I only remember the grey that did the procedure on me jumping back from between my legs and above me as I lay on a medical type of table.I remember the "feelings the grey had towards me".

The little guys to me are a cross between Yoda and an ewok.I dont know if anyone can visualise what I mean but the face was something like Yoda with a tan and the physical characterstics were like an Ewok.

All I remember from the grey above me was that it was "all eyes".

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by one4all

So these little things that took you looked similar to the being of my drawing? did they had that squinted appearance on their eyes like that and heavy wrinkles?
Wow...I just thought only these huge eyed, smooth skinned typical Greys do the abduction process. But yours were wrinkly squinted eye beings? do you think they actually are the real Greys? did they appear to have any emotions towards you or the situation?

Most of all, how do you seem to handle so well your experiences?

I've getting to start think I might have been abducted...if that is true...I'm really mad...because I think this abduction thing is mean... You would thought that beings who are like millions years ahead us would have more understanding of all, and that they would be a way above of such things like abducting people. Humans do cage animals, but at least we have understanding and empathy...and people do realize if they harm someone... Do these aliens understand and have individual feelings of their impact on poor abducted humans?

For me it seems like they have no individual feelings other than their group of same thinking minds that do these abduction they ever feel sorry? I wonder.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 11:37 AM
Starlightbright,I dont remember anything specific at this time about any emotion at all concerning the little things that took me.

I clearly remember the emotions surrounding the one doing the procedure on me.But I couldnt see all of it the only thing I get was that it was "all eyes".

I handle my experiences well because I was raised to have a true open mind.My experiences are absolutely real so it has never occured to me that it should be difficult to handle them.And in my case the blonde woman in the robe was my advocate and she explained things to me in ways I could understand,and telepathicly at that.The differences mainly of intent between sex and reproduction were explained to me in terms that a seven year old could understand.This was done AFTER everything was brought to a complete halt,and everything that happened after our communication was WITH MY PERMISSION.I DONT KNOW WHAT WAS DONE TO ME ON PRIOR ABDUCTIONS WHEN I WASNT AWARE SO I DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR ANY OF THOSE THINGS TO HAPPEN.

I am quite sure there were things done to me that I WOULD NOT HAVE consented to on prior abductions when I was unaware.

I do not believe that these are ALIENS AT ALL.I believe they are simply different RACES of humans that we are only now discovering co-exist with us here on earth and possibly elsewhere in the universe.


THE HUMANS WEARING THE BLUE BODYSUIT UNIFORMS were definately military and I was given the chance to participate in a galactic war.I was given no information on non-humans during my experiences.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by one4all

Hmm...but don't you feel used, like a laboratory rat?? That was a first thing that came into my mind when I thought a possible abduction, it made me sad and angry...just a possibility of being abducted...I think abduction without persons own will and sample taking from human is as cruel as raping. Even though there would be also nice things inside the abduction experience, it didn't change the fact of using us like rats- if they take samples from's still using without permission. No one should go though alien contact that way. People don't dream about that kind of relationship or first contact with other intelligent lifeforms in space. They should come to ask and be nice.

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