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Hamas' Teddy Bear of Terror, and other fun friends

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:45 PM
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has a new video up of Hamas' latest ploy of propaganda for young Palestinian children. I suppose that Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit, was killed during the recent bombings. Now we have Nassur, the gun-toting, jihad waging teddy bear. He's just the latest member to join the all-star ranks of fluffy friends teaching the Palestinian kids how to view life.

Following is an excerpt from the Hamas childrens show Pioneers of Tomorrow, featuring the debut of a new character Nassur the teddy bear. The program aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 13, 2009.

Just for fun, here are a few of the past children's friends.

Assud, the Jew-eating rabbit

Farfour, the martyr mouse, who wanted to impose Islamic rule with an AK-47

Until he was killed by thug Jews.

Kids, come join the fun as we throw rocks at lions and swing cats around by their tails. Yes, they really do pick cats up by their tails and throw rocks at real lions in this clip.

[edit on 17-2-2009 by dbates]

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:55 PM
Video One is being distributed by MEMRI ? When founded in 1998, MEMRI's staff of seven included three who had formerly served in Military Intelligence in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
Video 2 is being distributed by Palestinian Media Watch: Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) is an Israel-based pro-Israel media watchdog organization established by Itamar Marcus in 1996 that monitors Palestinian Arabic media and schoolbooks.[1] It seeks to analyze Palestinian society in relationship to terrorism and radical Islam.
4th Video also “translated “ by MEMRI.

5th Video also by P)alestinian Media Watch.

Hmmm is one of your videos not translated and presented by an Israeli funded group? In order for something to be taken serious it needs to come from a credible source. None of these come from a credible source.

[edit on 17-2-2009 by Mynaeris]

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Mynaeris

I don't understand your rebuttal. Are you saying that these videos were never played on Al-Aqsa TV, or that they are mis-translated, that serving in the IDF instantly makes you a liar, or that any organization that monitors Palestinian media is untrustworthy due to the fact that it monitors Palestinian media? Please clarify your position.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:26 PM
My position is pretty much the same as yours. As much as you respect the opinions of Al Jazeera et al , just as much do I respect the propaganda that Israeli agents disseminate. I find it tragic that there are offices all over the US where grown men are either watching arabic children's programs for anti-semitic statements, or even worse creating children's programs that have anti-semitic content for propaganda purposes. However if you can (1) show me where, from a non-israeli source , these children's shows were actually shown, and (2) a true translation by an arabic speaking person ( non-jewish and not working for an anti-Palestinian "monitoring" organisation.)

Why is it that only these Israeli organisations are reporting on these terrible children's programs? Not ONE western media source is mentioning it. And we all know the western media aren't anti-Israel.

Can you see where my scepticism could come in?

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by dbates

Excellent post dbates. The childrens programming that comes from Hamas has been notorious for years and years now. It's disgusting and vile .. and indisputable. Hamas is proud of the garbage it pumps out. When confronted about using the Mickey Mouse lookalike (aka - Farfur the terror mouse) to brainwash the kiddies, they refused to take it off the air.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Mynaeris

Originally posted by Mynaeris
Not ONE western media source is mentioning it.

How about....

The New York Times

While some say that MEMRI is selective in what it translates, the accuracy of the translations is seen as solid and reliable. If you want another credible source then read the New York Times who specifically mentions the videos I've posted above.

its children’s programs (Al Aksa) praise “martyrdom,”

Some Hamas videos, like one in March 2007, promote the participation of children in “resistance,” showing them training in uniform, holding rifles.

Another children’s program, “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” has become infamous for its puppet characters — a kind of Mickey Mouse, a bee and a rabbit

The mouse, Farfour, was murdered by an Israeli interrogator and replaced by Nahoul, the bee, who died “a martyr’s death”

The New York Times also states that MEMRI is reliable in translating the videos. There should be no doubt that what is shown on the screen in English is the message that the Palestinian children are hearing.

the Middle East Media Research Institute, or Memri, also monitors the Arabic media. But no one disputes their translations

If you want the opinion of someone who was born speaking Arabic, then look no further than Radwan Abu Ayyash who ran the Palestinian Broadcasting Company until Hamas took control of the government. He frowns on the current propaganda programming that Hamas is pushing onto children.

Radwan Abu Ayyash, deputy minister of culture in Ramallah, ran the Palestinian Broadcasting Company until 2005. Hamas “uses religious language to motivate simple people for political as well as religious goals,” he said. “People don’t distinguish between the two.” He said he found a lot of what Al Aksa broadcast “disgusting and unprofessional.”

In Gaza, Hamas’s Insults to Jews Complicate Peace, The New York Times, April 1, 2008

[edit on 17-2-2009 by dbates]

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Who else was half expecting the lion to make it out of the cage during the rock throwing..........God that would've made my day.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:00 PM
I am pretty surprised that you would note either of these people as Israel has long discredited them. Who will you quote next Norman Finkelstein? See excerpts about both below.

Either way though all of this information of these extremes in the programs come from MEMRI , which is as lacking in credibility as you can get. Of note also is the fact that the pieces of the show have been stictched together probably for continuity of the trend.

Please note at no point does Radwan Abu Ayyash speak about anything other than religion being used for propaganda purposes, I think you can find similar things in other religions.

And although I am totally against using propaganda on anybody, especially the vulnerables. It should also be noted that it must be tough to stay reasonable when your life is as bad as the Palestinians lives are. When 300 hundred innocent children were slaughtered in December/January.

"Israeli authorities arrested three prominent Palestinian leaders today and ordered them imprisoned without trial in the most severe measure taken against the local Palestinian leadership in more than a year.

Military authorities said they had detained journalists Radwan Abu Ayyash and Ziad Abu Zayyad, two of the best-known Palestinian spokesmen in the West Bank. The two frequently have been accused by Israel of being leaders of the intifada, as the Arab uprising in the Israeli-occupied territories is called. "


New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Steven Erlanger is so openly pro-Palestinian in his reporting that he's beginning to call to mind perhaps his most biased predecessor in that post - the truly execrable Deborah Sontag, whose transparently one-sided dispatches would invariably read as though she wrote them with a PLO flag draped over her word processor.

On page 7 of this week's Jewish Press, the always incisive Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues ( cuts the heart out of Erlanger's futile pretensions at objectivity and just plain old reading comprehension. Rarely does a book review come in for such thorough dismemberment, and the resultant carnage is a beautiful thing to behold.

The Jewish Press

And then one would want to understand why this Israeli supporting organisation would want to demonize Hamas? Let's hear from Norman Finkelstein - the son of two jewish holocaust survivors:

So when Hamas was becoming moderate and holding to the cease-fire it agreed in June 2008, it was showing herself to be a credible negotiating partner. Hamas was standing by its word. In the meantime, Israel has neglected another core principle of cease-fire, namely easing the blockade. So Israel had to defeat this Palestinian peace offensive. It always does this. It provokes Palestinians into reacting, and it wants to either destroy Hamas or inflicts so much damage that Hamas will have to say it will never negotiate with Israel. That is exactly what Israel wants. Israel never wants a moderate negotiating partner because if there is one, pressure on Israel will grow. Hamas is willing for a settlement; Hamas stands by its word. But Israel does not want to negotiate.

[edit on 17-2-2009 by Mynaeris]

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by Mynaeris
I am pretty surprised that you would note either of these people as Israel has long discredited them.

You say that MEMRI isn't trustworthy because it has ties to Israel, then you turn around and state that the New York Times sources aren't credible because Israel has discredited them.

Let's pin down your logic.
  • 1. Source A isn't reliable because a Jew works there
  • 2. Source B isn't reliable because a Jew said it wasn't reliable

  • Source B said that source A was reliable, since B isn't reliable then we can't rely on them to state that A is reliable. But, by virtue of Rule #1 source B must be reliable because it was a Jewish entity that said B was unreliable. But that then means that their statement that source A was reliable is true, which can't be true because it's tied to Jews....

    Dude. This logic is going to cause an anomaly that will collapse the Universe. Please stop the madness.

  • posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:34 PM
    reply to post by dbates

    Maybe you could show me where I said the sources weren't reliable? I said quite clearly that I was surprised, yes surprised, that you were quoting them. Dude, to quote you, maybe you should read what is written rather than to try and win your argument with things that weren't written.

    You may also now try rereading my post.

    posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 03:46 PM
    I still read your above post as stating that the NYT article is written by people discredited by Israel. I don't even know why you would bring that up.

    Secondly what's all the non-sense about the blockade? Hamas is only creating propaganda for children because of a blockade? They don't even mention the blockade in anything that I cited. Why bring that into the discussion unless you wanted to turn this thread into another one of 100 generic threads that whines about the cruelty of Israel. That is not the topic of this discussion. If we divert everything into a Israel is a cruel Nazi nation discussion, then all threads are identical. What's the point of starting a new discussion if we can't discuss specifics?

    posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:20 PM
    reply to post by dbates

    Such threads have a value only with a good will.
    The content of this thread may not be wrong. Like Israel, Hamas too is doing many evil and stupid things. However, this can not mean that Hamas must be destroyed COMPLETELY. Don't forget that this argument has always another face.
    Hence, this thread can not bring any contribution to a better understanding of the situation, if it's claim is only to show that Hamas is completely evil, therefore it should be destroyed completely.
    That would be a completly wrong argument.

    posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:58 PM
    Amusing to see people more upset by nationalist cartoons for children rather than children being exploded by DIME bombs and charred to death with WPs.

    Oh! the hypocrisy is breath taking.

    posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 05:01 PM
    reply to post by dbates

    Nope it's much better making it another thread about how evil Hamas is isn't. Using a totally discredited source.

    The point I was making regarding Finkelstein. Is all about the provocation that Israel has continued with their international propaganda machinery. Hamas responds like every animal trapped in the corner, it's either fight or flee.

    But honestly feel free to continue your demonizing of the Palestinians thread.

    posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 06:36 PM
    reply to post by Mynaeris

    I have yet to say anything bad about the Palestinians in this thread. I'm demonizing Hamas and their propaganda machine. Hamas is the thorn in the Palestinian's side that's turning into a festering wound.

    posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:55 AM

    Originally posted by dbates
    reply to post by Mynaeris

    I have yet to say anything bad about the Palestinians in this thread. I'm demonizing Hamas and their propaganda machine. Hamas is the thorn in the Palestinian's side that's turning into a festering wound.

    Actually Israel is the thorn in the Palestinians side. Hamas is elected by the people of Palestine, Israel are keeping them in captivity. No matter how long you try to demonize "Hamas" , it's just more propaganda trying to push a point - it's too late to start white washing Israel. The world has stopped seeing Israel as a victim.

    Once again let's quote Norman Finkelstein:

    Q: There are Jewish intellectuals who now call Israel a “terrorist state.” Is that a correct naming?

    A: I am not sure how you cannot agree with that. The goal of the operation was to terrorize the civilian population so that Palestinians would be afraid of Israel. This is the dictionary definition of terrorism. The dictionary definition of terrorism is targeting a civilian population to achieve a political goal. The goal of this operation or rather massacre was to terrorize the civilian population and to wreck and destroy as much civilian infrastructure such that the Palestinians would submit. When you attack schools, mosques, ambulances, hospitals, UN relief organizations, what is that? If this is not terrorism, then what is terrorism?

    Another great son of Jewish parents , Noam Chomsky:

    Israel is an embattled country. They rely very heavily on U.S. support. So they have developed a very sophisticated system of propaganda. They don't call it propaganda. They call it hasbarah. It is the only country I know of in the world that refers to propaganda as explanation. The Ministry of Propaganda is the Ministry of Explanation. The idea being that our position on everything is so obviously correct that if we only explain it to people, they will see that it is right.

    [edit on 18-2-2009 by Mynaeris]

    posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 09:59 AM

    Originally posted by dbates
    reply to post by Mynaeris

    I have yet to say anything bad about the Palestinians in this thread. I'm demonizing Hamas and their propaganda machine. Hamas is the thorn in the Palestinian's side that's turning into a festering wound.

    You can not seperate Hamas and Palestinians completely. Hamas is not only full of monsters, barbars as shown to you as a propaganda. They are made by people, angry with many reasons.
    You can not solve these problems with a COMPLETE DESTRUCTION.
    Forget it.

    posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 07:38 PM
    Bump, this was a real eye opener. Everyone should be watching this and understand the real hypocrisy of Hamas.

    posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 08:55 PM
    Tomorrow's Pioneers is a real television program and began broadcasting in 2007 on Al-Aqsa TV.'s_Pioneers

    There was a huge controversy over the use of a Micky Mouse look alike in the show, and the overall message of the program.

    When criticized, the producers of the show said:

    the program is "about Palestinian kids express[ing] their feeling[s] regarding what they witness."[7] Palestinian media sources have described the show as simply "trying to instill principles and values in children and aiding parents to encourage acts of charity and cooperation" in children.[3] Al-Aqsa TV has also explained that "Al Aqsa TV's noble message ... aims to produce a believing generation that will bear the noble values and strive to spread goodness and justice in Palestine and the world.

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