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Our N.W.O.

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 01:27 PM
The gears are slowly beginning the halt,
Cog’s teeth wearing weak.
The machine falters;
This is the time our fathers longed for,
The rise of our song.

Man no longer rules the lands
Nor does he reside within.
For what once was human
No longer bears semblance
With the weak mortals of past.

Freaks of greed rose once;
Now they suffer.
Their abominated form of justice
Torn from beneath them,
Exposed for the lie it was.

None control independence.
Anarchy as ideology.
Power is for the weak.
To each his own,
Without desire to own.

Logical sense guides the tongue;
Rumor and myth matter not.
Prophetic words fall on deaf ears.
We care not for falsehoods.
Reason and respect are our tools.

Pride held will be struck from your face;
Scornful eyes left blinded.
Integrity and sincerity are the native tongue
In this land, our land.
Hate and his lying synonyms lack creation.

We have resolved to evolve.
Together insurmountable;
Your weakness is my strength,
My bolstering in turn becomes your shield.
Joined pieces of the puzzle.

This is the path we foster.
Life eternal shall be pleased
With the dream we had.
Putting to shame
The nightmares we once endured.


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