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Operation Debunker

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:22 AM
I've been reading these threads lately that the debunkers have been posting regarding the decline of the so called truth movement.

Which if is correct could be a direct result of the so called debunkers attempts to derail anyone from asking questions about anything to do with 9/11.

They themselves do not ask any questions regarding 9/11, they tell themselves that everything our government told us regarding 9/11 is completely true and that there was nothing they could do to stop it, they(our gov) even did everything they could to prevent it. Everything was a coincidence, nothing was a conspiracy.

A concerted effort no question, the term wasn't even used a year or two ago now it is used everywhere. You get the feeling that TPTB said if it is not possible for us to directly attack people who question the events of 9/11, especially the so called truthers how can we counter act them. Next thing you know the arch nemesis to the truther is born the debunker who will tirelessly counter any and all arguments to any and all conspiracy sites. They will even be given their own debunker websites to source all of the conveniently researched counter arguments.

Their motivation one can only guess because they are essentially attacking (mostly) their own fellow Americans for questioning what happened that day and for questioning what our government told us happened. A sign of the times, and a perfect example of how easy propaganda can turn Americans against Americans.

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 04:36 AM
I lost my faith in the truth movement when it ceased to be so much an information seeking movement, and adopted an "assimilate or die" attitude...

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about though... the notion that someone is not allowed to question anyone's ideas, lest they be a disinfo agent/brainwashed/skeptic etc...

There's a fine line between truth seeking, and fanatazism... and an even finer line between being a skeptic, and being a bull headed prick lol

the lines became blurred on both sides of the fence a long while ago...

Now I just sit here and lurk... read new info as it comes out... and keep my ideas and criticisms to myself...

posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 06:28 AM
the "movement" is not dead no matter how much most and mr fox would like to believe the "numbers" say its not gaining momentum in the way its perceived or measured right at this moment. Things change all the time as to whats in the public consciousness or isn't. 911 is one of those complex issues thats takes alot of energy, time and focus to consider and investigate not to mention is very uncomfortable for MOST to do. And when you're worried about your next job or family and how you're going to survive day to day (which is affecting many and most people out there now) 911 may not be one of the focuses. Not to mention the world is dealing with a far more pressing issue of Economic Collapse. There's many other factors as well including YES, the issue regarding what you said about being "a direct result of the so called debunkers attempts to derail anyone from asking questions about anything to do with 9/11. "
There's alot of NEW data and evidence thats come out in the past 2 years that wasn't around within the first 6 years of 911, so OF COURSE the momentum it had and people interested closer to 911 isn't as much since MANY of those who were looking into it never got to see this NEW information and may not even know it exists... so there's no PUSH on a mass level that its THERE. IOW most are UNAWARE of the new evidence. And it may take some time for this new awareness to take hold.

Eventually the Perps and all those who protected them and did nothing to stop them, will be hunted down and strung up. But it aint gonna happen for a while. It may take a global collapse and revolution or uprising which I believe is coming.

Now while i'd like to be optimistic that people will WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING to press their LEADERS to ACT on the OBVIOUS new evidence thats around now, I will say what i've been saying and explained for a long time that its sadly TOO LATE and doubtful anything will be done soon or fast enough to stop whats already been set in motion by the PERPS and the PEOPLES inability and lack of interest or INTELLIGENCE to bring the perps to justice.

In which case, what people should be doing that KNOW the truth now is to focus more on PREPARING for whats coming.

Don't mean to be bleak, but mankind is about to enter the age of nuclear terrorism that brings about Martial Law and an unrecoverable economic collapse.

The USA ceased to exist as a nation on 9/11/2001 for all intents and purposes and will continue to die a slow death and follow in the steps of the Roman Empire. The remnants of the US are quickly being eroded as we speak under the peoples very noses. Most are just unaware/conscious of it right now and mostly in denial as people continue to stick their heads in the sand.

Nor is the Econony going to get better. In fact, its gonna get alot worse soon since the collapse is in its infancy.

So my advice to truthseekers and those who can see the bigger picture, is to PREPARE for a world where mankind is about to go through a very unpleasant awakening and de-evolvment for its lack of desire and ability en-mass to stop the evil LEADING them to a slaughter.

Take SURVIVAL COURSES... Stock up on Emergency Supplies and MOVE FAR AWAY from urban areas or the TARGETS some call the CONCRETE JUNGLES.

good luck.

suggested reading before the # hits the fan

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