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Spirituality and the Skeptics

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 11:33 PM
I feel inspired to write a quick note here, since I see this forum has many of those as well that try to reach for the logical explanation first, the discerning eye, and respond to someone right away and say, it could be this, in a way that minimizes the persons experience.

In my opinion many of these experiences people talk about requires a high vibration spiritually to actually experience. So when a person who is doing no development work encounters a person who makes a claim they feel absurd, they often react quickly with a rational eye.

However there is no way to hold judgement for example, and not to have the vibration of judgement. There is no way to portray ridicule and to not hold the vibration of that. Both of those are lower vibration.

Abraham Hicks have a good analogy for this. By default a cork floats. When floating it is in contact with the air. However you can hold the cork under the water if you wish.

The point here people have their cork under the water most of the time. Negative emotions of a lower vibration does not allow the cork to float, and therefore does not tap into the air, or in this case metaphysical.

If you are a critic, or a realist, there is not judgment for you being this way. However keep in mind you are in effect holding a lower vibration by your thoughts, and you are simply at that vibration, which is your choice.

In effect this goes for many things, be it a long line of traffic, or poor service at the coffee counter, etc.. When you feel an emotion, you will push your cork down, and lose contact with the metaphysical. And as a result what you will see will just lack metaphysical, and possibly focus on the metal of the ET ship, instead of the occupants inside.

If you are serious about knowing the truth, your first step should be to flatline your emotions from negative and only blip towards the spiritual and positive. Be compassionate, and I assure you, someday your cork will float, and more of this will make sense, and you might as well be an experiencer.


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