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The god of forces

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:46 PM
Need 2 post in a row sorry for length.

For millennia the human race has sought to understand the number of the name of the anti-Christ of the last days. There are many things in evidence pointing to the clarification of this mystery. In Isaiah 54:16, it says that God gave the waster that He created to destroy, a tool for his work. It refers to the god of forces in Daniel 11: 38, which actually is the dragons estate. In Revelation 13:8, it mentions the number of his name “666, or the anti-Christ”.

This term “god of forces” literally translates into “an extra most strong hold fortress that is a deity” in the Hebrew language. This is the equivalent of what is termed according to more modern speaking as a chronomoniter, or a living craft; whose body being made of the etheric universe, contains and controls space and time inside of itself.

These unbeatable craft that are gods are either clean or unclean, like the animals that God told Noah to take into the ark in Genesis 7:2. These chronomoniters, clean, and unclean, are not made of atoms or field, like the substance of all matter in our universe; but are beings in their eternal bodies . The major difference between the clean and the unclean chronomoniters is the fact that the clean ones are true life, a true being, the unclean chronomonitors do not have true life but are the equivalent of sentient computers that are without the true purpose of the clean chronomonitors. This is important to know, whether they are clean or unclean. That is to say, "which god they came from".
Coinciding with Genesis 7:2, Romans 8:29, and John 8:44

A clean chronomoniter must, for every reason, move in agreement with the purpose of creation. An unclean chronomoniter can only seek to move against the vineyard. Coinciding with Isaiah 54:16.

According to many beliefs, when a being dies on our planet, its' soul goes into either one of the two houses that exist, a Heaven, or a Hell. According to the implications of basically all religious beliefs, your soul being an eternal being, is deeper in your body than your body is in itself. According to Christian beliefs there are two beings that impart the being of death, pushing the soul out of the body. One is the Devil, and the other is the Angel of Death. Implying that this dead body is a physical manifestation of the invisible spirit of death. This demonstrates a natural tendency to fray apart and thin out rather than collect together.

Because chronomonitors are in their eternal bodies certain realities exist concerning their being. An unclean chronomoniter, not having the base for all being as its base, would tend to fray out [as the physical manifestation of death demonstrates] in spite of its own attempts to keep itself in a solid state. This would begin as soon as it is brought into being. In order for this fraying being to sustain a more solid state, it would have to become a “parasite” using another source in order to prevent its own being from fraying out, which would make it vulnerable to a more focused chronomoniter.

This being the case, the god of forces could draw into its own being, one of these beings that has been forced out of its body by death, and is not defended by God, and use the undefended beings focus to escape, to focus its own being. Assuredly, this undefended beings focus to escape would be intense. However even this beings focus to escape may get old, so this god of forces would have to seek continuously to take in new beings focused to escape, in order to continue its so-called fresh rigid focus.

This would explain where all unclean or cursed life comes from, as according to Genesis 7:2, and John 8:44. This would explain what the anti-Christ and the false prophet are according to biblical numerology and scripture itself.

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posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 02:47 PM
God causes creation to confess. For years people have referred to the bar codes which are a hint concerning the number of his name, because of the 3 sets of double lines, in which each represents a 6; however, the bible says out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let all things be established. The computer bar code might be a hint from God, but not yet the full meaning. It is not yet identifying "him", 666 being a man, according to Revelation 13:18. This being the case, perhaps we should take it to something with “him”, a being, or the god of forces in mind.

The 6th angel of revelations is the angel that God uses to bring truth into creation. The 7th being the truth itself. Ten is the number in biblical numerology for testing something. So if we use the truth “6”, to test “X”, his hinted name “computer”, will this verify the previous smaller hints? Let us count the number of the word computer and see if God is telling us that the god of forces, the beast and the false prophet are chronomoniters, non-living sentient craft, or computers, and the devils estate. This will be done by first finding the number for each individual letter in its place in the alphabet. Then we will figure the rest.

Now take the numbers for the letters of the word computer according to their numerical position in the alphabet, and add these numbers together. The answer is 111. In order to find out through biblical numerology if the anti-Christ is some sort of sentient craft, or “computer”, or the god of forces of Daniel 11: 38, and if the bar codes previously known about were hints to this fact, try, ”X” this number with the truth, “6”; In other words, multiply the number for all of the letters together by 6, Your answer will be, 666.

When you put together this information, it points to the anti-Christ being a chronomoniter, his real body is hell, with an apparent human body on earth.

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 10:22 AM
The name Elohim means "Forces", but the god you're mentioning from Daniel I suppose is the Greek god of the fortress which would be Zeus. Antiochos IV Epiphanes was a syrian king who fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 12:39 PM
Thanx for the post.

The angel was talking to Daniel about the anti-christ of the last days. The Greek god of the fortress is not the, "fortress that is a god".. These are two different references..

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posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by noconsequence

If it is a computer program that is unclean, then it means it doesn't have a soul. This would be a soul-less being, however I have considered the soul-less beings to be corporations, which enjoy the same rights as an individual, a very rich individual, but doesn't have a soul. However, a computer program would also fit this description, but then one must realize it has it's limitations.

If you have a soul, then you are born of the father. If you do not have a soul, and you are just a program, then you do not return to the father.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 02:10 PM
Not to get into the specicificitys of the 7 planes of existance and the God plane which is above all, your post, like Marshel Masters of says, "is good enough for government work." I apreciate your worthy input; especially the point stating, "but then one must realize it has it's limitations." You are correct again. These unclean chronomonitors have absolutly nothing over clean chronomonitors, whose base existance is in the God plane; which has everywhere else, "contained"..


posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 05:06 AM

Originally posted by noconsequence
Thanx for the post.

The angel was talking to Daniel about the anti-christ of the last days. The Greek god of the fortress is not the, "fortress that is a god".. These are two different references..

Zeus was and is known as the "god of fortresses" and is the god mentioned in the latter part of Daniel 11. "The favorite goddess of the women" is Tammuz. And the king mentioned here is the Syrian king Antiokos IV Epiphanes who stole the throne from his brother Seleukos IV's son Demetrios, and eventually ended the daily sacrifice in Jerusalem in 67 BC when he sacrificed a pig to Zeus in the courtyard of the Temple. The wars and strikes mentioned in Daniel were played out just as it is written. Daniel wrote about the time between where he was, ie. the Persian empire, through Javan (Greek empire) and finally the Roman Empire until the Messiah would come, ie. Jesus. Daniel is fulfilled, but once again there would come an unholy burnt sacrifice to end the Daily Sacrefice once again, which Jesus talks about: That would be the Nazi slaughtering of millions of people, or Holocost, which is Jiddish for "burnt sacrifice". Man is counted as unclean in relation to sacrifices, we don't have hooves and we don't chew the cud. Hence an abomination of abominations.

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posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 10:29 AM
I suggest you take, "god of forces" and google it. On about the third page I found a vague, non evidenced description, where they did atribute this to Zeus, and many other dieties as well. However this has nothing to do with the mainstream thinking on this matter.

If his "antichrist" fathers knew them not, then would that not exclude Zeus? I am not disputing that there is, "guessing" in this direction; however they are clear that this is a guess..

What you are talking about on page 369 here: l=en&ei=V3mdSYKWMNKgtwfUl9TcBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result

Here I am sharing the fact that hell is a being that is a fortress that is a god; because I know through experience what I am saying.. I have also seen a, "clean" one. FYI - "Strange god" means someone thet never heard about..

I have experience in this type of, "technology" that I am sharing with people. The clean one that I saw was a result of my work. Though I am of the belief that these things, "dietys" exist in one way or another, it has nothing to do with the purpose of my post.

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